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  1. Just turned up from china Got lucky, bought off ebay for £42 on 17th of June so just over two weeks to get here. No charges/tax came straight through! Will get up some pics and thoughts of whats in the box later on tonight... Tony.
  2. That is amazing mate. Love Anubis. Got one in ink on the back of my forearm
  3. Yeah got those coming. None done in 1/72 so far I think... Used one on my A low viz gull vf2 build if you want to check it out with a pair of ‘empty’ pylons which will be in the range too.
  4. Yes mate. Going to start selling a few bits very soon. Just getting a couple more bits sorted and setting up an instagram account to promote stuff. AA Productions should be good to go end of July early August with a dozen parts or so to start with. Thanks for your continued interest. Tony
  5. Roger just done the stabs mate. Not got or will do any wing parts as it was a one off doing these F4 parts.
  6. Love the black one! and love haribo too... mlem mlem
  7. @panzerlehr46 @Giorgio N I will have some 1/72 F4 slotted and unslotted stabs for sale soon. Tweaked and mastered a set for @Blackfordhibby based off of Hasegawa parts. Tony (Soon to be: AA Productions)
  8. Too true! However its the point that will make or break the build...
  9. Too much work and/or hassle and no guarantees it would actually work. Save a bit longer and get the new one. If you can find one that is... all sold out everywhere it seems.
  10. Indeed! I used have a k2 600 in same scheme, a mini-me of yours. Thou aint it - as has braced swing arm?
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