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  1. The MB151 version also! That’s great news. Always wanted to build a Greek Air Force Bloch! Or more...
  2. Thank you all for your comments. That’s a really old kit not very well known; it counts less that 30 pieces.
  3. Hi all, I like floatplanes, I also like the ML-KNIL airplanes in the former Dutch East Indies. This Ryan STM-S2 is the very old Testors kit in 1/48 that needed a lot of work. Arguably the smallest 1/48 I have built. I decided not to use the pilot and co-pilot "figures" and to scratch-built the interior (seats, instrument panels, etc.) by plasti-card. I also did some necessary changes to depict the ML-KNIL version (e.g. the rudders on the floats, the pilots transparency, navigation lights). The rigging was quite a process. I used Xtracrylic paints and the decals are all from spares. Some post-shading and washing, and voila. Hope you like it Dimitrios
  4. Hi Reddo, Sorry for the delayed answer and thanks for the comments. The basic colour I used for the upper sides was Tamiya XF-25 +around 10% a very light green, to add a bit of green hue. For the ribs, I post-shaded with the same mix lightened by Gunze C332. Under-surfaces it is AKAN mat aluminium 66000, which I find very convincing. Hope it helps. Furbar57 thanks a lot. 303sqn, excellent video. I had seen photo instances, but not the full thing. Thanks. Best, Dimitrios
  5. A very good kit perfectly rendered! The paint job is excellent, I like especially the undersides. I am not a Luftwaffe fan, I wish I could build it with other markings. Maybe a What-if?
  6. Gaspatch would be an excellent choice indeed. I keep a couple of their Brownings for a future project. Looking forward to seeing your builts!
  7. Artie, Pete, thanks for the nice words. Thanks a lot! I did buy the Part PE, but I ended up using it ….partly: the pilot and gunners' seats, a few things for the floats, and the cockpit floor, and a couple of others. The flat cockpit walls frames were used as a guide in order to make more realistic round ones from evergreen plastic. I did not use the parts for the gun. The "details vs mental health" ratio did not favor such endeavor. I also bought the Yahu instruments panel, very nice indeed.
  8. Thanks for the comments, Hans, your question has already been answered: the asymmetrical wing markings were to deceive the enemy gunners. For those of you who haven't heard about this kit before, well, it is an old (1980s I think) mold from a Polish firm called Spojnia. Since then it has been reissued many times by Mirage Hobby, in two boxes, one for the land-based, and one for the seaplane. As I said it is a basic kit, but for those who want more details there is a special photoetched fret from Part, and the instruction panel from Yahu. Best
  9. Hi everybody, Just finished this nice seaplane. It is a Mirage Hobby kit that has been around for quite a while. I was in between making the land or the sea version, but in the end floats won. A simple kit, few parts count, but it does take some extra effort to build, especially the alignment of fuselage, support struts and floats. I used some photo-etched bits and pieces, and the Yahu instrument panel for Lublin RXIII (funny brass color). A bit of scratch-build for lights and the cockpit. The model is finished with Tamiya and Akan paints, and Microscale Flat varnish. It has an impressive wing-span for its scale, almost the size of a Stuka. Comments, questions and critical observations all welcomed! Dimitris 93
  10. Thank you all for your comments. John, nothing special. It is old good panel wash with dark brown enamel. But the corrugated surfaces made it a bit difficult. edit: add to this a light post-shading of random panels I wish you a nice stay at my home city. Many great places to go out, if you have the time. Obviously, I m a proud Thessalonian, but the last years I live in France.
  11. Dear friends, After the Avro Anson another example of the WWII Greek Airforce. It is the Polish-made PZL P.24G in 1.48 by Mirage Hobby. The kit has some difficulties, namely it is a challenge to fit the engine in the cowling, and get the exhausts right. But in general it went OK. I used Gunze and AKAN colors and Microscale's mat varnish. Sorry for the photo quality, I try my best but... Hope you like it,
  12. Thank you very much. Indeed the Chinese purchased a big variety of airplanes. I liked this version, I think it suits the P-26, and it is a change form the usual greenish-olive-khaki camos.
