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  1. Not entirely sure what type of bomb is provided in the kit, it would appear to be a 500lb example with a square boxed tail fin arrangement, but bronze green seems to be the correct colour by all accounts so many thanks for this. I'm no expert on bombs as I usually omit them from all my builds but the example in the kit definitely has some form of fuze(?) thing at the end so presumably, looking at the pics in this thread, it would be a different colour to the bomb itself, possibly aluminium/brass/bronze in colour? Also would the bomb have any markings on it as I've seen many with a yellow band half way along the casing, or would a good wash and weather do the trick please? Regards Colin.
  2. Just about to add the bomb to my Special Hobby Kittyhawk 1a but not sure what colour it would have been during this period, 41-42 western desert, so any clues please? Also would the fuse be a silver colour or painted the same as the bomb itself? Regards Colin.
  3. Dear All, I have just bought replacement Aires resin wheels for my Airfix Lancaster (the 1980's version) but have never used resin parts before so wanted to check if I need to do anything special to them before painting other than cleaning/degreasing as usual please? As for the wheels themselves they look spot on and superior to those in the kit although I gather those in the new kit are excellent. Also if anyone has any tips on how best to paint the wheels so that they look more realistic it would be appreciated as I normally paint them black and then add some dark-ish grey pastel dust to the main tread area to simulate wear but this still leaves the side walls looking rather unrealistic and far too black and matt in scale. Thank you and stay safe. Kind Regards Colin.
  4. Luckily the Freightdog kit comes with the internal armour windscreen but I've also seen pics of some 1b's with the external armour fitted so I've asked KP to send me the latter in case I decided to go this route instead. I do have the Xtradecal Seafire sheet so I should have plenty of options in conjunction with the kit decals and my decal spares as well. Regards Colin.
  5. Getting back to my original question the Freightdog Seafire 1b (now arrived) looks very good and I'm glad I eventually took this route. Being based upon the KP version of the Vb plus the resin inserts for the exhausts and underside hook modification all should go well and not be too difficult even with my modest skills. Just looking at the scale plans for the 1b and the resin insert for the underside hook it would also be quite straightforward to build it from a standard Spit Vb as it just requires a wee bit of scribing to highlight the hook A-frame and tiny piece of thin plastic to represent the hook itself. Regarding the MKXII a couple of other Spitfire variants would make interesting subjects possibly, the prototype Mk III N3297 with either the Merlin XX or 61, or DP851 which started life as the second prototype Mk XII but later became the Mk 21 prototype fitted with the Griffon II but retaining the original wing plan. Regards Colin.
  6. Just to add that there is an excellent article in the December issue of Flypast magazine covering the restoration of an Arado built 196A-5, TW+SH, Werknummer 196 0293, manufactured in the summer of 1942 and subsequently re-coded 6W+LK when under new ownership. From the pics in the article the interior of this example would appear to be RLM66 so perhaps the French factory was lagging behind those in Germany when the interior colour was changed from RLM02? It's worth noting that during the BoB it is possible to see Bf109E's with both RLM02 and RLM66 interiors so such colour changes were not always implemented uniformly. Regards Colin.
  7. As of now there is an Airfix BIII for sale on a very well known auction site, priced at £15 to start with 2 days to go but no bids so far, so may be worth watching this one or just putting in your max bid? Generally the later you bid on this site the better as folks tend to wait until just before an auction closes, usually with less than 20 seconds to go! Auction ref' is 203166710425 if you are interested. Regards Colin.
  8. Sorry to pester but have just found a Seafire XV for sale made by Jays Model Kits from New Zealand but have never heard of them previously so has anyone been tempted by any of their offerings and able to say what they are like please? Regards Colin.
  9. My understanding is that the Mk XII was essentially a Vc airframe with stronger engine bearers to take the increased weight of the Griffon III engine and all had clipped wings along with the later pointed (enlarged) rudder plus smaller cannon bulges covering the cannon magazines (not sure if that is just upper or lower blisters or both). Originally they had a fixed tail wheel but later ones had the Mk VIII tail unit where it was retractable. All had a 4 blade prop of reduced diameter. I think the Seafire XV had the Griffon VI engine fitted but retained the same 4 blade prop of 10' 5" diameter so the engine/nose/spinner dimensions would be exactly as per the Spitfire XII presumably. On that basis I'm assuming that mating a new engine/nose etc. from a Seafire XV kit to a donor Spitfire Vc kit would produce the required result, just a question of which kits are available at present and then adding the pointed rudder from the spares box. However the only Seafire XV I'm aware of is the Sword version which is only available as part of their 4 kit boxing at present. A bit pricey just for a nose unless I can find a second had example, so I'm off to search tinternet to see what I can find. Thanks again for all the replies and links. Regards Colin.
