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  1. The November 1973 (the first issue I bought with my own Pocket Money instead of Mum and Dad's hard earned!) article is by Dick Steeds on scratchbuilding a Stalwart in 1:76. Travelling today and no idea when back but will have a look for any articles when back. Pretty sure now though that any articles may have been centred on the WWII soft plastic ones and not any of the post war hard plastic ones. Just a thought too on priming the soft plastic ones - you can get a primer for such plastics on cars (usually RIM parts like front air dams etc) from places like Supercheap Auto, Repco, and Autobarn in Australia. I haven't tried any of them yet but do have the one from Supercheap in the shed to try when I get the chance.
  2. You should have been at PX in May and bought the Nichimo one that was there. Airfix Magazine in about 1973 or 1974 had some Articles on detailing the solid plastic 1:32 “toys”. I’ll see if I can find what they did and which issues they are in.
  3. No luck as far as far as I can see of obvious First Flight Anniversaries in 2023 to make an Executive Decision on : Tornado First flight 6 October 1939 Typhoon First flight 24 February 1940 Tempest First Flight 2 September 1942 Fury First Flight 1 September 1944 Sea Fury First Flight 21 February 1945
  4. I heard she consults to people who make Executive Decisions ...
  5. You've written that twice now. Three times and it sounds like a stuttering Executive Decision.
  6. And by the time this becomes a GB Australia will probably be a Member of NATO so sign me up!
  7. Now I’ll have to channel Churchill : We have fought to come up with the idea of the GB. We have fought to get the numbers to advance. We will fight to get through The Bunfight ...
  8. Do I need glasses or did anyone see in the Honours List fine print that Pat @JOCKNEY and Dave @Rabbit Leader were each awarded a “DSM”?
  9. Aw! I thought you might be channelling either Steven Segal or Kurt Russell and making an “Executive Decision”!
  10. Interesting. : “for this GB”. Shouldn’t that be “for this potential GB” or “if this GB gets through the Bunfight?”? Or is Lord Matrix hinting he’s made his mind up and making an Executive Decision that this one gets to be a GB without going through the Bunfight?
  11. *French Accent On* "Ay Don't Think - Ay Know!" *French Accent Off* (Those in Australia and France and those in the Submarine Industry know where that Quote comes from ...)
  12. Just noticed two of the windows on the Starboard Side near the Trailing Edge are out of alignment. Oh well too late to fix that up now without a major operation so I didn't notice it did you? What are you talking about? Huh? Look over there - a Puppy!
  13. Quotter PT6A-27 460 kW / 620shp = 920 kW / 1240 shp per side. Dash8-100 2 × PW123C/D 1,800 hp (1,300 kW) = 1300 kW / 1800 hp per side. Yep that would do it. Proportionally (70.8 percent - just remember the Rudder is not on the Quotter but is on the Dash 8-100) I think I got it right and well it was sized off the Concept Drawings too so double check there.
  14. Sticking to that old adage of "Photos or it never happened ..." : Fuselage : Wings : Very surprising. Especially the size of the Dash 8 Fin. And here I was I thought the Quotter Fin may have been a bit overdone. Probably not based on this comparison but then again let's just put it down to the power of the two Turboprops on the Dash 8 compared with the power of the four on the Quotter.
  15. Whoo hoo! Two more weeks! Two more weeks! Ten more weeks! Ten more Freeks! Ten poor Freeks! What were we talking about? Ah thank-you Lord Matrix! Lord of all He Surveys. I'd like to think I'd have a shot a finishing this in two weeks but I have to go away next week down to the big smoke for some more Tests so doubt that I will be able to. As a small update just trying to smooth out some of the roughness and also repair the damage done by the bloody Race/Duct Tape and it's adhesive on some of the surfaces. I should have thought that given the concentration of Filler over Styrene there might have been a reaction should another strong adhesive be introduced but then again (as usual in all disasters) I just didn't think. Also just dug out a Hobbycraft Dash 8 and my was I surprised how big this thing is in comparison to the Dash 8-100! It's remarkably close in size. Makes me want to put this in a line up of otter, Twin Otter, Quad Otter, Dash 7, Dash 8, Caribou, and Buffalo but that's a hell of a lot of modelling and at my rate of production maybe completed by the time I'm 342. Or then again maybe started but never completed ...
  16. Very slow progress fixing up some of the roughness, figuring out how to set up the undercarriage, shaping the “T” Tail and Elevator, and shaping the wing box to the Fuselage and Wings so no photos to show. In between doing these things I found this : https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/89375-matchbox-172-completely-imaginary-dhc-6-800-stretched-twin-otter/ Tempted to join and reply to the “Quad Otter” Post by saying : “That’s not a Quad Otter - THIS is a QUAD OTTER!”.
  17. From memory yes 6 TSR2s in a Box. If you've built one you're way ahead of me! Goodness I haven't been paying attention to this GB Proposal. Good thing the "Bunfight" is still a bit of time away.
  18. I'm afraid not Pat - I still hear Him laughing and taking the Pi$$ out of Me all the time!
  19. Thanks "Pat". It's pretty rough though. The hard part will be to smooth out all the rough bits to try and make it a bit presentable.
  20. Truth be told I always had this in mind to be a tribute to my best mate the late great @Graeme H and to be given to his Son Matt who in his part of Graeme's Eulogy dubbed Graeme's looking after the Kids travel as "Pallarenda Air". Pallarenda being the seaside Suburb of Townsville where Graeme and Dorothy made their Home. Graeme was always "annoyed" that I could never build anything "simply" and always had to muck around and never finish anything - which to a large extent is true (but I have lots of excuses other than "the Dog ate my near finished Model!") but I do contest the charge Your Honour! We'll see which way the Verdict swings depending on whether this gets finished I suppose as we are always judged on our latest efforts according to the whims of today's version of Yuppies (well mainly the HR Fascists of today actually - to paraphrase what the U-Boat Captain in that Episode of "Dad's Army" said "{Their} Name is going in the Book too!").
  21. OK well did do some work on what are now the first and second engines and after hacking off the inner and outer Upper Wings to which they were mounted on I used the outer parts of the Upper Wings to make the Horizontal plane of the "T" Tail by symmetrically gluing them together after already cutting out the Elevators from the second set of Tail Planes and gluing them together with a centre piece. Unfortunately I was having so much fun that I neglected to take photos! So maybe it didn't happen ... or did it? Well maybe that urge to make flying noises and swoops reared it's ugly head or maybe I just wanted to see what the thing was going to look like so out came the Race/Duct Tape and some of these bits and pieces were slapped together to see exactly what this was going to look like thus : Even Jock was so interested to have a look he hadn't even time to change out of his PJs : Now the hard work starts to take it all apart and continue to fix up all of the roughness. (And I didn't even get to make any noises or swooping!)
  22. Interested to know if there was or is an Index available for the Plans published in the various issues of Aviation News?
  23. Thanks Richard. Yes it really is the best sort of Whiff being based on some fact/s but also a fair bit of latitude for design interpretation especially when “sandwiched” between two “facts” as bookends.
  24. Thanks Martin. Seeing this “Concept” is dated between 1967 and about 1973 that is before any “Oil Shock” I’m afraid anything “Eco” just wasn’t on the Radar. Just saw your Profile. Are you in Brisbane?
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