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  1. Good idea... Ok for a simple one but I recommend it should be a good one with a good fit as there are some cheap ones with resin castings no better than a culture-grown mushroom. Ask me how I know
  2. Completely agree, SAT69. Below are two reviews of their Skystreak, one from France and the other from Canada. Not seen a build review yet but I am tempted for a WIP, though I am not a very good builder https://www.facebook.com/pg/X15-1716878451885001/posts/?ref=page_internal https://tr-tr.facebook.com/pg/Joycraft.Scale.Model/posts/
  3. That's what I felt when I saw their Skystreak announcement a few months ago, as I am not so great with resin too. But I couldn't resist when I saw the photos, ordered one, received it a few weeks ago and I can tell you that it's not the resin kit you know! Beautifully designed with gorgeous casting, exquisite 3D printed details and a great package presentation. I've tried a few dry-fits of the nose and it fits perfectly and for some parts you would not tell they are resin if cast in grey. So, I think I will not miss this not-sure-if-will-ever-come-again kit of that Viggen, one of my top aircraft, even in resin.
  4. Very good. Especially the exhausts, the tank and the moving-part effect of the stabilizer
  5. Great factory-fresh Zero, a nice deviation from those all-chipped ones. Not that they look bad, but this one's very good for a change and you've built it great.
  6. Wonderful Viggen and top presentation.
  7. I had bought one during the preorder period. I wanted to buy another one the day before and saw that it sold out. Bad... I think these guys should consider producing these kits in styrene.
  8. I had the delivery made on Monday, package arrived safely. When I had seen the pictures of it I had thought all that packaging stuff was more of a presentation issue. Not only it is really nice not to have all the parts floating freely in a pizza box like package but I now see it is also practical and serves the purpose of protecting very tiny and detailed parts during transportation. There are many such parts and to my joy none of them has suffered a damage, all unbroken and still attached to their carrying blocks. I have not started to build the kit yet but just tried the fuselage dry fit. So far so good and I must say they have earned my respect. Some gray backgrounds on the instructions pages may be printed darker than probably intended, but that's ok. Transparent parts are ok too for a resin kit, they would look better with some extra polishing I think.
  9. I have mine posted Tuesday last week, it seems to have been dispatched from Turkey the following day it was delivered to the post office. Appears the be waiting customs clearance as of today. I have a friend in Spain, who said his order was shipped last week, too.
  10. Good looking Raptor! Exact colors of the F-22 is kind of a modeling mystery, so all's good here.
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