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  1. Aha, things are now beginning to make a lot more sense to me so many thanks for the clarification. Not entirely sure about the anchor point for the main harness straps that feed through the armour plate/head rest but as I will be using decals (either the Eduard Super Fabric or Kits World) and not a PE set this is not an issue. Regards Colin.
  2. Firstly apologies for confusing the 'blister' canopy sides with the 'blown' type that were fitted to the B.XVI, my only mitigation is that I'm no expert on the Mossie what so ever having never built one since the mid-70's and never delved too deeply into the various marks until now. My understanding (from my only book on the Mossie, "Mosquito In Action" by Squadron Signal/August 2017), is that the B.XVI was essentially a pressurised version of the B.IX so as apparently some B.IX's were retrofitted with the bulged bomb doors could the kit also represent this earlier version, or are there any external differences between the two types other than the blown canopy sides? Regards Colin.
  3. Just to add that the images on the Airfix web site also show a bomb load of 4 x 500lb (?) bombs so hopefully these will be included, and even perhaps the 4000lb 'cookie' as well given that the bomb bay doors look to be the correct bulged variety specifically installed to accommodate it, only the early examples having the standard type fitted. Regards Colin.
  4. A nice pic to be going on with of a line up of BXVI's The image is in the public domain and shows PF563 (amongst others) which was apparently built by Percival and lacks the upper canopy blister seen on other examples, so perhaps this variation may be included with the kit? Regards Colin.
  5. Just to add that the images on the Airfix web site clearly show the blown side window blisters so no need to worry about this aspect of the kit. Can't wait for it to arrive as this has been a long time coming, so hats off to Airfix for their new 72nd scale additions this year as personally they are all kits I've been hoping for. Regards Colin
  6. Just £17.99 at Hannants if you pre-order, which I just have along with the new Tempest V and Wellington II. Hope they get them a wee bit more promptly from Airfix than the recent Spit Vc mind, but there again I'm happy to wait a little longer if that's the case. Regards Colin.
  7. I can now see that the lap/thigh straps are anchored at the base of the seat but exactly where is the 'Y' strap, which loops down the back of the seat, actually anchored I wonder? From the letter C on the first diagram the note says that it runs down the front of the seat back but it would make more sense to loop over and run down the back (as shown) and then be anchored at some point at the base of the seat - or am I misunderstanding something possibly? As for the colour of the seat thanks for highlighting how best to search the forum via Google in future as I've previously tried the forum search facility and not found it particularly useful if I'm being honest. As mine will be a Spitfire IIa then it's possible that it could be the metal interior green or the red resin type seat. Regards Colin.
  8. I also have this set and am equally bewildered as it is far more complex than the equivalent Super Fabric set from Eduard (early war) which I also have but is no longer available for some reason. Regards Colin. Ps. what is the best colour to use for the seat itself?
  9. Hopefully the hood from Rob Taurus canopy for the Airfix Mk1 should fit even if it will represent the earlier less blown style used on early V's. The Rob Taurus canopy arrives next Monday from Hannants so I should then be able to confirm either way, but if it doesn't then I suspect a new and bespoke Vc canopy will not be long in coming anyway, fingers crossed. Regards Colin.
  10. Just bought some enamels from Sovereign for my up and coming Spitfire IIa and looking forward to using them based upon the feedback I've read about these paints on the forum. As I only use enamels I normally use Xtracolor with Humbrol to fill in any gaps so it will be interesting to see the difference. Sovereign do paint 'sets' which include the relevant paints for a particular time period/theatre which is very helpful but you do need to use their own brand of thinners and not the normal white spirit or other thinner brands. Their thinners are reasonably priced so not an issue but postage can be a wee bit high if you order less than 6 tins of paint (a tin of thinners count as 1 tin) so best to buy in bulk or well in advance for several projects to keep postage down. Although I don't usually use acrylics I did buy a Vallejo paint set for my desert P40 Kittyhawk and the colours just looked wrong so instead stuck with the Xtracolor and Humbrol enamel versions, which adds another dimension to the question. Just because a manufacturer says their paint 'X' is the correct shade of green for a particular air force/period/aircraft type doesn't actually mean it's accurate. For example Humbrol claim their 240 is RLM02 whereas the correct shade is actually provided by the Xtracolor equivalent, but I only know this because I bought both and then compared. So even in an ideal world where all paint manufacturers use the standard or correct nomenclature/specification for every colour this would not solve the problem of actual accuracy. Regards Colin. Ps. also intend to try out Phoenix Precision paints as well at some point
  11. I suspect that such a definitive 'one stop' resource covering all types, theatres, paint references/numbers and all possible variations, many of which are still regularly debated on this very forum, would be a mammoth and nigh on impossible task to complete. The only way to be sure, or as sure as you can ever be, is to do as much research as possible on the particular aircraft/colour scheme that you have in mind and then invite comments from fellow forum members who may have more detailed knowledge or access to specific pictures and records. Sorry that this is not more helpful for you but this is just my take on what I what I think will always be a complex and diverse subject open to opinion and interpretation as much as apparent facts, which themselves tend to evolve over time as new information becomes available or is discovered. Regards Colin.
  12. Many thanks for the advice and tip on how best to prepare these canopies. Have just ordered 3 from Hannants, for my Vc Spitfire, and the IIa Spitfire which is next on my to-do list, plus a spare just in case! Good to hear that they are less flimsy than the Falcon/Squadron ones I tried before which I found very easy to damage whilst in the process of removing and cutting my fingers. Regards Colin.
  13. Thanks for this, however as I only intend to use the hood part and use the kit parts for the windscreen and rear section then it should (hopefully) be OK as it should be the blown type as opposed to the flat sided version on the Mk1 and 2. I then just need to carefully pare the edges of the windscreen section a little to make it appear a little thinner to match the hood. Regards Colin.
