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  1. I love seeing not-so-common subjects like this, and as nicely done as this. Cheers, Albert
  2. I'm itching to build another 1/48th scale Monogram AH-1F Cobra, so count me in. What I have in mind for the paint scheme and marking... https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/Bell-AH-1F-Cobra-209/227159 Cheers, Albert
  3. Hi All, Here's another "COVID" build from the spring of 2020, a Revell of Germany F-16A MLu which has been backdated to a Block 10 F-16A of the Michigan Air National Guard, circa 1993. This was a shelf of doom rescue as I had started this model back in 2011, but modeler A.D.D. kicked in and something else grabbed my attention, so it languished for years in a cubby compartment above my desk (it was almost ready for paint at that point). Fast-forward 9 years later and here we are. Most of what is needed to backdate the Revell 1/72 F-16A MLu is included in the kit (though I don't
  4. Thank you! The rotors are fixed in the hover mode, but the model itself is removable from its stand instead of being fixed to it (a first as far I know). Cheers, Albert
  5. These kits are made from laser cut metal sheets (nickel plated IIRC). The parts have to be removed from the fret (you can twist them free, but it's recommended that you use cutters), bent to shape, and locked in place by either folding a tab over (mainly exterior assemblies where the join is visible) or twisting the tab. They don't require glue, though I do use thin viscosity CA glue on assemblies that are a bit loose or just wonky in fit. Cheers, Albert
  6. Hi All, Seeing as I didn't see a subforum for models of this type, hopefully this is the proper spot for these 3D metal puzzle aircraft models. This is Metal Earth's Boeing V-22 Osprey. These kits have come such a long ways from the rather crude early Metal Earth kits that loosely looked like what they were trying to represent. Outside of some of the complex shapes that had to be formed, this wasn't too difficult a kit to assemble. Definitely have built fiddlier models from the line up. Cheers, Albert
  7. Thanks a bunch, gang! The Airfix Harrier is a gem of a kit and was much fun to build. Cheers, Albert
  8. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Cheers, Albert
  9. Excellent work as always, Dragan. Enjoyed watching the vid on this as well. Cheers, Albert
  10. Hi All, Here's another build from last year, Airfix's lovely 1/72 Scooter. The only extras that were added were the six 500lb general purpose bombs and TERs, which came from a Hasegawa weapons set. The markings are from the box, which represent an A-4B with VA-95 'Green Lizards', aboard the USS Intrepid, circa 1966. The finish is Model Master Light Gull Gray and white, with Acryl semi-gloss for the varnish. The panel lines were hit with Flory Models Dark Dirt wash. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  11. Thank you all for your compliments on my pickem' up truck model. Here are some photos of the interior, engine, chassis, and miscellaneous stuff. Cheers, Albert
  12. Hi All, This is my take on the MPC 1/25 1978 Dodge D100 pickup truck. It was built to represent an old rusty, beat up truck you'd see here in Northern Michigan, complete with a load of firewood (winters are long here in the northern hemisphere). The model was basically built out of box primarily as a study in weathering. The only deviation from the kit was the addition of the balsa front bumper with photoetch washers and bolt heads, and radio antenna. The finish was achieved using a combination of the salt method, chipping fluids, and the sponge technique for rust and chipping
  13. Andy, I love everything about this build, the panting and weathering are some of the best I've seen anywhere. This is the kind of work that inspires and makes me want to be a better modeler. Cheers, Albert
  14. I can hear CCR's "Fortunate Son" playing in the background. Nice looking build. Cheers, Albert
  15. Thank you for the compliments. The Germans experimented with the manned V1s for suicide missions, in fact a unit had been formed and volunteers trained,.but German air ministry thought it was a waste of lives and resources so the idea was dropped before a mission could be carried out. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fieseler_Fi_103R_Reichenberg
  16. Hi All These two models were built from the Heller double kit which was released in the late 70's. The Fieseler Fi-103R manned V-1 was built out of box. The Bachem Ba-349 Natter was a bit more involved. The four RATO outlets were drilled out, and two sections of aluminum tubing were added to the rear of the fuselage to depict the exhaust nozzle for the main engine. Vallejo Model Air acrylics were used for the finish. Cheers, Albert
  17. Thanks for the kudos on my Harrier, they are greatly appreciated!
  18. "I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."

  19. Hi All, This is another one of my recent completion, an Airfix AV-8A Harrier in lo-viz markings for VMAT-203. The finish is a combination of Humbrol and Model Master enamels, and the decals are from Caracal. Extras include a brass pitot tube and rocket pods from a Hasegawa weapons set. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  20. Thank you all for the kind comments. This was such an enjoyable kit to build. I wish I would have stocked up on it, along with the Ju-87 B2 kit, they're both hard to find these days! Cheers, Albert
  21. That is absolutely gorgeous! Cheers, Albert
  22. Hi All, Completed this one in the spring of 2020. Built out of box, and finished in Mr. Color and Vallejo paints. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  23. Those first two photos had me fooled as I thought they were your reference photos. Fantastic work overall, especially on that finish! Cheers, Albert
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