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  1. Excellent! Will be watching this build closely. Interesting too that being the later Revell release it’s the two seater so the original mould was modified so no more single seaters unfortunately.
  2. Very nice work. Inspires me to maybe dig out my 36 year stalled build of this kit (except it’ll be finished as a “D” given the lengthening I did to it) that is if it’s under 25 percent complete.
  3. Good choice/s. On the list at 26. FOUR! (Getting close now!)
  4. I think the Book was “H M Corvette”? And one of the (rough weather) photos I think was captioned “A Corvette could roll on wet grass.”. Must see if I can find my copy next time I in Brisvegas.
  5. Does it qualify? Answer here : You bet it does!
  6. If you ever get the chance to read Alan Jones’ “Driving Ambition” he had some less than flattering things to say about Sir John. Makes you wonder how much more successful his Team would have been had He listened to good advice rather than always doing it his way.
  7. Missed this one. Will be watching from now on.
  8. Built this one too when it was released and have another one in the “Stash”. Also gave one to a former Workmate who served on HMS Blake (“Snakey Blakey”) from recommissioning to decommissioning. He was chuffed as he didn’t know a post conversion kit was available. Will be watching with great interest.
  9. Ey. Luxury. When I were Lad ur Dad used to beat us to death until we made ur own blanking plates and then send us to bed before we woke up.
  10. Nice work. I must admit when this first came out (and I did build them in no time flat) I was a bit disappointed that they paired the Char B1 bis with the FT17 when I was hoping they would have paired the B1 with a R35 or H39. Lived in hope though that Matchbox would do other French Tanks like the Renault and Hotchkiss and even the Char D2 but alas it was not to be!
  11. Will be watching this one too! What amazes me with this one is the volume that the Base and Building take up! Just as well the Mark II wasn’t a massive Tank.
  12. I think they named the kits “PM” as that”s what was required when you didn’t survive building them - a Post Mortem!
  13. Definitely pulling up a chair to watch this one.
  14. I believe that’s called early onset Alzheimers.
  15. Nice start. I build this when I was a kid and made a total hash of it. I think I have one in the “stash” but never really look for it as the trauma of stuffing it up still lives within me.
  16. Hello Heather : Really nice work and thanks for bringing the Frog and Matchbox differences to our attention. Just wondering though if by using the actual kit fuselage you are risking damage to it? Whenever I’ve done something like that (admittedly years ago) I took a mould of the relevant kit part and ran off a couple of copies using them as the “plug” part of the process. Hope this helps.
  17. Yes why not. Probably a Hurricane (Revell 1:32) which would fit in nicely as a precursor to the Tornado to Sea Fury GB if it gets up.
  18. Hey any publicity is good publicity even if it’s in a Tabloid being eaten in a Worm Farm!
  19. Caribou for me seeing I’ve got no chance of doing one this year in the Canadian GB.
  20. Hello Jan : The conversion still exists somewhere in the “Stash” so there is always the chance that it will be rediscovered and finished one day (and as I’ve said before probably after when Pigs learn to fly!). I think I have the Planet Nomad somewhere in the “Stash” but haven’t looked at it let alone know where it is. Moving House unnecessarily creates such a disturbance in the Force I mean Stash.
  21. Yep totally understand it’s a Matchbox kit. Just me probably trying to justify the amount of time I put into mine making changes when it came out and still no where near finishing it. (Maybe it might qualify for less than 25 percent started? Ha ha ha!). Of the kits mentioned the Sea Fury is the PM kit (where they did single and (two) two seat versions as seperate tools) and pretty sure the Hawk 200 was it’s own tooling (meaning the Trainer tooling still exists?) as distinct from the others being the single seat tools modified (I think unless they “copied” the basis of the original tool and made the required changes - maybe someone knows for sure?).
  22. Built this when I was a kid when it first came out. Later I started to convert a part started one into a GAF N22 Nomad. It never did get finished. Will be following your build with interest and maybe get inspired to have a go at another one in the near future.
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