  14. Many thanks for the feedback, as the Rob Taurus ones are quite cheap I think I'll buy a couple of them, along with the nail scissors, and see how the hood compares and sits as my plan is to have the canopy open. Although they are for the Tamiya Vb they should work OK I think as the vacuum plastic is usually quite pliable and can probably be bent/shaped a little to fit. I understand that an open canopy section has to be slightly larger in scale to allow it to sit/slide over the fuselage so will naturally look wrong if used to build a closed canopy however based upon my limited experience of just one kit so far, the SH Kittyhawk, it is possible for manufacturers to produce both a closed and open section that both work well. It just seems from the comments on the new Airfix Vc that Airfix have not quite managed to pull off this trick in the same way that SH have. Regards Colin.
  15. Many thanks for the tip as I've always tried using very sharp blades to remove the canopies but with unsatisfactory results and bloodied finger tips. The ones I've bought before are the ones from Falcon and Squadron but I note that Rob Taurus also do single vacuum canopies as well, and Hannants have them in stock for the Spitfire V, but never tried them so are they worth considering? Regards Colin.
  16. Although this kit is one for later this year I have read that the open blown canopy section provided is wrong so wondered what the issue is, is it that it doesn't fit correctly or is it the wrong shape? I'm not too clever when it comes to using vacuum canopies (have tried but can never cut them out terribly well or avoid multiple finger plasters) so if it is a major show stopper, and if so are there alternative ways to correct I wonder? I also read that the exhausts may protrude out too far so would it be worth investing in the Eduard replacements to correct as I'm sure I have spares from other Spitfire kits? Regards Colin.
  17. If anyone is interested both the B-29A and KB29-P tanker kits are currently available from Kingkit at £35 and £38 respectively. Regards Colin
  18. Even better if they did the Vought Corsair F4U-1A or D (Goodyear FG1-A or D) in 72nd then upscaled to 24th. I haven't built a 24th scale Airfix kit since their P51D back in the 70's but I'd be sorely tempted by such a beast, even if it took some considerable time to complete which it would. Regards Colin.
  19. Just to add that Airwaves do a mottle paint mask (photo etched) which looks pretty good although I haven't used it yet as my new SH Bf109E-4 is number 4 on my list for this year. Available in 72nd and 48th scale but Hannants currently have no stock so you will need to back-order it from them or find an alternative outlet. Regards Colin.
  20. I have the B-29 'Old Battler' from Academy which I picked up before Xmas on E-Bay for £32 which is not too bad, but there again they don't come along too often and prices can get well above the £40 mark on occasions. Which begs the question is the kit still being produced as my example was 2nd hand, albeit in mint and unopened condition? In terms of a large scale release from Airfix (as in not 72nd scale) who knows what if anything they will release this year or next but I'm pretty confident it won't be a Lancaster or any other 4 engine bomber due to the sheer volume they would have to sell and price point needed in order to at least break even. I'm not too sure how price elastic the demand for such a kit would be but there would definitely be a ceiling in terms of what they could charge, even if it had all new whistles and bells to make the Tamiya kit semi-redundant. As such I strongly suspect that the usual price x volume equation would not produce the required sales revenue and subsequent return on investment. Regards Colin.
  21. Re' early versions of the Spitfire there is a new-ish book on early Spitfires published by Wing Leader Publications that looks pretty good based upon the sample pages that are viewable on their web site at: https//www.wingleader.co.uk/shop/spitfire-mk1-wpa1 Tempted to buy it myself once Christmas has been paid for! Regards Colin.
  22. There were various articles in Flypast magazine quite some time ago which covered the reverse engineering undertaken to restore the Hendon Mk1 Spitfire, K9942, back to how it looked when it left the factory at Woolston before all the various mods were added, so this would have included the original gun sight. Unfortunately I don't have the particular copy(ies) to hand as they sit in the growing pile that I've accumulated since the first issue in 1981 but well worth trying to find the articles if you can. The full history of K9942, including references to the Flypast magazine articles, can be found at; https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/documents/collections/72-A-263-Spitfire-1-K9942.pdf
  23. As mentioned in my earlier post my first new build this year will be the Airfix Spitfire IIa/Va kit in the form of the IIa option. Having checked the Mk IIa scale plans in Single No.17 by Grudzien against the plans in my old copy of the Aerodata International No. 2 and also those in the Aircraft Archive publication there is a mis-match in terms of the gun heating vents which is confusing me. One of the plans shows them in place where as the other two do not, plus I've also seen pics of Mk 1 and II Spitfires where these vents appear to be missing even though my understanding is that the vents were introduced from around K9857 onwards and retrofitted to earlier examples. I know the Tamiya Mk I kit doesn't have these vents, along with the Airfix IIa/Va I will be building, so can anyone shed any light/confirm whether these vents were seen on all I's and II's or if there was any variation for the 'a' wing gun heating. Regards Colin.
  24. There in lies another problem/issue for Airfix to consider, the sheer number of Tamiya Lancs already in circulation awaiting bench time. So theirs would have to have all the whistle and bells and yet still be priced similarly to Tamiya for any takers. The market potential for such a kit is already rapidly diminishing! Regards Colin.
  25. Personally I think it rather unlikely that Airfix would be inclined to up scale the Lanc as how many takers would there have to be to make it cost effective, for them, especially given that the Tamiya offering is still pretty good even after all these years? In general, based upon experience to date, I do think Airfix are more likely to upscale rather than down scale subjects, hence no Spitfire XII or Seafire in 72nd scale, but a Lanc would be a hefty investment and quite high risk in terms of return so a smaller equally popular subject would be far more likely I think. But as it's now 2021 we can all live in hope. Regards Colin.
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