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  1. eureka

    Missions - BBC4

    We watched the Russian Guardians film last weekend on Amazon. It was quite a enjoyable film considering I expected it to be really bad. Even the kids enjoyed it. Agreed the dubbing wasn't upto much but the kids wouldn't have entertained it if it was subtitled.
  2. eureka

    "Lost In Space" on the Netflix

    I watched the first with my eldest after she had finished her school work. We are lost in space fans anyway so no surprise that it got a big thumbs up from both of us.
  3. Been on the lookout for a Revel Kazon torpedo to complete our collection of the Star Trek Voyager series of models we have been collecting recently. Eldest is well on with her build of the USS Intrepid (so we don't have 2 Voyagers). Finally found a old stock Kazon Torpedo at the right price as the collectors didn't want it due to the crushed box. Now the question is do we build it box stock or do we light it. Decisions decisions.
  4. eureka

    1/537 USS Reliant

    The effect with the lighting kit is superb. How you did that in 5 weeks is beyond me. Superb.
  5. I've being using the Halfords spray cans to paint my 1/14 r/c trucks for a while with good results all the time. With some of the metallic colours the metallic particles in the paint can appear a bit on the large size depending on the scale of the model. The latest Halfords ford metallic colour I have been using is Ford purple velvet. The metallic particles are quite subtle and small in that colour (going on a 1/14 stretched custom American style truck). I tend to give the body a light coat of Halfords plastic primer then move over to the correct colour of primer for the top coat (if it requires anything other than the standard grey primer).
  6. I really have to add one or two of those to the collection at some point. Stunning.
  7. eureka

    Star Wars Revisited

    Those bases take your figures to the next level.
  8. Looks even better in these photos than the ones in the build thread. The cockpit detail is superb.
  9. eureka

    1/32 Viper Mkii

    That looks superb. I'm going for a factory fresh finish on the one I have here when I get round to it. Just picked up a bottle of the pledge stuff as some of the results I have seen on the forum with the stuff are no less than miraculous. Nice work with the wear and weathering.
  10. eureka


    I keep looking at the pre-order for the Moebius Discovery & have come close a few times to clicking the button then I think where could I put a 40 inch long model.
  11. eureka

    Altered Carbon on your telly!

    I added this to my Netflix list after reading this thread early on. Never got round to watching any yet as my other half has found "peaky blinders" so is watching what she missed first time round. I really must make more effort and get a few episodes watched. Some of the comments on sound quality has made me pleased. I use hearing aids in both ears and even with a loop system keep missing words etc. I had convinced myself that I needed to go get the hearing aids tweaked upward but its looking like I am not the only one mishearing stuff. The penny has only just dropped that the sound problem happens more on Netflix than other channels.
  12. eureka

    1/32 Viper Mkii

    Ive got one of these sat on the desk next to me. Its been there a while as I cant decide if I want to use lighting or not. I really do need to decide as its been sat waiting for me to decide for a while. After seeing your build I am tempted to just build it as it is and save the lighting adventure for another build. Interesting to hear about peoples experiences of the decals as that's one part of any build that I am most nervous about.
  13. eureka

    The MSM-07 Z'Gok 1/144 HG

    Another that's on my want to do list at some point too so will be watching this with interest.
  14. That looks really good. I will be watching this.
  15. Superb work. The battle damage is surreal considering the scale.