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  1. Hi all, I would like to ask you for help. I would like build a Bedford QL Dromedary, but I hava not a lot of information about this truck. If You have any photos, drawings etc. I'll be happy to share them. Thank You very much for help.
  2. Week report 2. The next small step. I opened a door and add a few PE parts this week.
  3. Week report 1. I finnished passangers seats and panel for radio operator.
  4. Hi! I would like to present my new project. I choosed model of Aero C-3A (Siebel Si204) from czech producer SpecialHobby in 1/48 scale. This will be a very long project because I don't have much free time, but I would like update this topic every week. This will be my first model after five years break. So lets go! With model I bought resin pilot´s seats from CMK and photo etched parts from Eduard (photo etched parts are for model Siebel Si204 so i will use only a few parts).
  5. Excellent. Very nice MIG. Ahoj Libore, modely ve tvém podání jsou parádní...
  6. Bf 108 Taifun Sonderkommando Blaich, Libya 1942 Kit - 1/48 Eduard Profipack Extras - none Paints - Tamiya acrylics applied by airbrush, HWG Dark wash Hi All, This is my first model after 5 years breaks and my first aircraft in scale 1/48. On the model is a lot of mistakes but i hope next model will be better
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