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  1. Dang, that vinyl cutter is handy! This is shaping up beautifully! SB
  2. Saw this on Reddit! I love blue leader! The first Bandai X-Wing I built a few years ago was a 1/72 blue leader. There's just something about the white ship and blue markings that I love. And that vinyl cutter looks like a super handy hobby tool! Looking great so far! SB
  3. This looks amazing! Love what you did with the pilot figure! SB
  4. This might sound weird to hear, but this is my grail kit. Problem is, they're really hard to find now! Your mods are looking great! SB
  5. This is looking great! 3D printing is an exercise in patience and learning with every part you print! I need to get back on my Y-Wing. There are too many projects to do! SB
  6. Thank you! The great looking prints can be all attributed to the Elegoo Mars. It's an amazing piece of kit for the money. And for the pictures that I've been posting, I just use Photoshop to make those. Thanks for looking! SB
  7. Still off topic, but I used one of my 1/72 Y-Wings to make an image based on the bombing run from Rogue One: SB
  8. Made another image with my SD. I titled this one: The Might of the Empire. (Y-Wing updates coming soon!) SB
  9. I couldn't resist. Here's another image I made: All Bandai kits. 1/72 for the X-Wings and TIE's. And of course the 1/5000 SD. SB
  10. I got a little side-tracked with a project that's been mocking me since last September. I couldn't decide how to fix the dreaded "smile" so I snipped off all the pegs and carefully glued it from back to front. I ditched the internal white diffusers and used my own lighting. And here's an image I made with it and the 1/72 Falcon and TIE Fighter: Anyway, back onto this Y-Wing! SB
  11. I can't recommend the Mars enough. This thing has been printing day and night for the past month and has been pretty reliable. I've learned a lot on this project, such as greasing the z-axis rod once every few weeks, replacing the FEP, etc... If you keep up with maintaining it properly, you can get really fantastic results. And speaking of which... Success! It's a little wavy towards the top, but nothing a little sanding and elbow grease can't handle. I'm excited to get going on this one! SB
  12. So I had a go at printing the two head pieces as a single combined piece, and came home from work to this: 14 hours down the drain. However, I had never seen a failure like this one before, so I drained the resin vat, and found that there was a tiny pinhole in the FEP! There was cured resin on the surface of the LCD. I was able to gently wear away that resin with some IPA on a tissue, and it appears that there's no damage. Then I replaced my FEP, and restarted the print. Hopefully we'll see a better print in the morning! Although this got me wondering
  13. Thanks for the tip on the flexible resin, @Schwarz-Brot, I'll have to try that in the future. My prints that I printed on the buildplate came out perfectly. They are nice and straight, with no warping whatsoever. But then someone on the RPF mentioned that I should just combine the parts into a single piece to print as a whole. This would save me time gluing/filling/sanding when assembling the parts later, so I tried it over the weekend. Here's a shot of them combined in the slicer: And here's how it came off the printer: (don't mind the fuzzies
  14. Little update. I sliced the wings so that they were angled up at a 22° angle, and then removed the supports before I cured it. When I went to grab the parts, they looked like this: No good! They warped like crazy. I wish this stuff wasn't so brittle once it was cured, because there is absolutely no give without them just snapping in half. So I had the thought, "The rooks that came with the printer printed just fine on the build plate, so why can't these parts just print on the build plate without supports as well?" So I re-sliced the parts, and they're on
  15. Thanks for stopping in, @danbuoy. I love the Y-Wing as well, and am disappointed that there's not a large-ish commercial kit of it available. If Bandai popped a 1/48 Y-Wing I'd pre-order at least 5 of them! SB
  16. Ah, that's a bummer that the tax is a deal-breaker. I had some CGTrader credits that I needed to use, so it brought the price way down for me. Here's a little bit of an update: We have L'eggs! These parts printed pretty well. They're hollow on the inside to save on resin. They have a slight bulge near the top that will need to be sanded out, but that's no biggie, and certainly not worth the trouble of printing them again. So as an overall update, I have printed all of the parts for the canopy, cockpit, and the body (minus the tubes. Those will be made
  17. I'm not sure, but this is the model that I am using. SB
  18. @rockpopandchips Unfortunately, I do just chuck the misprints. You can't really melt the resin down again once it has cured, so it's essentially waste at that point. Sad, and expensive, waste. SB
  19. There's a recognizable part! I'm still printing some of the greeblies for the body, but couldn't resist printing this engine part overnight. Came out great! Still plugging along, otherwise. SB
  20. @Schwarz-Brot Thanks for the reply! I will experiment with different exposure times to reduce the layer lines. And yes, I have some white grease that I use to lube my rod . I clean it off every week or so. More parts coming off the printer... This is the back of the topside of the hull. More on the way! SB
  21. Pulled these guys off this morning. Pretty happy with the print quality, although I must have oriented the body piece wrong because some of the layer lines are present. Oh well. Onward! SB
  22. Little update time. So I replaced the FEP on my Mars, greased the z-axis screw, and the prints are coming out great! I finally got a decent (read: good enough) print of the top-side of the cockpit head that I'm happy with. There's a little wave towards the top, but that can come out easily enough with some sanding. i wonder if the wave comes from how I oriented the part in the slicer...? Lots of learning going on over here! It's hard to see the panel lines in that pic (that's straight off the printer, before going into the curing station), but once I get some primer on
  23. Yep. Love the Y. I just don't know why there isn't a commercially available kit in 1/48 yet... Hence this project, I guess... SB
  24. Okay, just a little update. A non-update, really, but some lessons learned. I printed the top part of the head (a 10 hour print!), and came down this morning to this: I forgot to add supports along the front lip of the inside of the cockpit. If that was the only issue with this piece, I would try to salvage it, but there are other things wrong with it as well. The overhang along the back is all warped, again, I think, due to not having enough supports there. There's also a weird wave along the surface toward the nose. So I have sliced the piece again, and added the nec
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