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  1. Well I found the kit so if this GB gets through the Bunfight I’ll then have to find the time in 2022 (so long as the sight, hands, fingers, and joints hold up!) to participate. (Typically I’ve already looked at the kit with the view to replacing the tracked undercarriage with railway boogies to turn it into a Product Coal Stockpile Reclaimer feeding a Train Loadout Bin.)
  2. Somehow I think I missed this one. Have one of these in the “Stash” : https://www.scalemates.com/kits/dragon-9048-panzerspaehwagen-p204-f--141078# If this GB gets up and I have the time I would like to build it if I can find it as I built a vacuform one of these in the early 80s for another Modeller who reckoned he couldn’t make vacuforms.
  3. That’s more of a #AmazingStories Type of moment.
  4. So have the Hasegawa and Revell kits in the “Stash” but will need to hunt down a Monogram kit before this GB starts.
  5. Next year - good. Timespan - good. Lots of Subjects - good. All good but will still need a miracle to take part let alone finish something but sign me up anyway please and I’ll make a formal request for said miracle.
  6. Hello Pete : If I pull my finger out and find that Etendard IV I promised you that should solve your eligibility “problem”. I think it’s in the “Northern” “Stash” and I’ll be travelling up there on Sunday for a week and a bit (scheduling in a Pfizer jab sometime during my stay) so if I don’t turn into a Pfizer Zombie (which will depend on whether “I am Legend” is a fictional Movie or an accurate Documentary!) I’ll make the time to have a look and let you know. Best Regards Rob
  7. I’m afraid you’ve misinterpreted the “Poll” set up. I haven’t “voted” at all but you’ve voted three times - one “correctly” and two “informal”!
  8. That sounds like a Poll. So “Eyes” for those agree. “Nose” for those who disagree. And “Ears” for those who think Dave needs to do more to “earn” a HS125 kit. (It would have been a lot easier if he’d dropped a Birthday hint pre the 12th and I’m not ruling out that he did only “old timers” disease means I can’t remember!).
  9. Hey Pat! @JOCKNEY I believe Dave @Rabbit Leader has a couple of photos from someone that may bump this GB along!
  10. I don’t know whether to join this GB or not ...
  11. Can’t wait for the “discussion” over the Box Art and Diorama Base!
  12. I’ll go into bat at Lucky Number 7 with an RAAF Lincoln from the second tool Airfix kit (that is if I ever get to finish my Frog/Novo/Soviet Python Lincoln first).
  13. Very good. I feel a (plastic) G3 or N3 in 1:600 may be steaming into view from over the horizon if this GB gets a Jersey/Guernsey.
  14. So not a Venn Diagram a TotBI Diagram? Very educational. Now I know where the Isle of Man fits into the scheme of things and why they can still hold the TT in the age of OH&S!
  15. So many choices. If Paper Planes are allowed what about Paper Ships. Can think of a fair few big and British ships that were designed but not built. Sign me up and I’ll think of something.
  16. There is a very nice build of a Twotter over on ACAM : http://airliner-civil-aircraft-modeller.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2331
  17. No not directly. Just a Fan following it on TV when it raced out here (as I was only a Teenager at the time) but did have direct contact over the last few years with the person who built it and helped initially test it with John Watson. It made a great change from all the Lolas running around at the time!
  18. Definitely in for this one. Probably resurrect the never started Heller 1:125 Airbus A300B2 to 1:144 Airbus A300 “Project” that I was going to attempt in the Heller GB :
  19. Fantastic work Ray. Really inspiring. Wish I would have made it up to Yorkshire to see the rebuild / replica of the real thing. Now if only I had the time and be in the right location to start one of my Airfix or MPC examples!
  20. How about RAAF Garbutt Ray? Graeme had one of these and the decals to model one at Townsville but sadly never got to do it (it was on his bench though and is now with one of his Grandsons). Be a nice tribute.
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