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  1. Thanks for the kind comments, I do like the 17 a lot, if I have time I think I will try to do a B-17D in the same scheme. To answer some questions, yup thats the Academy B-17E in 1/72. The Kora conversion kit is okay, but quite pricey for what it is given that you actually need more decal than they give you there is actually very little in terms of the conversion parts themselves (turret, turret insert, section for the observer dome and the sight) and looking at it the observers bubble is a rather large oval shape when in actuality I think is should be a smaller round clear bit. Also no guns are included at all. All the barrels I used are some amazing two piece brass pieces that have the inner gun barrels and the outer cooling jackect, those I will definitely use again for all projects involving crew served 50's. The colour scheme Kora gives you, whilst generally right in the pattern in wrong in the second green colour. They would have you do it in a bright olive green, when everything I have read and seen in the pictures show that this should be interior green and also ignore the Neutral Grey on the upper surfaces completely. All the weathering was done with MiG oils and their weathering pencils. The actual painting was a combination of sprays and hand painting.
  2. Hi all, Here is my completed 1/700 L'Arsenal HMS Collossus circa 1945 with Corsairs from the kit and Barracuda's from Shapeways. Really enjoyed this kit and highly reccomend it. It also seems dust gets everywhere even inside a sealed display case!
  3. Hi All, Here are my two work in progress 1/700 wip kits. The first is the MT Miniatures USS Intrepid kit, done as she was during her cruise during the Vietnam war. Island is the Model Monkey USS Intrepid 3D printed Island which is stunning. Lots of scratch building with this kit and lots of correcting (still not even close to perfect, but its the only game in town). Decals are the rare Starfighter decals post war essex class carriers, wish this was still in production! Its just awaiting the airwing which is about 70% done. Second is the Imperial Hobby HMS Malta kit, with a load of extras from shapeways. She still needs a lot of work doing as can be seen, but I've lost my mojo for this one for a bit.
  4. ... and not just hoard unbuilt kits, here are a couple of aircraft that I've completed recently. The TSR.2 Eagle was completed a couple of months back and is the Airfix kit with a load of resin bits and bobs and Model Alliance decals. This was the first time i used Hataka paints, and I have to be honest is saying that I'm not entirely happy with them and don't really give a smooth finish, but that could just be me. The B-17E is on the Hawaiian Air Deport scheme that was used shortly after Pearl Harbor for a a period on a select few aircraft and was completed last Sunday. Decals are a mix of Kora and Printscale. The Sperry remote turret conversion is from Kora, the engines and cowlings are by Quickboost. Masking the glazed nose was a right pain and one wonders why no one does a mask that includes the E nose!
  5. Thanks Zac, a very interesting discussion. As i've said I'm going to try and do a modernised TSR using the canopy from the trainer design as a basis to kind of be like a tornado would be in Telic, but a TSR. I'm going to do it rear hinged on mine, new radome etc. Just got to decalling my TSR.2 GR1B, modern one is next, and then i might do a development batch one with the camo over white.
  6. Hi Chris, I would love to do this, unfortuntely the MS canopy is white plastic not clear! Thanks for the interesting info Zac, didn't know that, if you have any links to this builds I would love to see some please to help with inspiration? Des, that's most kind of you, PM inbound.
  7. I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with what might seem a strange TSR.2 related request. Basically I was wondering if anyone knew someone who did custom vacuform canopies? Yes I am aware that CMK and Pavla both do vac canopies, but here is where it maybe gets a little strange. The canopy i would like molded for my TSR.2 in clear vac is the one from the TSR.2MS kit, the anime kit one. Why you may ask, well the single piece canopy seems like it would make for a good what if project for a modernised TSR.2, if it was completely clear that is. So can anyone help or know anyone that can help? I can happily provide the part and pay?
  8. The Queen Elizabeth 1/700 set look stunning, any idea when it will be out? Also I highly reccomend the Orange Hobby Midway, it's incredible, only got it recently and wow. Now if only it was a Vietnam War era version...
