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  1. My Deutsch isn’t crisp enough to read the drawing, but is it possible details D & E are simply pointing out the allowable overspray/zigzag rather than mandating it?
  2. Outstanding. Who makes the base? Or did you make it?
  3. Great looking model Erik and I particularly like the photo with its sibling. Any recommendations for using Extreme Metal? I’d like to try it.
  4. I took the color test and scored a 2. I’ll say the P-40 undersides are a very pale blueish/greenish grey.
  5. I’d love to see Airfix scale these down to 72nd. They’d be great companions to the coming Buccaneer.
  6. I've read that elsewhere. I have Monogram's 48th Thud but not the 72nd. I do have Monogram's 1/72nd Phantom. I wonder if it's the same pilot. I suppose I could always make copies if I needed to, but buying them is so much easier.
  7. Thank you all! The PJ pilots are just what I need. YK GOH, I agree. I also wish the kit producers still included them and I remember when they did. It would certainly make things easier, but I doubt many builders today are interested in using them. A figure posed outside the aircraft is much more common.
  8. Does anyone know of a source for 50's/60's seated pilot figures in 1/72nd scale? I'd like to build a series of aircraft in flight and not having crew members in place just seems wrong. There are many available in various poses, but seated figures are hard to come by.
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    Hi Martin. I wasn't picking on you. Just thought I'd point it out to anyone who may be interested. As it so happens, I have a recent fascination with this very aircraft and have considered purchasing the SH kit. I came here and saw not one, but three separate threads on the subject. How timely.
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    Hello all. I believe this is my first post here, but maybe not. Anyway, the observations about the kit fuselage are incorrect. Please re-examine the drawings posted at the beginning of the thread. The fuselage dimension is 35’ 8” not 38’ 8”. The latter is the distance to the back of the tail planes. RidgeRunner’s profile needs to scaled to 15.09 cm, not 16.4.
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