  13. Dear friends, This is the last addition to my collection, a P-26 Peashooter in Chinese colors (in fact the Chinese version was named Boeing model 281). Painted in overall light grey, the majority of these aircrafts were changed to green later. The kit was surprisingly good for its age, no fit issues, a good cockpit (that I enhanced with some belts), and a good engine too. The only difficulty in construction concerned the engine exhausts and rigging, which I represented using Albion Alloys 0.2mm nickel rod. Overall a pleasant construction. Hope you like it, Dimitrios
  14. Guys, thank you so much. All replies were very encouraging! I 'll keep up, there is a Henschel Hs-126 in the pipeline.
  15. Thank you very much for your kind words! Tony, you are totally right! I should have clarified that this quote on the Greco-Italian war by historian Mark Mazower is about Continental Europe. Best Dimitris
  16. Well, thank you all! It is enforced with a small pin and glued with super-glue. But I did have a problem with the antena wire, I had to do the ringing twice.
  17. Hi everybody, Tomorrow is the Greek National Day commemorating the rejection of the surrender ultimatum and the victorious repulsion of Mussolini’s attack against Greece. Those more interested in history, they may take a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco-Italian_War . For the moment it is enough to say that in fall 1940 Greece was the only other country bar Britain, fighting the Axis in Europe, and this mountain war has been characterized as the first major military setback of the Axis powers. Nough with history though. The below model, a Royal Hellenic Air Force Avro Anson in 1/48, is my small contribution to the commemoration. Eleven of these aircrafts were used during the campaign, having as their main duty sea patrolling and anti-submarine search. After the German invasion in April 6 1941 five of these aircraft (among which the depicted N56) managed to escape via Crete to Egypt, where they formed the nucleus for the renaissance of the Greek Air Force in the Middle East, under RAF command. It’s the well-known late version Anson by Classic Airframes that has been released later by Special Hobby. Being a limited run kit, it was a bit of a challenge in certain cases (i.e. engines and cowlings, landing system), but it was one of the best of its kind that I have coped with. It takes its time, with trial and sanding, but I believe it turns out in a really nice kit of an iconic WWII aircraft. I used the photo-etched provided and I just added a proper for the Greek version turret machine gun. Unfortunately, the decals provided for making the RHAF plane are not correct, being too dark blue and wrong font for the codes. I had to order custom made ones, which with a bit of care and a layer of Future were applied with no problem. The colors, Dark Green and Dark Earth, are from Gunze’s MrColor range, and the more demanding Night undersides were painted with a mixture of 45% German Grey, 45% Navy Blue and 10% Russet, for a more realistic appearance (plain Black just doesn’t look right). Weathering with pastels and post-shading, washing with dark brown and black. I did try some detailing in the interior, but surprisingly not many things can be seen. Hope you enjoy it. Dimitrios
  18. Sure. It's 0,080mm fishing line, fixed with the help of Bob's Buckles eyelets & turnbuckles. You can have a look here: http://www.bobsbuckles.co.uk/
  19. Nice to see one of these being built. Also good interpretation of early RLM 61/62/63 scheme. I will be following this thread.
  20. Thank you all for your kind words. For me, this kit was a good opportunity to reassess my view on the developments in our hobby. I do am gratefull that todays kits become in general more detailed, more accurate and better engineered. Still, I must admitt that this has come together with a higher degree of complexity and a sometimes scary amount of parts. Good as this may be, I still find myself sometimes longing for more simple constructions, searching for a kit that won't be on the bench for ages, because it does need more time to build this superdetailed cockpit, or the multi-part fuselage etc. Time is a rare commodity, and I have the bad habit to want to finish my models in a relaxed and reasonably short time. So, it is good from time to time to honour these older and more "easy" kits.
  21. Hi everybody, This is the latest addition to my collection. It's Airfix's 1/48 Ju-87 old mould. This was a pleasant and relatively trouble-free construction (bar the few rivets lost during sanding that I had to remake). Simple and straightforward, this is a kit I appreciated a lot, and I would choose it again, even over newer productions. It's almost OOP, the only things I added were Eduard belts, and micro-tube for the canons. Painted it with Gunze Mr.Color paints, a charm to spray. Being a fan of small air forces, I chose to dress it with the colours of Royal Bulgarian Air force; for this I used the relevant Kora decals. Hope you like it Dimitris
  22. Realistic releases.... I will limit myself to two very realistic wishes: 1/48 Spitfire Vc, and 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk1 fabric wings. C'mon Airfix, in both cases you have already a good basis to work with.
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