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  1. Those first two photos had me fooled as I thought they were your reference photos. Fantastic work overall, especially on that finish! Cheers, Albert
  2. Here is my recently completed Revell 1/70 TIE Silencer snap & play kit. It was repainted with Vallejo Panzer Grey, and weathered a bit as well. In addition to a repaint, the clear parts were tinted with Tamiya Clear Red, the wing-tip cannon barrels and missile launchers were drilled out, and the oversized ventral entry hatch hinge removed and fairing at the front filled in. Thanks for looking!
  3. What a gorgeous model. The paint work is especially stellar. Cheers, Albert
  4. Hi All, Here is the latest to join my fleet of small scale F-16s, a Hasegawa F-16 in US Navy colors and markings. This has been on my list 'to build' for about 20 years and it started with seeing a photo on page 41 of the Squadron/Signal book 'F-16 Viper' by Lou Drendel. There is something about those subdued colors and markings that look terrific on the F-16 (ditto on the Hellenic Air Force F-16 as well). I added a different ejection seat and throttle from a Revell F-16, and the ACMI pod and captive Sidewinder are from a Hasegawa weapons set. The canopy tint was done with Tamiya Smoke,
  5. My favorite kind of models. Unusual subjects in different colors and markings. Well done! Cheers, Albert
  6. There is a 97.6% chance that this is the best model of K-2SO I have seen yet. Alright, 100% chance. This is some absolutely stellar work, Andy. Cheers, Albert
  7. Thanks, Ray! Yes, the wings do swing. Mine are glued in the forward position though as they rattle a bit due to their length and rather tight fit around the mounts at the rear of the fuselage (this causes the wings to seat slightly higher at the forward fuselage area, thus the rattling at that section). Cheers, Albert
  8. Thanks for complements, Madhatter and Hunter Rose! @Madhatter-The light in the cockpit is part of the light/sound module that's included with the kit (it's one of those snap-tite build & play kits marketed for kids). The weathered look on the lower surface was achieved by sprinkling salt over the pre-painted plastic and then airbrushing Vallejo Model Air Barley Grey over that (the Barley Grey is just a shade lighter, so the contrast would be subtle yet noticable). After everything dried, the salt was removed using a stiff brush and the pastel wash blended everything together. Thanks agai
  9. Hi All Here is my recently completed Revell U-wing transport from 'Rogue One'. This ship is in my top 5 favorite Star Wars ships (the Republic Gunship, aka LAAT/i, is my favorite all-time) as I have thing for helicopter gunships like the Vietnam War era Huey in the real world. The same individual who 3D-milled the center drive section for my AT-ACT also milled the replacement engine nozzles and rear radiator panel for this kit as it was missing altogether (Revell received the U-wing profiles/plans for production from Lucasfilm before the ship's design was finalized for the movie)
  10. Best looking version of K-2SO I've seen yet. Looking forward to seeing it all come together! Cheers, Albert
  11. Hello All, This is Trumpeter's 1/72 M113 'ACAV' with Black Dog resin stowage accessories and ammo crates. The rolled up fencing on the front is wire forming mesh w/ masking tape straps, and the antennas are stretched sprue. The finish is Model Master Olive Drab, weathering completed using pastels, drybrushing, Tamiya weathering pigments. The base is made from a section of pre-made model railroad groundwork on a picture frame. Thank for looking! Cheers, Albert
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