  10. Thank you all for the advice which has just saved me a few pounds as I've gone for the Freightdog one instead, £8 cheaper! I do have a KP 'Aces' Mk Vb in my Spitfire/Seafire stash and was very impressed with it when first viewed so now looking forward to getting to grips with the Seafire adaptation, plus adding all the extras it will come with to my expanding Spitfire spares box. Shame about the Mk XII though as there is no other sensible alternative in this scale that my modelling skills could handle, even the Brigade one which I attempted several years ago without success. Just a pity Airfix have never seen fit to down size their 48th scale XII as I think it is one of the best looking and certainly most over-looked versions. Thanks again. Colin.
  11. Dear All, I'm thinking of buying the CMR 72nd scale kit of the Seafire 1b but have no previous experience of this makers products so wondered if anyone has already been down this route and could comment on how good the kit is as it is not cheap at £24+. I've also never built a resin kit before so are there any things to bear in mind, such as the correct adhesives to use, when building and painting the model I wonder? Any/all advice very welcome before I take the plunge as I'm also interested in the CMR Spitfire XII, when it eventually arrives at the Big H, but not sure how accurate their kits are generally and how complex they are to build for someone with modest skills. Regards Colin.
  12. Looks like I've drawn a bit of a blank with this so I'll have to peruse all the relevant pics of early Lancs I can find to come up with what I believe was the correct application and then hope for the best. Re' the internals of the turrets I've read on a recent thread that early Lancs were interior green inside with the possible exception of the bomb aimers position which was apparently painted black, the exception being very early examples that started life as Manchesters where green was also applied. As such I think I'm safe in assuming that the obviously light colour seen on the turret internals of early examples would also be interior green and not light grey or even bare metal as some others have suggested in the past. My only other question is whether interior green was/is the correct colour for the rear upper section of the cockpit fuselage underneath the canopy as I've seen models where it is painted in camo dark green as well? Regards Colin.
  13. I'm starting to build the current/new mould Airfix Lancaster as a very early example without the upper turret coaming, flat black and standard camo etc. etc. with the aim of it being the first Lanc lost on active service, KM+C of 44 Squadron. From pics I have the turrent internals appear to be painted in interior green at this point, subsequently being painted black at some point, presumably to blend in with the overall black appearance of the airframe. However I'm unsure as to the correct colour for the external framings as I've seen for example the front turret in what appears to be camo brown, also in black and others where the lower parts are black and he upper parts in camo colour. As such can anyone shed any light on this please in terms of the typical/correct external frame colours for all the 3 turrets at this early stage of the Lanc's service and also to what degree the camo colour extended around the back section of the front and rear turrets if at all. Regards Colin.
  14. Dear All, Have just come across a Seafire 1b 72nd scale kit for sale and it's made by a company I've never had any experience of called Admiral so just wondered if anyone can shed any light on it or the general quality of their offerings. I'm interested in it but not if it's of poor quality. Regards Colin.
  15. I just have the book so can scan the page to create the image file but then no idea what a web hosting page is in order to submit/post in order to create a url. Regards Colin.
  16. A pic of ML307 can be found on page 360 of Shacklady in a rather dismantled state, possibly undergoing major servicing or repair. Would happily scan and share but don't know how to insert pics into a post as yet. Regards Colin.
  17. Is the Hobby Boss kit worth considering, even though it is the L variant, or is this kit also worth a wide berth? Regards Colin.
