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  1. I'd say, I'd say, I'd say, fantastic work on just about every aspect of it, all of them to tell the truth.
  2. So, an average of one car every year since 2017 but none for 2020. Spectacular, excuse my sarcasm.
  3. Italeri stopped years ago. Even variants of existing kits that were on their catalogue were never issued.
  4. The same ol’crappy kit with the wrong and too wide windscreen. They are down to what Matchbox and FROG used to be, lazy Italians. I am Italian so I can say that.
  5. Thanks, the intakes are the best part of the Academy kit as the gear bays only portray the open part just like the ESCI kit. I have several special schemes decals and did not want to go with the now overpriced Hasegawa.
  6. Howdy all, I was looking at the ESCI family of 1/72 F-15s as a potential source of multiple lower cost alternatives to Academy's F-15 (with the exception of their latest Beagle kit). The cockpit are equally unfurnished and both kits' exhaust nozzles need replacement. Even the ESCI E could be a good source for an Israeli two seater D Baaz. Are there any shape issues that should concern me?
  7. Well, it's moving faster than you thought. The Checkmate may well be being pushed ahead faster, aiming at the export market.
  8. You are a lucky person, you can now actually meet with peers and likely minded hobbyists.
  9. Faantastic job! The T-34C was my primary trainer at VT-3 back in 1984.
  10. Not sure that either Germans or Italians would have ever bought a French fighter, but then I have been wrong before. Excellent WHIF rendition Gianpi.
  11. Interesting airplane, seems it was/is extensively used in bush flying. A Beaver or Otter competitor?
  12. Giorgio, I believe that the designation system changed back in 1962. Other than that, your dissertation was perfect.
  13. Good job on that pig's ear. For the record, there were no external differences between the 57A, B or C, except some perhaps had range extenders fitted to the fuel caps. The 57B largely replaced the 57A, I flew the last training sortie of a 57A in 1985. The one life saving difference was the presence of air conditioning in the 57B. The 57Cs were a bit more underperforming as they were IFR rated and loaded with more avionics, they have all now been updated to the D standard with glass cockpits.
  14. William Green's Warplanes of the Third Reich quotes the length of the B-1 at 36'5", and the D-1 at 37'8.75". Given an inch at 25.4 mm, the real aircraft length difference would have been 38.735 cm, or 5.4mm in 1/72 scale.
  15. Those painted photoetched details are awesome, keep the excellent detail work going.
  16. Nice job, and BSTW fantastic aviation photography in your Flickr album!
  17. Platz detail is good but the panel lines are quite heavily engraved. GWH is nice, however the intake ducts are stumped and is lacking the details for a MSIP II configuration.
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