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  1. No, I much prefer imgur. My fault for trusting Google Photos! Hope you enjoy the build
  2. The photo seems to be fine for me, what happens for you? Thanks for the name help BTW EDIT: I've switched hosts, ought to work now.
  3. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    The WIP has begun! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012348-172-p1000-ratte-scratchbuild/ Please give comments and suggestions there! Seabo14
  4. So. I have a new scratchbuild project. And its a big one. After much luft 46 building, I've decided to do something on the ground. This monster, armed with 2 280mm naval guns from KMS Gneisenau, would have weighed 1000 tons, and would have to have had 6 sets of tracks. So far I've done a little on the 'Ratten gruppe eins' (thanks Levin), and made a start on the turret, using plans made from a sketchup model. The group consists so far of an Airfix sd kfz 222, and an Ex-Matchbox Revell Jagdpanzer. The white objects in the photo are 3d printed items, (made out of PLA on an M3D Micro printer, not the best but certainly one of the cheapest ready built one) and are a Saukopfblende for the Pak44, which will be sourced from Modelltrans' conversion, a 280mm gun (looks better in real life), and 2 Wirbelwinds, in need of trimming and barrels. The Flak 38 wip is from Zvezda, and the Jagdpanzer crewman is Plastic Soldier Company.
  5. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Yeah, in my pre-build research I did notice that build. A very impressive build, but it would be around a meter long, without even the guns! Luckily with mine I can focus much less on the structural elements, and more on the interior I forgot to mention, since this build started I have acquired a 3D printer (the M3D micro, highly recommended for any large parts, although the detail isn't quite up to much) And have now got 2 280mm guns printed, and 1 1/2 wirbelwinds for it. Once I've progressed a little with the turret, enough for pictures, the WIP should be up.
  6. The Rattes up and running again if you are interested :D

  7. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Apologies for the (very) late reply, I had defected to Whatifmodellers for a while, and this got shelved. Spurred on by your comment though, I've picked back up on it! The turret roof is being finished, and I've built 2 80mm guns. Did I mention I was going to add a limited interior? Just the turret front, driving compartment, motorbike bay and medical room. I've inquired to Italeri about some wheels from their tiger ausf e kit, the wheels are a perfect fit. Part sourcing almost done, I'll post a WIP after I hear back from Italeri. Thanks Seabo14
  8. Great! I've seen an annual *very* reasonably priced (33p to be accurate! ), so will definitely pick it up. Thanks, ​​ Seabo14
  9. Hi all, Could any owners of the Airfix Annual No.6 tell me the quality + detail of the Highball conversion in it, since I don't really want to be spending £30+postage plus the kit price, for the PD or Blackbird conversion. I am guessing that the conversion will be a traditional block of balsa style thing, but since it would have been released only a couple of years after the 30 year rule, I'm a bit worried about accuracy. Maybe Neil might consider doing a limited re-run of his brilliant conversion set, since the demand seems to be so high? Thanks in advance, Seabo14
  10. Another question about Spit bomb racks, I have the Airfix 1/72 Hawker Typhoon, and am planning on doing it with rockets, so could I use the bombs+bomb racks for underwings on a Spitfire? Also could I use the bomb racks from the Lanc, or even the old Hampden racks, for centrelines?
  11. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Pretty much! The turrets will probably be first, due to them fitting on an a4 sheet of plasticard. I don't yet know if I'm going to crew it with Kriegsmarine or panzer troops, currently leaning towards panzer for driving and overall command, Luftwaffe for the AA and AOP gyro (more on this later!) and Kriegsmarine for armaments.
  12. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    The 'Ratte group' will be a replaced regiment in a panzer division, for the whole unit, ratte, and support units. Thanks! I hope to do a WIP when I can source some more plasticard. I only have A4, so the hull won't fit. Seabo14
  13. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Well, I'm beginning to scratchbuild a big 1/72 P.1000 Ratte superheavy tank, and hopefully will make a small (comparatively!) diorama, with a 'Ratten gruppe' made up of recce, TDs, and AA, all (probably) stencilled with the writing. Thanks, Seabo14
  14. Seabo14

    P1000 Ratte Help

    Thanks, that will be very helpful! Seabo14
  15. Thanks, that's great! I meant 1/72, thought I'd mentioned that, obviously didn't. So, DAK style uniform mixtures? Or full uniforms, with difference between individuals? Thanks, Seabo14
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