  18. Not quite that relevant but I know some of the earlier Vb's sent to Russia retained the sky tail band and spinner along with their standard RAF camouflage, so perhaps there may have been some similar such examples with the later IX's as well? The excellent 'Spotlight On' book of the Spitfire V by Robert Grudzien shows Spit Vb EP210 in such a scheme when flying with 57 GIAP (Guards Unit) in early 1943. Of note is the existence of the aerial wire as those Vb's shipped to Russia were only fitted with HF radios but not sure if the same also applied to the IX's as well? Hope this helps. Colin. Ps. happy to scan and share the page/pic but sadly I have no idea how to insert picture files into a post
  19. Thanks ever so much for the guidance on this. On that basis I'm probably going to go for the Tuck example and then add the Lock version when I've got through more pressing other subjects currently on the go. Thanks again. Colin.
  20. I've just bought the KP Spitfire Vb 'Aces' kit which is excellent but somewhat confused about the camo references it shows so would appreciate some help please. The kit has 3 decal options, one of which is for Stanford Tuck in what they claim is medium sea gray undersides and ocean grey and dark green upper surfaces with a sky spinner and tail band. The second option is for Eric Lock with sky undersides, spinner and tail band and with the upper surfaces in dark brown/earth and dark green. The final option is for R L Milne with medium sea grey undersides, light slate grey and extra dark sea grey upper surfaces with a sky spinner and tail band. Admittedly my knowledge of post BoB schemes isn't great but I'm not sure if any of these suggested schemes is correct, apart from the Eric Lock scheme which seems to fit as this depicts an early Vb possibly before the new camouflage scheme was introduced. Any clues/advice greatly appreciated. Colin.
  21. I also mailed Colin to highlight the problem with his site for which he thanked me and he is now resolving the issue. Didn't mean to be alarmist but it did seem odd and in the current climate sadly some suppliers have not been able to continue trading. However all is well and my Mk1b Seafire is now on its way. Regards Colin.
  22. According to period Air Ministry publications the Mk9 and MkXVI Spitfires were as follows and this has subsequently been used many times since in various articles and publications; F IX Merlin 61; 63 or 63A; two 20-mm. and four .303-in. guns LF IX Merlin 66; two 20-mm. and four .303-in. guns. LF IX (e)Merlin 66; two 20-mm. and two .5-in. guns. HF IX Merlin 70; two 20-mm. and four .303-in. guns. HF IX (e)Merlin 70; two 20-mm. and two .5-in. guns. PR XI Merlin 61; 63, 63A or 70. F XVI Merlin 266; two 20-mm. and two .5-in. guns. Of course in addition to late/post war Spits having the wheel bulges on the upper wing surface there were a number of changes to the engine nose cowling during production but at the end of the day this did not warrant a new Mark number, pre-fix or suffix so they were all still referred to as a Mk 9 or Mk XVI as defined by the origin of the engine. I agree that there was never a Mk 9b but apparently the 'c' suffix was also never used at the time as all Spits were fitted with this standard/universal wing and it was only with the introduction of the 'e' wing (a modified 'c'/universal wing) that it was felt necessary to add the 'e' suffix in order to differentiate such aircraft. Still makes me wonder how MH434 ended up with what appears to be a 'b' wing configuration as this certainly threw me until I studied Shacklady more closely. Hope this helps. Colin.
  23. Dear All, Bought this kit via the Freightdog web site paying via Paypal 2 days ago but now when I try to log on to their web site my pc stops me as apparently their web site is not secure/accessible! Has anyone else bought from them recently I wonder or can confirm if they are still trading, or have I just been scammed? Not strictly WW2 I know but sort of connected given their offerings. Regards Colin.
  24. Mine was an Airfix S6b floatplane when I was around 5 years of age (56 years ago). I was just left to get on with it myself with a tube of glue so god knows how it ended up, but I do recall an argument later between my parents about 'stuff' on the carpet. My second was a Frog Sea Fury, by which time I was allowed some paints which I think were blue and white for the body and wings, and some red for the spinner. This was probably 12 months or so later but had the same result, this time with paint 'stuff' on the carpet. I can't remember my third kit as I suspect my parents left it a while in order to save up for a new carpet! Regards Colin.
  25. Just a small gripe but I wish when a manufacturer produces a kit that has the canopy in its constituent parts so that it can be modelled open that they would also always provide a fully closed example as well. I know moulded canopies are now getting ever finer but I've never come across one yet where the assembled 'open' canopy, when modelled in the closed position, looks realistic and to scale. For example the new-ish tool Airfix Me 262 which is a fine kit but just looks wrong when the 2 part canopy is modelled as closed. Regards Colin.
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