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  1. Awesome, that's good to hear. I got my decals in from Mr Decal and they're very nice. Life has just gotten in the way recently. Hope to get back to mine soon. SB
  2. Hey Rob, any updates on G-IRTY? SB
  3. Looking great, Rob! Just thought I'd pop in here to add a few reference photos. G-IRTY is in Seattle for maintenance, and so my dad was able to hop over and see her in person. He shared these photos with me. Just thought I'd share. SB
  4. Thanks. I'm not going to be doing the blisters from the wheels on the topside, just simply down to the fact that I'm lazy And I'll let you know about the wings because I'm gluing those on tonight. SB
  5. Hey Rob, Your build is looking great. I went ahead and made a build thread over on TheRPF if you want to go take a looksie. Yeah mine is the Eduard Mk IX.c "late" version. And right now I'm going through the hassle of getting rid of the massive seam on the top and bottom cowlings, and then I'm probably gonna add back the rivet detail later tonight. So one thing that I noticed, is that they switched out the tails on G-IRTY as well. They used the more rounded version in their earlier marketing material, but on the actual flight, they're using the pointy one (technical terms, I know). I'm modeling their early version, so I'm glad I was looking at some reference when I clipped it off the sprue! SB
  6. Wow! Foil?! I completely forgot about that! That looks great! SB
  7. Here's another shot of G-IRTY before she was polished. Maybe they removed the cannon blisters afterwards? Sorry to muddy the waters again.
  8. This is from their Instagram from this morning. I can see black walkways. I apologize, I don't mean to muddy the waters here. All of this research is helping out my build tremendously! SB
  9. But then there's this... Almost looks like a 3d rendering though.
  10. So I was looking at photos again, and are these not cannon blisters?
  11. Yes, I'm doing G-IRTY. No I don't have a thread, unfortunately. I did, however, make the decals and printed them off last week. I'm about half-way done with the cockpit. Just doing a little bit each night. I'll definitely be watching your thread for more ideas! SB
  12. Hey I'm making this bird as well! Completely blanked on the canon blisters though. Good catch. SB
  13. Very nice! Love the blue tone you've got going on here. I actually just ordered a thing of Aqua Gloss. Glad to see it's good stuff. Did you thin it at all? If so, with what? Can't wait to try it out. Looking good! SB
  14. Sadly, Robert passed away a few months after posting his last update to this. SB
  15. That looks great! I have this kit in my stash, and I know how small it actually is, but your painting and photos make it look much, much larger! Well done! SB
  16. That color of blue looks great. Is that straight from the bottle or a custom mix? SB
  17. Great job so far! I've got one of these in the stash I need to get to now! SB
  18. Up for order on their website: https://www.eduard.com/store/eduard/fw-190a-4-1-48-1.html?cur=2 SB
  19. Does "but it will be available already at E-day on September 23, 2017!" mean that it'll be available on their website on the 23rd? SB
  20. Very cool! I really like the red decals at the base of the cannons. Nice touch there.
  21. Very nice so far! I literally just bought this kit yesterday. Hoping to do it justice. SB
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