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  1. Hi guys . Sorry but my question wasn't innocent . I read on others forum some modelers has problem with hangs paint , a reaction between the paint and the resin Acrylic resins (Shapeways) must be cooked at the end of the process using a "bath" of ultraviolet rays ,but often parts remain incompletely treated for lack of time or care by the manufacturer . The best way is a UV oven to finish the process and eliminated the bad surprise .You can make a oven with a few euros : a UV led ribbon (400 nanometers minimum) , a connecting cable , transformer 12V 4A and a blanket (for reflect the UV light Inside the box) Pierre
  2. Awesome work Manfred Before assembling , do you put yours Shapeways pieces under UV lights or sunshine? Pierre
  3. Hi guys Whaôoo !!!!! Very nice project . Since LVM project stopped , I considered now an integral scratch build like you with working base an Educraft paper kit . I will follow with great interest your work and hope manufacturers don't forget 50th anniversary of AS 506 !!!! Best regards Pierre
  4. Hi Manfred Sorry for you My feeling is very shared : glad to have waited before investing but very sad to see the project stop .Like Colinlp I seriously considered buying this kit (1/144 scale) .I think best solution now is a styrene scratchbuilding with help Educraft paper kit..... So, what about others LVM's réferences ? LVM store was under maintenance since few months Pierre
  5. Thank's guy for comments Kallisti : You're right ,it's more difficult today to have motivation on these old kits (MPC or Warp), the MPC 22 inches is awesome I know your's eagle Mr Boldman
  6. Hi Eagle finished , now I can return on my submarines & aircraft carriers Pierre
  7. Hi Alphans Building is finished , now it's time for wash & weathering the legs pod with some scratch : The engine section General view : To be continued... Pierre
  8. Hi the following : Painting the engine bells with Alclad , black on nose & landing modules Some effects with a piece of cardboard and airbrush (light blue and light grey) Starting decals work but Round 2 stickers is incomplete , I do stripes for the main structure .With HB pencil I work on the module's cage : To be continued... Pierre
  9. Hi guys First topic in this section because I don't build only submarines With real space models I'm starting to build my first Eagle .OK the MPC 22 " models is awesome but before his release I Have constituted a little collection in 12" with round 2 & Warp models . Only kits , no Product Enterprise , but maybe I 'll buy the new Sixteen 12 models in this scale . After Alpha moonbase (new MPC kit with the 5 pads ) I would like to stay simple with my first Eagle , only Paragraphix PE & some scratch on the engine section , cage module detailled for later models ... In first remplacement the wrong parts with the PE : Now the engine section .The very simple pièces from the kit : Now the landing legs .Complete remplacement with the Paragraphix pièces : It's start to look like an Eagle To be continued ..... Pierre
  10. Wahou !!!! very impressive build I think a 22 inches eagle without lights is like a Christmas without Christmas tree Congratulations Kallisti Pierre
  11. Not yet ordered I already have a lot of kit to build in 1/144 scale .New Ware / LVM Vostok pad / Airfix / Revell etc etc.... and especially the same construction as you (Revell launch tower+ New Ware shuttle upgrade + Educraft + LVM PE but I choose STS 134 : the last flight of Endeavour), Another titanic project !!! Pierre
  12. Hi Manfred It must be said that it is a titanic project. I just hope it will be available one day Pierre
  13. Hi Chris & thx for yours comments . You're right , very difficult to have good information below the waterline , specially with the special project . For the future no problem Chris , I still have 80 submarines in 1/350 scale to build Pierre
  14. Hi Chris Russell had 2 special projects platform configurations .I think Georgy (OKB) release the last version . Aft sails are differents .For my conversion I used this profile : Pierre
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