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  1. Thank you all kindly for the compliments, I greatly appreciate them! Cheers, Albert
  2. Hi All, This is Bandai's tiny 1/550th scale AT-M6 walker from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Thanks for looking! Cheers, Albert
  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous SLUF. The finish is especially exquisite! Cheers, Albert
  4. I love the imagination and execution that you put into your models, Andy. Truly incredible work. Cheers, Albert
  5. Thanks for the links, Andy. Excellent work as always, especially with Chopper, and a really unique project as well. It was great to see elements of 'Rebels' brought into 'Rogue One' (loved seeing the Ghost rendered in cinematic form). Cheers, Albert
  6. Andy- I assume Chopper is a kitbash project? You did a killer job bringing him to life, so to speak! Cheers, Albert
  7. Thanks guys! The headlight lenses were hit with a wash, then a couple of coats of Tamiya Smoke was applied with a brush (which makes the chrome stand out a bit more, which is the effect I was going for to make the bezels pop, so to speak). After that, Future Floor Wax was built up for the final lense effect. Cheers, Albert
  8. I love seeing not-so-common subjects like this, and as nicely done as this. Cheers, Albert
  9. I'm itching to build another 1/48th scale Monogram AH-1F Cobra, so count me in. What I have in mind for the paint scheme and marking... https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Army/Bell-AH-1F-Cobra-209/227159 Cheers, Albert
  10. Hi All, Here's another "COVID" build from the spring of 2020, a Revell of Germany F-16A MLu which has been backdated to a Block 10 F-16A of the Michigan Air National Guard, circa 1993. This was a shelf of doom rescue as I had started this model back in 2011, but modeler A.D.D. kicked in and something else grabbed my attention, so it languished for years in a cubby compartment above my desk (it was almost ready for paint at that point). Fast-forward 9 years later and here we are. Most of what is needed to backdate the Revell 1/72 F-16A MLu is included in the kit (though I don't
  11. Thank you! The rotors are fixed in the hover mode, but the model itself is removable from its stand instead of being fixed to it (a first as far I know). Cheers, Albert
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