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  1. Thanks ya'll!! Hi Dan, Yes, I was thinking of doing a little base for it....but then I started with this guy: So I don't know if I'm ever going to get to that base!
  2. Thanks Jasper Dog. Here is sense of the size...I just realized that pic shows it with the aerial, which promptly got snapped off during the photo shoot! Thanks Gorby, I love the scale, I don't have enough display space at the mo, so it helps with that.
  3. Hi everyone, Had another go at some armor and completed this little guy a couple of weeks ago. I think I improved a little bit with the color this time if compared to my first attempt here. And yes, the one cage on the turret is intended to be a different colour, I was trying to imply that one of them was recently replaced. Tamiya 1:48 Sdkfz 222 - Tamiya Acrylics, Abtulung Oils, Flory Wash, Black Dog resin bags etc, Vallejo Pigments. Enjoy and please constructively critique away.
  4. It's not going at the moment at all. There has been an upsurge of real estate business the last couple of weeks here in Houston, so I have been busy with my investment company. I think I'll have a couple hours around the Christmas weekend to work on her Plasto. Thanks for checking in!
  5. Great work Joss, it looks beautiful!
  6. Hi Rich, thanks for the kind comments. I cleaned the areas and filled the areas with Tamiya liquid surface primer. Going to leave it to cure for the next couple of days and then sand and see what I'm left with... The Ducati got some attention instead of the Mustang today:
  7. Hi gents, Yes Les, I washed it before assembly started and then I washed it again before the primer went on. Exdraken, I'm still not sure what caused this... Plasto, yup, I think that is probably the cause...the fact that it only happened on the wing roots tells me that I did something wrong...however I checked the primer before spraying the top coat and it seemed dry...anyway, all I can do is learn from the experience and thanks for the tips on the other options for primer.
  8. Thanks Patrice - that Springbok Mustang looks cool! Unfortunately disaster struck earlier today...still not sure what caused this problem, so if someone can help me and explain I'd appreciate it. The kit was sprayed with Alclad grey primer as recommended by them. Cured for 7 hours, then sprayed with dull aluminium on the wings and left to cure overnight. This morning I sprayed the normal aluminium colour, and there were no real issues - except for a hair and dust here and there - but then after about 2 hours 3 bubbles appeared on the wing roots... In an attempt to see what was going on, I pricked the one bubble and well, the plastic has been damaged underneath and of course there is a huge blemish on the root...not sure how to fix this...The other bubble is still there and the other one seems to have settled but left a nice crack...I know Alclad is a bit of challenge to work with, but is it really this finicky? All I can think of is that the primer did not cure in the 7 hours and reacted when the layer of aluminium went on....??? Suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated because to say the least, I'm a bit miffed right now. Starboard "burst" bubble and crack... Port unsettled bubble:
  9. Had some time today to continue and decided to start the metal painting... Replicated a "streak-flow" look over the wing by painting the primer in streaks and then coating with Dull Aluminium. Kinda got the effect I was looking for, but these Alclad Metalizers creates some interesting effect all by themselves!! Here you can barely see anything... Turn the light slightly and you get this: Turn it another direction and you get this: Nearly nothing...again... Interesting... Next, the fuselage.
  10. That looks really good Joss! Looking forward to the next update.
  11. exdraken - I"m not 100% sure but I think if you going to do it with gear down then the cooler door is always open. I think it falls into the hydraulic pressure category on the Mustangs - once the pressure bled off all the doors fell open...I've seen that mentioned a couple of times. On the other hand, you can build it with the cooler door closed, gear down, because maybe she just landed and there is enough pressure in the system still... At the end of the day I always read the all these things because they are of interest to me, but I build my models they way I want them to look...
  12. All the meticulous gluing paid off, so there are no real issues to fix. Went ahead and "Futurerized" the clear parts: Black nose on: I've also decided to call her: "Marie" Coincidentally the name of my very first girlfriend.... Till next weekend!!
  13. Got a little more done today. The Achilles heel of the Tamiya P-51...saw this fix on another website and tried it out. Yes...like most other model builders I hate sanding, so I make the best attempt possible to not have to sand...especially if it's leading and trailing edges....
  14. Thanks guys! Control stick added, not sure why this pic didn't upload earlier.
  15. Got my a*** handed to me by the flu bug this week, so didn't get too much done. Did a little bit of painting and weathering this morning. Waiting for all this stuff to dry and then it is time to close the fuselage.
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