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  1. I am doing a 74 squadron aircraft with white tail and wingtips. Taken from an Xtradecal sheet. The markings won’t be totally accurate but I don’t care.
  2. Nothing to read here, move on, sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Oh this reminds me of an old joke - "I love cats, but I couldn't eat a whole one". Nice modelling Martian, sir, looking forward to the next instalment.
  4. Looking good, if a little lopsided Is it just me, but when I look at the TSR2, I see hints of Tornado and Jaguar hidden in there.
  5. I don't know exactly what will be flying over my house but you can bet it will include many F-15SG and F-16 C/D. Maybe some F-35s.
  6. Very nice! It's a lovely kit and you are turning it into a thing of beauty!
  7. You lucky thing, I am jealous! I agree that the instructions are accurate but the decals, as they slide off the sheet do not support this. At least when I did it!
  8. Great work as always Anthony. I think the weathering looks about right, perhaps some streaks of a more hydrauliccy colour, maybe? Also, bear in mind there will be a massive airbrake sitting over the well, so you won't see much. But what you will see will look perfect.
  9. What do you do when you finish one Hunter? Start another, of course. Moving down in scale (or is that up?) this time with this... So, first thing to say is this is a lovely kit, goes together well if you are careful and some nice levels of detail. The usual "Airfix, why did you do that?" bits, but I guess we are used to that and I go into this build with my eyes open and a song in my heart. Cockpit went together quickly, with plenty of black paint and a tickle with a dry brush. The cylinder with the Tamiya tape wrapped round it is the weight to keep it on its nose. I used the spare FGA9 tail-pipe and you would think it was made for this. It fits like a glove, including keying into the cut out notch in the fuselage. I followed some good advice on this forum and stuck the tailpipe parts to each half before joining the fuselage. This works well. Still ned some filler but it creates a very nice joint with the fuselage without any steps. Finally, for today, I thought I would tackle the pylons. Again, great advice on this forum, I decided the pylons were roughly 1mm to short, if you account for the "foot" that is moulded on the actual drop tank. It's close enough for me. So, I got a bit of 1mm plastic strip and glued it to the top of each pylon. Once the glue was dry, I sanded the edges to match the pylon. This retains the shape of the wing and allows a nice fit to the wing without offensive gaps. Good enough for me, others may differ. There's just enough of the locating pins sticking up to locate on the wing, so I am a happy bunny. Hope you enjoy. Cheers Don
  10. Thanks bob, sometimes I get lucky. looking forward to seeing you build a Hunter, they are lovely kits!
  11. Thanks John, No problems at all, I just pointed the iPhone at the model and hit the button. My photography is even more hit and miss than my modelling!!
  12. I have added all the aerials. The nose gear doors went on without any problem (much to my surprise and joy). Canopies unmasked and we have a completed rendition of a Black Arrow.
  13. Decals done and now we have something that resembles a Black Arrow. Just some details to finish up (including tidying up the nose wheel tyre) and it will be done and dusty.
  14. Mine arrived yesterday. What a great book! Quality of production is excellent and a fantastic reference work. I have got to page 99 out of 240 and am loving every page.
  15. Thank you sir. Photos courtesy of my iPhone. Just point and shoot and hope. Very similar to my airbrush technique.
  16. That is a great suggestion, and I fully endorse the idea. Mak it so Number One. Anthony, the gear bay looks great and I know you have just started. Some people have attention to detail but you have ATTENTION to detail. Fantastic!
  17. Thanks guys. As I mention in earlier posts, the finish is all thanks to Tamiya san. I am delighted.
  18. This weekend, in my allotted modelling time, I have been adding different paint colours to add some detail and because the undercarriage was not gloss black. So, we start with dull dark bits... Then, a bright shiny bit...(at least it looks shiny in real life)... Finally, some dull shiny bits... Some touching up needed at the wheel wells, but nothing to get me upset about. Next project is attaching the landing gear doors. That is a job I am not looking forward to... Until next time, mes amis...
  19. OOOOOHHHHH, I've been waiting for this. Order placed, waiting for it to arrive. My wife has a members discount at Kinukinoya bookshop, so that is an added bonus.
  20. You can build 18 kits in a year? That would take me 18 times that! I am delighted that Airfix appears to be in robust health with all the new releases. Long may that continue.
  21. Do they have a Sea Harrier anywhere near there?
  22. More paint loveliness. This time courtesy of Tamiya LP-1 Gloss Black. We go from this..... To this... LP-1, amazing stuff just like X-18, I can't seem to get it wrong no matter how hard I try. Pleased with this result. Now I have to mask for the landing gear pitot tube and jet pipe ring, then decals.
  23. Great progress, I love the way you have built up the colour of the fuselage Tricky yo do well but you have nailed it. The Academy 1/72 Apache kits are really good, I built one and enjoyed it immensely. One more in the stash for later.
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