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  1. Mine arrived yesterday. What a great book! Quality of production is excellent and a fantastic reference work. I have got to page 99 out of 240 and am loving every page.
  2. Thank you sir. Photos courtesy of my iPhone. Just point and shoot and hope. Very similar to my airbrush technique.
  3. That is a great suggestion, and I fully endorse the idea. Mak it so Number One. Anthony, the gear bay looks great and I know you have just started. Some people have attention to detail but you have ATTENTION to detail. Fantastic!
  4. Thanks guys. As I mention in earlier posts, the finish is all thanks to Tamiya san. I am delighted.
  5. This weekend, in my allotted modelling time, I have been adding different paint colours to add some detail and because the undercarriage was not gloss black. So, we start with dull dark bits... Then, a bright shiny bit...(at least it looks shiny in real life)... Finally, some dull shiny bits... Some touching up needed at the wheel wells, but nothing to get me upset about. Next project is attaching the landing gear doors. That is a job I am not looking forward to... Until next time, mes amis...
  6. OOOOOHHHHH, I've been waiting for this. Order placed, waiting for it to arrive. My wife has a members discount at Kinukinoya bookshop, so that is an added bonus.
  7. You can build 18 kits in a year? That would take me 18 times that! I am delighted that Airfix appears to be in robust health with all the new releases. Long may that continue.
  8. Do they have a Sea Harrier anywhere near there?
  9. More paint loveliness. This time courtesy of Tamiya LP-1 Gloss Black. We go from this..... To this... LP-1, amazing stuff just like X-18, I can't seem to get it wrong no matter how hard I try. Pleased with this result. Now I have to mask for the landing gear pitot tube and jet pipe ring, then decals.
  10. Great progress, I love the way you have built up the colour of the fuselage Tricky yo do well but you have nailed it. The Academy 1/72 Apache kits are really good, I built one and enjoyed it immensely. One more in the stash for later.
  11. Wow, that's great work on the pylons, you should sell them on tinternet. I know nothing about Hawker Hunters, so forgive my foolish question. It looks like Airfix have supplied an "older style" airbrake that is shorter than the ones I have observed on later versions (e.g. FGA9). The later(?) style completely covers the trench for the actuator. From my meagre research, I believe Airfix have got it right (phew). Do you know when the change was made? I seem to recall something about this in another thread but can't find it. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  12. I’m in love. I am also not greedy, I only want one. Thanks for posting.
  13. No problem, but you will need a 1/32 Hunter to go with the X-18. Or maybe a FGR.1 Black Mike. There must be room in your hanger for another 1/32 Spey Phantom...
  14. Dearest Hendie, I am mortified to be the source of your angst regarding the raised plates on the wing. The plates are definitely there on the real thing, but not as raised as portrayed in the kit. They look almost flush to me. Perhaps a swipe or several with a sanding stick with the surrounding areas masked off? I think that is the approach I will take. Thanks for the warning about the speed brake fairing. When I get round to starting mine, I will send pictures of me trying to extract said article, so you can have a good laugh. Do you think there is any mileage in gluing the fairing into one half before joining the fuselage? Your greeblies really add to the look of the model and I look forward to more bashing, filling, sanding, priming, painting, decaling and clear coating.
  15. Thanks Anthony, Tamiya X-18 is amazing stuff. No matter how I treat it, it always looks good. Nothing to do with me. Your wish is my command. I am back from the hobby shop and now we have a Black Arrow! I have some blemishes and scratches to address, which is why this is a primer coat. Once that is done, I will be adding the gloss coat using Tamiya LP-1. That will be a job for next weekend, I hope. I checked and it's still there. Maybe next time...
  16. Started throwing paint at plastic. I really like how the profile of the Hunter jumps out when the paint goes on. I am using Tamiya X-18 semi-gloss black as a primer, it is bullet-proof for me. No matter what I do, I seem to get an OK result every time. Hopefully, it will provide a nice base for the final gloss coat. I had to stop because I ran out of paint. Off to the LHS for more paint tomorrow, they have a 1/32 FGA.9 on the shelf that keeps calling to me. I shall resist. Maybe.
  17. My dear old chap, no obtuseness observed at all. As per your request, here are pictures of the offending/offensive areas. In truth, the top wing is less pronounced than the underwing. However, they are raised panels and IMO should not be.
  18. Thanks, that is very useful information. I may fit them to a) match the film and b) it looks a bit different. Yes, I am enjoying @hendie build. Looking at the film, I have convinced myself that I see a spectacle type handle on aircraft taxiing back from the sortie. That will do me. I have masked the cockpit and there is a chance that the masking tape will remove the handle when I unmask. If that happens, I will revisit. I have found one blade aerial that is missing from the instructions. Part no 81, if I remember correctly. This should fit in front of the forward blade aerial. You can see it in the video if you stare for long enough. Next up, I am defining the locations of the whip aerials. What fun we have!
  19. Never sit and watch a video over and over. Now I have more questions than I really want: Did the black arrows have the gun muzzle deflectors fitted? It kinda looks that way in the video. There are four whip aerials that I can see. One on each wing (easy to locate the right position). One on either side of the spine. Does anyone have a good view of exactly where these were fitted?
  20. Yes, you are absolutely right, I stand corrected. Thanks Anthony, you would make a lovely job of this kit and it would definitely look good next to your Phantom.
  21. Go for it, it is a lovely kit of a lovely aircraft. It needs some attention, but nothing beyond what a "normal" modeller can do. By "normal" I mean average, which is definitely what I am. Very average.
  22. Progress! From this.... To this... I have glued in the main gear struts now to maximise the plastic/plastic glue joint. Hopefully, painting will still be relatively straight forward. The joint in the fuselage is seamless, it just looks like a huge gap due to some paint and glue seepage during assembly. Some minor touching up to do and the antennas on the bottom, then I am going to throw some primer/paint at it. Still loving this kit.
  23. This looks like great fun and I will enjoy watching from the back of the bar near the dart board. Rudder pedals...hmmm.....are you going to see them when all is buttoned up? My guess is not.
  24. Just bought this kit, so will follow you for tips and tricks. Gotta love a Hunter!
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