  9. Oh how I wish I had read this thread before forking out for both the IVD and the new STuG! So disappointed, almost binned them both. The drop in quality from Dragon in 1/72 is astounding and looks and feels like a money saving exercise rather than trying to entice new modellers. Gone is the good quality box, for a more squishy revell-like box. Gone are the high quality colour instructions, replaced by two tone instructions on distinctly cheaper paper. Gone are the multiple decal options with only two available now. The gun barrel on the STuG doesn't even have the muzzle break drilled out! These new integral road wheels and tracks are nothing like the real thing and lack any detail on the insides of the tracks! Even the plastic itself is glossier and more brittle and feels like the kind you would get from a really old kit by Ace. How is any of that going to draw in new modellers when for half the price in you could get a better beginner kit that is better quality and has more options like Ace's current Centurions, Heller's Sherman, Attack's early panzers etc! Dragon, for me, was the gold standard for 1/72 armour, but given this (if it continues) they'll be living on reputation alone and that won't last long at all. Sorry had to rant, just so annoyed at how bad these two kits are and yet are marketed and cost exactly like the quality kits they used to produce!
  10. Your rigging is fantastic! I find it really hard to get the rigging looking that good without bending the plastic masts.
  11. Hi Clogged, So it's set in 1943, with HMS King George V on route to the med with HMS Middleton providing an escort at least some of the way (at least this is what I am thinking). Can't speak for accuracy here as it was mainly to test the waters, so to speak, to see if I could manage 1/700 ship stuff, like camouflage, rigging, sea base, PE etc. PE was eduard, which I probably wouldn't use again for a ship model as I find WEM and Starling Models PE to be a lot more comprehensive just for the basic stuff alone in comparison, with the eduard stuff even missing small things on what is there. The PE that came with the Hunt class, whilst not containing everything you need, was a dream to work with in comparison to the eduard stuff. The paints for the ships are all Lifecolor's acrylic Royal Navy sets 1 and 2, think I only used set 1 on both ships, which I really liked as they were very nice and easy to brush paint. Detailing was done with a mix of MiG armour and AK Interactive ship weathering sets, most of which can't been seen in the photos at all! Oh I also did a wash on the wood deck as I thought this looked too pale, but this came out a bit dark so lesson learned. The sea base was surprisingly easy, especially after all the different techniques I had read about. All I did was use tamiya US neutral grey all over the display base, then misted on some tamiya US navy blue. Once that was dry I just lathered on a thinish layer of Vallejo clear water texture acrylic gel and then added wakes and flattened bits that looked to high with a spoon. Finally I used Vallejo snow/sea foam to highlight the peaks of the wakes and the edges of the ships. For the next build I'll try to make the the sea scape more uniform in terms of the direction of the waves. I hope that helps to explain and happy to answer anything. I know they are far from perfect but as I said they were one hell of a steep learning curve after onyl doing 1/72 aircraft and armour before this, but a challenge I did enjoy and learnt so much and its been a while since I enjoyed building something. Also if you get an IBG Hunt, which I highly recommend, watch out for the decals as soon as water touches them they are ready to use. I wasn't used to this and so held them in some water too long and lost them so had to hand paint the L74 on the destroyer...fun times.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments all, next I'm going to try my hand at a flat top, leaning towards HMS Colossus, but Eagle and Victorious in their post war guises are also options.
  13. So here are my first ships models ever finished Sunday just past, talk about a steep learning curve! Started with building the Tamiya 1/700 HMS King George V with some etch, metal barrels, 3d models 20mm guns and Pom Poms and a wood deck, but then wanted to display it, enter the display case that was too big for one ship! So then decided to add in a destroyer, which is IBG's 1/700 hunt 2 class HMS Middleton (really like this little kit). Both are fully rigged too, also a first for me, both using different methods (streched sprue on the Hunt and Uschi rigging on the KGV).and have a mixture of 3d printed and etch figures (argh these drive you insane!) Then a sea base was required, another first, using acrylic gel. I did modify HMS Middleton to match pictures that I had seen of her, with the extra part of the mast, but i did make this a little taller than it should be. All in all for a number of firsts I'm pretty happy, sorry that the pictures aren't that great, but hope you like them.
  14. Oliver

    "Battleship" HMS Hood

    Having relatively recently gotten into ship modelling and all the reading about them that goes with that I found that really interesting Jaime, thank you. Would love to hear more insite about Hood and her proposed modifications etc?
  15. Oliver

    HMS Laforey

    Hi Jim, I could only find this in 1/350th and I'm afraid it isn't cheap and probably not somthing to cut your teeth on as a newbie to shipbuilding, but regardless here is the L-Class destroyer: http://ironshipwrights.com/pages/Lance.html Kind regards Oliver
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