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  1. I think the issue is around what particular section of the aircraft retained its original identity when it went in for a major service or re-build, was it the rear fuselage with the serial number or was it the nose section which would have had its individual bomb score and any personal insignia? I'm sure I read somewhere that it was the nose section that kept its original serial number/identity but that doesn't mean to say this is correct, however what is certainly correct is that it is extremely unlikely that an aircraft would re-emerge with all of its original major components as they would have just taken the next one available when re-building. This being the case it is perfectly possible/reasonable that a B.I could re-emerge as a B.III and vice versa. Regards Colin.
  2. Technically a Lancaster could start life as either a B.I or B.III but end up becoming the other when it went in for its major service if the engines were of the other type. Regards Colin.
  3. All the various mods/tweaks made to the Lancaster during production, such as paddle blade props and enlarged bomb aimer's blister, were done irrespective of Mark so the only way you can be sure if you are looking at a B.I or B.III is to check the serial number. The exception being some of the early production B.I's which may have had the ventral turret, no coaming around the mid-upper gun turret and a very sooty black finish. I'm not entirely sure but I think only the B.I had the early/flatter bomb aimer blister fitted but I could be wrong? Regards Colin.
  4. I think the Xtrakit XII or the old Brigade conversion are probably the best bets but sadly neither are available at present on any platform so I'll just have to keep an eye out for one or both. Many thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Regards Colin. Ps. still can't understand why it's never been done in 72nd scale (especially Airfix given their 48th offering) if the level of interest on this forum is any indicator of potential demand
  5. Thank you again. I'm sort of thinking that the answer to my original question is that there is actually no relatively easy-ish way of doing the XII in this scale for me unless I can find the Brigade XII conversion again and/or the Sword Seafire XV and Aeroclub prop, none of which are readily available. It sounds like I still need to continue to ask Airfix to down scale their pretty good 48th scale XII, or wait for Eduard/Arma, or even KP/AZ, to deliver as I'm sure this variant of the Spitfire would be a good seller in this scale. Regards Colin.
  6. Thank you. I have this Airfix kit but where do I go for the new nose and prop/spinner? The Brigade conversion is rarely available now but Airfix are soon to re-release their XVIII kit, plus their XIX is still out there on E-Bay etc.., so where can a simple/modest modeler go to make something that looks OK-ish? Regards Colin.
  7. I think the answer is that they could or could not be there depending upon when the aircraft left the factory. If it was one that left the factory at this time with the wing painted black then yes they would be there in white, but if it was already at a squadron or MU when the change was implemented it's unlikely that they would have repainted them over the new black colour. The good news is that either would be fine although personally I would leave them off as I think this would have been more common given the relatively short time span that this under wing colour scheme was used. Sorry I can't be more definitive. Regards Colin.
  8. I've checked various (multiple) previous posts on this subject but they all seem to offer varying advice so can anyone please confirm the best possible way forward to constructing such a beast given that Eduard are now re-releasing their Spitfire VIII and IX kits and that my modelling skills are quite modest? Many moons ago I bought the Brigade set along with the Italeri Vb donor kit but never had the courage or skills to attempt so passed it on but is this still the best way to go or is there a better way? Just to reiterate, my skills at 'combining' kits is not great so I'm looking for a solution which may not be the best but will deliver something that closely approximates the XII but without having to be an expert. It would be helpful if replies referred to kits and 'extras' that are currently available as I do not have an extensive 'spares box' to fill in any gaps. Regards Colin.
  9. I used a set of Printscale decals for my 72nd scale Bf109F and generally they worked fine but do need a bit of fiddling with water and decal solution to move them into the correct position and then use the tip of a paper towel to gently soak up the excess fluid from around the edges. Once they had taken I then used a damp piece of tissue paper/kitchen towel to gently press them down into the panel lines and recesses followed by more decal solution. My only criticism was the stencils which appeared to be slightly over scale compared with the others I had but this at least made them easier to see. Regards Colin.
  10. Sounds more than sensible to me in terms of a definition but in terms of where Hurricanes operated they were in the areas I've mentioned so not sure how this aligns with them being used by the Dutch. The Dutch did operate some P40's at the time in joint ops with the RAF in/around Sumatra and this combined force was based for a period at Palembang airstrip before it had to be evacuated. HTH. Regards Colin.
  11. I can't find any reference to Hurricane ops in the South West Pacific, only to the Far East in India/Ceylon, Burma, Java, Sumatra and Malaya. Regards Colin.
  12. The Hurricane was used extensively in the Far East from the MK1 through to the Mk.IV as you probably know, although I'm not sure if this the same as your reference to the SWP theatre? The Aussie Hurricane you refer to is/was V7476, a tropicalised Mk., 1 according to the Francis K Mason book on the subject. Regards Colin.
  13. I think given the low res of the pic and all the known issues of interpreting b/w photos it is pretty difficult to come to any firm conclusion, at least for me, so you could well be correct here. However although I've no real knowledge of the Malta Spitfires I'd say generally that the oleo legs and hubs look to be painted, as in not silver/aluminium/natural metal, and as to why the inner gear doors would be sky I'm not sure as they were often interior grey/green which would look very similar. Perhaps if the factory knew the aircraft was going to see service in the MTO they may have painted the inner doors and hubs a different colour to the standard for those in NW Europe in order to meet the differing camouflage spec/requirements? Not being a Spit or Malta Spit expert in particular I'm sorry I can't ne more help but just my personal take on the pic. A great subject though! Regards Colin.
