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  1. LOL!! Yeah but Ford sure did hang alot of extra stuff on these cars that would add to the weight factor. lol Progress is still ongoing. Finished the center console and installed the shifter finally. This shifter is meant to replicate the Hurst shifter in my car. I used this shifter from car #2 , pictured below, in my 3rd car as a carryover. Nice short throw shifter it was. Not to worry about those ejector pin marks on the front floor they'll be covered up by floor mats. Managed to get the gear pattern on the shifter ball.
  2. Wow!! Nice work on that windshield!! Good looking car overall too. Brilliant work.
  3. Looking good so far MD. Try not to rush to meet the deadline and sacrifice the quality going forward. You've got some good time and work invested here.
  4. That's a good looking turn out! Stance , wheel/ tire choice is perfect and the flares really add a good look to the car. I hear what you're saying about a build not turning out just the way we want it sometimes but hey....you're taking some learning bits with you and it's going to end up affecting your future builds in the most positive way. In the meantime I'd be very happy with what you've done here bro.
  5. Looks like we're in the same both brother. I've had one thing after another hit since last week. Repairs on the cars/ trucks over the last weekend and then on just this past Monday......my sons truck got hit out in front of our house by a hit and run drunk driver. Found it when he was getting ready to leave for football practice at 5:15 in the morning. Long story short....there were enough pieces of their car left in the street for me to pick up, run part numbers and identify the vehicle and the color (silver) that was left on my sons rear bumper. Believe it or not we found the car that hit his truck later that afternoon. So I called the cops, the driver (a younger female) confessed to hitting it, received a ticket for fleeing the scene of an accident, and provided her insurance information. The truck was still driveable after I replaced the R/H tail light. It looked like Hell but at least he had wheels UNTIL....Wednesday when the transmission (which we had recently replaced with a freshly rebuilt unit) stopped pulling. In looking at it further it appears that the impact shoved the differential forward which caused the driveshaft to put excessive pressure on the output shaft which transmits all the way forward to the input shaft. This caused the torque converter to be pushed into the pump causing damage to the pump. It wasn't immediately noticeable because the truck was initially driveable but after a couple of days it finally just quit. Sooooo......we've got driveline issues now too. After I get the tranny out I'm going to have to check the crankshaft end play too because there's a very good chance that same impact force got transmitted to the crankshaft which'll put excessive pressure on the crankshaft thrust bearing. Being a 93 Silverado it'll probably be "totaIled" so I doubt the insurance company is going to give us any real money for the vehicle but I'll be hanging on to the fact that the whole truck was recently gone ALL the way through by my son and I. Man we put ALOT of work over the last two years into that truck. While we were waiting for my buddy to show up with his wrecker to get it towed back to our house on Monday my son dropped his phone (face planted it on asphalt) rendering his phone useless. Well....the kids gotta have a phone so we can reach him so off to the repair shop that went. Good LORD man!!!! When will it stop???
  6. Good job on that grill and really like the work on the heat extractor vents. They look a little less "chunky" Something I haven't made it to on my build is the body. Something tells me I'm gonna have my work cut out for me.
  7. Yeah that does sound odd. I was going to start looking myself for mere research / knowledge purposes this morning as well. I figure if a guy pays that much money for a dang Shelby it outta come with all the bells and whistles.
  8. Man I know the feeling brother. Hang with 'er though....I have a feeling this one's gonna turn out A-OK!!
  9. Went up to look at the pictures in the gallery and all I can say is Wow!!! And I DO mean me some WOW!!!! What a terrific finish on a car that is so rarely seen in the modeling world. Knocked this one out of the part bud and it was sure fun to follow along.
  10. Just a great and beautiful turn out Cliff. Really enjoyed following along with you on this one buddy.
  11. These cars are looking great so far John. I'd like to offer a friendly tip to you if you'd like to use it. On that 66 chassis you can take a silver lead pencil and drag the side of the pencil lead along some of the raised details for a subtle effect. It'll give it another level of depth to the already good job that's been done.
  12. This car turned out super Spiny!! Great paint, good details....what's not to like?? Pure perfection brother.
  13. Mister.....that is one beautiful car you've turned out there. I've done one of those hood pin kits once and just love the way it looks. Adds a different level of detail to the outside of the car. Great job on a great car and you've done her proud.
  14. Lotsa hard work going on here. Looking good so far James. Those seats are going to be masterpieces in themselves.
  15. What a great looking car build so far Tony. Amazing work and determination going on. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  16. I was just looking at my GT-350 kit and saw that it does indeed NOT come with the console. Now see......that's just weird for a higher end car like that to not have one. I'll tell you another thing too.....neither the GT mustang or the GT 350 have the overhead consoles. Usually if the car had the lower console then it almost always had the overhead console.
  17. Man that thing looks CLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAN!!!
  18. Oh my LORD man!!! That last pic is just the "cat's meow". Looks like the real deal in that pic.
  19. Thanks fellas. I'm working on the shifter now. I cut the stock lever off of the boot and will be replicating the Hurst shifter in my car.
  20. Thanks fellas!! Been working on the console, seats and seat belts ALL frickin' week long guys. I finally have some pics worth showing. Still have the back seat, front floor mats and shifter to go..... and THEN......I got my license plates in the mail today...juuuuuust like the one's on my old car...... Even got the "Have you chased a Mustang lately" tag frame on it.
  21. Maybe.....just maaaybe I might be able to pull it off. I'll keep at it and see what happens. Thanks for the heads up .
  22. This one is looking really good Tim. I'm definitely with Spiny on the deadline sentiments. Better to finish as a good turn out than to get in a hurry in trying to meet the deadline. I'm right there with you on mine I can tell you that. There aint no way in HELL I'm going to meet the cutoff. I would've liked to but it's a build that's near and dear to me so I'm going to take my time and try to do a good job on it.
  23. Thanks HP. Man I've gotta tell ya....I've taken on a few dashes and a few instrument panels in my time as a modeler and this has got to be the most difficult one that I've done yet and while I've got mixed feelings about the outcome, I do feel mostly good about it. Just really difficult to work with in terms of painting/ chroming/ detailing and getting it to turn out decent. Thanks Kent. Yesirreee!! Windows down.
  24. Here we go. I knew this was going to be alot of work so I stayed up late last night laying the groundwork for the column and steering wheel completion today. I woke up this morning and managed to get this to a point where I think I'm going to be okay with it. I have some scale nuts/ rivets from Model Car Garage that I used for the rivet inserts once I painted everything up. To compare...this is my first attempt from two days ago. and this is Take II. I am MUCH happier with this:
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