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  1. This a fantastic model, definitely one of the best looking models of the Mi-24 I've seen online or in person. Cheers, Albert
  2. That is some excellent airbrush work on your MiGs. The photography is really nice as well. Cheers, Albert
  3. Excellent work! Love me a well built Skyhawk, especially versions you don't see built often. Cheers, Albert
  4. Love the airbrushing on your MiG 17s, nice work! I need to add a couple of these kits to the stash, I'd like to build mine as a Somali Air Force MiG. Cheers, Albert
  5. The F-4 looked so good in those colors. Nice work on your Phantom, it's a beauty! Cheers, Albert
  6. She's stood the test of time really well. Everything still looks so crisp and clean. Cheers, Albert
  7. Pete, Excellent work, especially on that finish! Looks even better here on my computer monitor than it did on my phone at our other hangout. Cheers, Albert
  8. Love it! I can hear Queen's 'One Vision' playing in my head as I look at the photos of your model. Cheers, Albert
  9. Nice builds, I especially love the Algerian UTI! Cheers, Albert
  10. Ooooooh, that's sharp! Cheers, Albert
  11. Fantastic 'Ayit'! Those AK Real Colors look the part too. Cheers, Albert
  12. Hi Bernd, Thank you for the compliment. The decals responded well to Micro-Sol which helped with getting them to conform to the vortex generators without too much difficulty. Thanks Andre, I appreciate the kind comment and the link. I plan on building another one of these so this webpage will come in handy.
  13. That looks fantastic, Miguel. It's been many many years since I last seen Firefox.
  14. Nice work, especially on that camouflage scheme! I love seeing seeing mainstream subjects finished in not-so-mainstream colors and markings. Cheers, Albert
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