  14. Sadly I think you are right but at the time this was far more important as the codes and information on the compass card revealed the aircraft's identity, or so they thought! I'm not sure if these have ever seen light of day before as I've never seem them published so makes me wonder what else might still be out there just waiting to be uncovered. It may be that the IWM, RAF Museum, RAF AHB and the local newspaper archive will also come back to me in time with even more, fingers crossed. Regards Colin.
  15. I've just received the following montage from FAST (the old RAE) which shows the official photos they took for investigative purposes. I've never seen these before so it's pretty new stuff as far as I can gather but sadly they don't resolve the enigma. None the less I'm not sure these pics have seen light of day since 1941 so I'm quite pleased to have uncovered them. Regards Colin.
  16. According to the 4+ Tempest publication with the fitting of the one piece casting of the rear spar pick up assembly the bulges disappeared but it necessitated two small blisters under the rear pick up joints in the lower fuselage. Can't say I can see them on any of the plans I have or how noticeable they would be in 72nd scale so may not be worth worrying about, assuming they are not already there of course. Regards Colin.
  17. I've just tried the normal masking tape and it still won't make the damaged decals budge so is there a fluid that may work or is it now a case of gently sanding them off and going back 2 or 3 steps? It's taken me quite some time to get to this stage so it's worth the effort to recover things but it's just a pain that nothing seems to make them lift. I'm now assuming some decals may 'stick' better than others and the ones that have come away completely are from Techmod where as the kit decals (Eduard) are the ones which were damaged by the Mig low tac masking sheet and are now resisting all attempts to remove them. Regards Colin.
  18. I've managed to damage the decals on my F6F-3 Hellcat by using a low tac masking sheet to cover them whilst I did some final touch ups with my airbrush hence why I hadn't applied a varnish top coat to them at this point To my horror even though the sheet was supposed to be low tac it has managed to remove some and damage others so I now need to remove them and apply new ones but how? I've tried warm soapy water, rubbing alcohol and even ammonia but nothing seems to work so is there a way of doing it that won't damage the underlying paint work? Strange how some came off so easily but the others now refuse to budge and don't want to have to sand them off and be back to square one with respraying, or is this what I'm now faced with in which case it's heading for the bin! Regards Colin.
  19. I've spoken to the museum and they have confirmed that the site is not owned by the MOD so I am free to have a root around if I so wish although there would be little point I suspect as they have collected probably all the artefacts during the past 80 years. The only issue is the land owner who apparently is not very cooperative and has previously refused permission for a small plaque or memorial to be placed at the site. As such it is unlikely I'll be able to gain permission to even walk onto the field unless I'm willing to offer him a fee of some description! Planning permission has also been granted to build on the field so at some future point it will no longer be visible and all traces of the incident will be lost, including the gap and missing trees in the hedge row which were taken out by the Heinkel as it crashed. Regards Colin.
  20. The other possibility given that the codes were G1+EM and the E would have been the coloured letter is that another part of the wreckage with the letter on it was twisted through 90 degrees so that E appeared to be M? Doesn't explain whey the code letter was yellow unless of course the codes were changed by 9 staffel for its transfer in which case they could have used their own staffel colour and not that of 4 staffel. Without a clear photo of more of the wreckage I think this is the best explanation I can think of that ties everything together. Regards Colin.
  21. If it helps a few years back I had the Revell Heinkel He111H-22 with the V1 and the mouldings and parts break down were really good so I assume the same would apply to their other 48th scale kits as well. Regards Colin.
  22. Except it is the E in the photo that is clearly a light colour, either yellow or toned down white, so where the yellow M may have been is still a mystery to me unless the crash report confused the letters E and M given that an M was there (the last code letter) and may have just been visible? In the recent Wingleader book on the early He111's it's suggested that the aircraft received a special lacquer before being painted lamp black so this may explain why there is no evidence of the standard splinter camouflage? Until I can find a pic of the port side of the aircraft this enigma is likely to endure. Regards Colin.
  23. That's a very good point as the report doesn't specify where exactly the yellow M was located so it could well have been on the wing and not the fuselage. Another element to try and build into the project! Regards Colin.
  24. The Luftwaffe records confirm that erroneously the aircraft lost was actually coded G1+MT and that the pilot was still in 9/KG55, however if the transfer had happened very shortly before the aircraft was lost, perhaps the day before, it's possible that they didn't have time to update their files before its demise. However it's clear that there was sufficient time to change the aircraft's codes to G1+EM but red tape delays, even within the Luftwaffe, could logically explain this discrepancy. However what still baffles me is why the crash report refers to the yellow letter M being present when the individual aircraft letter is clearly E, which would have been white for 4/KG55? The staffel letter of M would have been black and overpainted with black, along with the Geschwader codes of G1 discernible in the photos, so wouldn't have been prominent. On the subject of visiting the crash site again the aircraft was fully recovered at the time along with all traces of the crew so if anything still exists it will be the odd nut and bolt at best and nothing more so I would be surprised if the site is on any MOD list. As I said the site is very well known and has been extensively 'researched' during the past 81 years, however to be completely sure how do I check the MOD records to prevent any transgression? Regards Colin.
  25. Of the 4 crew involved 3 were killed and removed from the site and the surviving member was injured but recovered and sent to Canada as a POW, so no issue with there being any human remains at the site. Once I establish who the current land owner is I will obviously obtain their permission in advance to visit, and hopefully be allowed to root around with just a trowel to see what if anything I can find. I suspect over the years many people/groups have investigated the site as it is quite well known locally so my expectations are not high but it will be interesting none the less. As for any MOD regs I can't see there being an issue, unless of course I find a 1000kg bomb or some unspent ammunition! Regards Colin.
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