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  1. Perhaps use it like a launch system for another craft? Something on its back like a me-163 komet? I need to get on instagram...
  2. Tony Oliver


    That looks like a mig-21 with a new nose and intake? Can see the colour change where they chop shopped/ cut & shut it lol
  3. After a quick glance - A matt coat for the figures uniforms. Look they are wearing flight suits made out of shiny latex. Inside the exhaust nozzles and tubes needs sooting up. For the time frame the later sidewinders etc would have been used and be grey instead. Unless you’re specifically matching a loadout from the film? Apart from that not bad mate, clean build and a good representation of the grubby paintwork. The kit could have had the later tail fin stiffeners added (aftermarket) but that’s not too obvious unless you’re really boring like me.
  4. If you want a non smelly decent acrylic then mission models are very good. Needs their own specific thinner. Very fine work possible too. A bit pricey bit 30ml bottles so you get alot. Plus it brushes well too and water thinning for that & clean up your paint brushes. Also have a huge range of shades.
  5. Hmmmm. A week has now passed since the GB commenced and not been able to start these as still finishing off other builds still. Plus doing some 1:1 painting on car stuff. Too much on and not enough time as always. Really enjoying the new academy build so may do some more of those for the GB instead rather than learning this new kit(s)...!?!
  6. Yeah I have just rediscovered this. sprayed as a dust coat first then a wet coat with a 0.5mm and letting it dry naturally, I recently got an excellent post decal seal and pre panel wash gloss. The wet coat had flooded the details but once dry had sharpened up. I use to spray it with a 0.3mm but could never get that solid wet coat. Was always a bit rough in places. Plus I used to flash it off with a hair drier due to worrying about catching dust in the finish so was always satin at best. However now as said a wet coat with a 0.5mm and let it air dry under cover and its amazing. Tony
  7. Moving forwards! so many doors and panels to weather and detail... the open maintenance ones had some grime/chipping added to their inside edges with some foam sponge (used to do this on armour) Wings had their sweep marks done and glued in at a jaunty angle. Far too many bits... Some close ups. A bit too close That ladder was a pig to drill the lightening holes. Ruined a couple as took a few attempts, very difficult to get all holes centred and covered off. Good job i have spares. Those kits will be built ladders up. Don’t fancy doing that again. Thanks for looking.
  8. Yes mate they’re acrylic. Quite a good one actually. Nothing like the ones you may have tried... ps cheers for the nice comments too.
  9. Seats in, control surfaces on, U/C and pylons assembled. Time for some streaks then final bit of the build
  10. Tony Oliver


    I thought that too as soon as I saw that picture of it. Intake, canopy, radome and tail look like they came from or modded f-16 parts. @dov nice model though!
  11. Yeah I’ve never understood a clear primer if you’re going to cover it with paint. plus will be harder to spot defects, one of the reasons for primer. Although I like Jans idea of turning what ever base color primer you’re using to complement your final shade into a shiny surface to get a good finish for metal lacquer colours. Which wouldn’t have a problem with shiny surfaces.
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