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  1. IT was one of the many throw away suggestions and ideas I remember in early 70s, with the RN still fighting for replacements for Ark Royal and Eagle, after the cancellation of CVA-01. My step father worked for IMI Titanium and came home with lots of defence company sales stuff ( which I wish I kept now) and there were all sorts of ideas floating around. it was then that due to economics, our restrictive ASW role in NATO , the loss of a fleet that could compete away from NATO that led to swift selling of the Vetol concept by forward thinking Admiralty to get us some independance and flexibility we ended up with Through Deck Cruisers and the rest is history. its interesting history repeating its self over the QE and PofW carriers and what configuration they would be....this time we have the ships but can't quite afford a fully equipped a Fleet Air Arm so first deployment will have RN, RAF and US aircraft....better than nothing....oh and before you ask, I commanded as a Killick several gash barges, the odd paint cat and later a Kiwi boat at Portland ferrying Sea Riders besides the usual Montague whaler etc.....no Tornados, odd choppy sea though
  2. The Royal Navy briefly looked at the Tornado, but the tail was too tall to fit in the hanger!
  3. Great information folks thank you....I think the thing that gets me is the wing span and single engine, knowing what came after. As I understand it, the RAF gained long distance flight experiance from this and the earlier Fairey long range monoplane
  4. Came across this almost unbelievable aircraft..Vickers Wellesley bomber....it was obsolete long before the 2nd World War but yet served into 1940 in the Middle East. Single engined with big wings, one for somebody! I think Matchbox once made a kit. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=vickers+wellesley&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=imsvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi0n57uo9HcAhUKDsAKHRMGDSwQ_AUIDygB&biw=768&bih=960 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vickers_Wellesley
  5. Very nice but Gateguards of Newquay have beaten you to it with full size for the RN dummy deck at RNAS Culdrose...... https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=gateguards+uk+ltd&safe=strict&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=mnsiv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiOprbuheLaAhWHJcAKHakWCAkQ_AUIFCgE&biw=768&bih=927#imgrc=d6pHuMBWzq4_6M:
  6. Hi these aircraft were pulled out of service in 1965 due to poorly made wing spars....I wonder what would have happened if they stayed in service?
  7. Again like this but prefer the US Canberra version, but nice 1950 s stepping stone what if
  8. I tell you what...this is not a what if...it's a possible...an ideal small maritime patrol aircraft, ideal for small countries such as Ireland, Iceland or areas such as West Indies
  9. Excellant, though the story could be that having scrapped Sea Harriers they fitted the engines to new air frames....I believe the Pegasus was a possible choice.....love the aircraft .....the RNs version of the US Osprey tilt rotor....it would really work .
  10. Great model...love the concept! Though do suggest change of name as its a variant of Tornado to Cyclone....and if the US were to buy it Twister!?
  11. I remember Blake and Tiger in 78 and they could carry 4 Seakings....it was a preamble leading to the Through deck cruisers....which we now know as the Invincible carriers....if things were drawn out in the south Atlantic and because we needed to fulfil our NATO anti submarine and anti ship role in the Iceland Gap, then deactivating recently out of commission ships was the way forward.....Sea Cat would have been a cheap way forward....though when we went south, for emergency anti missile protection etc, we had old ww2 twin and single Orlikan 20mm guns (last seen on MTBs) and my LMG 7.62mm was a recalibrated Bren gun mk4! And the press guide book for reporters was last issued in the Korian war!!! They were quick to develop various plans such as the AEW Seaking....4 weeks, British Gas piping to be the structure, , motorcycle sprocket and chain system to winch up and down, and a Nimrod radar adapted to go around and not side scan.....amazing plans for container ships as carriers, containerised sea wolf launching vertically....and so on....anything goes and it did. You can do anything as long as it was viable and available then and did not matter if old.
  12. i remember taking my young sons onboard in the late 90s and realising some of the Ops room kit fitted in the last refit was still in use when I joined the RN in 1978....so yes problebly in better Nick than type 45 etc....Not certain re Helo deck mid ships...too much clutter to hit on the way in.....would move to rear with Sea Dart or modern version in place of the turrets, and put anti ship and or sea wolf etc mid ships.....keep guns forward but upgrade with mix of 4-6" with larger underneath. They will be great for surface action and gun support for shoreside units.....just a few thoughts.....building?
  13. I was there 87-88 ......The Gnats were small, and noses held down with a 5ltr bottle of water on a rope......Sea Kings and Gazelles everywhere.
  14. yes they have done a great job on her, including repainting...you can sit in the cockpit...helmet provided if you wish the Top Gun photo for your Walter Mitty photo of when I was!!? But seriously they have done a great job and still have a Seahawks and Lightning in bits undergoing rebuilds....talking of Dummy Deck...when I was on station guard Culdrose had Red Arrow Gnats and what turned out to be a Kestral!...it went off to a museum!
  15. If in Cornwall this summer and need a fix of Cold War aircraft, do visit the fledgling Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre, Newquay ( next to RAF St Mawgan ....opposite side from the civilian airport). They have started from the remains of Classic Airforce who moved out last year. They have Harrier, two Hunters, Canberra just for starters and you can get into the cockpits...also tour of VC10 tanker and Bac 111. They also have a superb collection of model aircraft. All based in an un used Cold War hanger which has the blast escapes got when the aircraft starts up inside....often not seen. It's early days and need support, but they have achieved a lot in just a year....so don't expect posh and slick but do take advantage of being able to get up and close and often in aircraft normally displayed behind ropes...a modellers dream especially as they allow photos and will help measure etc. http://www.cornwallaviationhc.co.uk/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yP54GWSTC3s
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