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  1. Olivier, Nice work with the decal. My question is about cutting the sanding disks and papers. Does it have an adverse effect in the tools you use to cut the disks? Do they need to be sharpened often? Thanks,Les
  2. If you want to get rid of the wiped segment, I can try to help. Send me the file. Have you considered printing on photo paper, cutting out and gluing on dash. This could give the impression of a separate piece, as in real life. Just touch up edges with blue paint.
  3. Nice to see you back on this project. Re: a decal. There are a few post processing photo apps that can change the colors to what you need, (I could help with that) so don't be too concerned about finding a blue dash cap to photograph. Getting the correct angle is more important. My method for doing the outside cowl vents was to alternate gluing tall and short piece of plastic or acetate to get correct spacing and create depth. Then glue into hole from below to get 3D effect. You could cut the taller pieces at an angle to get the directional effect. Very nice workspace, by the way.
  4. Thanks for the thorough reply. I sometimes have trouble getting the smoothness-will pay more attention to that step. Like your user name - two of may favorite sports stars, P K Subban and Nelson Piquet.
  5. Fantastic paint work and super clean assembly! May I ask how you get the chrome window surrounds so smooth and uniform?
  6. Ouch! Could try glossy photo paper, dampening backing and rubbing off thickness with fingers or some type of eraser.
  7. I was referring to printing at home using an inkjet printer. I get about 6 sheets of white or clear for about $10 USD. Should last you awhile.
  8. Hi, nice work to date. Expounding on Codger's idea and scaling it done a bit - decal paper! Take a photo of the wood you'd like to use or find a suitable species on the web. Most imaging editors will allow you to scale the appropriate size for your needs. There's no set formula, just what looks right. Print it on plain paper first to judge how it fits in to the overall scheme. When you are happy with the size and color, print it on white decal paper. Create a template to cut the correct size. Don't forget to clear coat the printed decal (not with the 2K) to prevent the ink from running when wet. I found it helpful to clear coat again once the decal is cut to eliminate any water induced bleeding from the cut edges. This has opened up a world of possibilities for me with custom decals and replacing yellowed or brittle ones. Am going to try carbon fiber (fibre) effects soon. Good luck.
  9. Correct. if you can't remove the old decal, it will not work. The ink will not be opaque enough to hide the underlying color when printed on clear decal film. It would be extremely difficult to cut out the script printed on white paper
  10. Olivier, The lettering looks a bit tall. On the real car it runs under the door handle. Maybe import the document into a photo processing program and reduce the height. You can also take a photo of the Ford script and change the color, since it's going over white your clear paper will work. Les
  11. Hello Les,


    I got yesterday your great samples. Thanks a lot, they will certainly be useful very soon!!

    If you need anything, don't hesitate, it will be my pleasure.





  12. Olivier, Yesterday was a U.S. holiday, no post open. I will send the material anyway, I'm sure you'll have use for it and the vent window uprights need felt in the vertical guides anyway Nice work!
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