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  1. Tony Oliver

    9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Not got enough on the go clearly. Was getting bored and frustrated with the finemolds cats. Not because of the kits themselves but with what I am trying to achieve with them making pilots to match photos and finding errors with decal sheets. Chasing perfection too much. So thought I’d have a break and revive this. Spent the last few days of this week starting to knock another one of these together. This is going to be a low viz flat gull grey A, the most boring and drab one I could find the decals for. One of these two bounty hunters from the late 80’s. All black markings (sqn and stencils) on gull. Screenshot from seaforces site. Paint is mission again, the last few builds have been trying out their shades. (Tps vf21, gloss 16440 gull vf103 slugger) now this in 36440. Something else I have been distracted with is making a master for the lower adapter to have dual aim-9’s on the wing glove pylon. Done this setup a couple times already (first was guess work, second an improvement but still not correct) so now I have used the 48th tamiya parts for reference to get the angles correct. Still need some more shaping after a prime amd then some scribed details adding. Again hope to be able to offer these for sale one day. Plastic strip added to some scrap part. Main shaping done and mounted to a pour stub. Thanks for looking.
  2. Tony Oliver

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    More decal sacrifice in the name of research. To answer your question - there is no white on the back of the DXM markings. Another interesting discovery - I manged to acquire a portion of the vf sheet in 1/48 (hello tamiya D) and they have printed the markings differently to their own 1/72 sheet. Whereas that was all one middle shade of grey, the 48th one has 3 colours - black for modex and vf101’s. A dark gunship grey for tail art and codes (but not the ‘grim reapers’?), with the remainder being in a more fs35237 type shade. Oh well.
  3. Fair enough makes sense. Although its perhaps artistic licence to be showing that with an operational rather than training jet? Anyways I think we are all looking into it too much perhaps. It’s just a picture at the end of the day. As long as any possible inaccuracies (as in build features, not what it may or may not be depicted doing) on the painting are not directly translated/transfered to the kit itself then all is good I suppose. Not that anyone would say that ‘part a is 3mm too far from part z on the painting so therefore the kit inside could be wrong’ Too much coffee and not enough sleep...
  4. What I meant was when they miss all the wires? Is that not what its called then? Just a failed landing? Do they deliberately ‘not land’ ie touch the deck then take off again? I still think they are trying to depict a take off though with that artwork at artwork judging by the steam in the cat track - opinion?
  5. Tony Oliver

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    Amen! Also @hoppie very nice artwork. Perhaps the probes and and the other metal bits on the forward fuselage are a bit too orange/copper in tone? Apart from that it’s gorgeous mate.
  6. Box art? Not bad. Could be better... Is it supposed to be an aborted landing or a take off? Can’t be a take off as its above the deck at too steep an angle before the end of the cat, even for a waist launch. If you follow the ‘steam line’ you cam see the remaining cat track. Plus the nose gear launch bar is up! When launching they come off then sometimes dip below deck level before climbing again. For a touch and go (edit: meant to say ‘bolter’) it kinda works if thats tire smoke but the hook isn’t down. And the main gear isn’t unloaded while its in the air. Have you seen how long the oleos are? The scissor links about lie flat against them. The nose gear looks about right... Get your pitch forks & torches. I’m ready... But if it makes twelve years old save their pocket money and get into modelling then at least the hobby will continue when we are all dead.
  7. I opened up the box of one of these in Hannants London the other week but decided it was too small for me to do it sausage fingered justice... Good luck!
  8. Tony Oliver

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    True me neither. However depending on how a little venture @Andrew and myself have planned, these splinter vf1 jets could be a possibility one day... Regards all the other sheets you mentioned they are now long oop and rare. Seen half a 1/72 twobobs nsawc sheet go for over $50 on us ebay the other day, only had the splinter white nosed black 20 on it, the red 31 tomcatsky had been used... making some more would be a licence to print money...
  9. Tony Oliver

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    What scale?
  10. Thats good, however this will make the kits very expensive for some people. Getting customs/charges on the delivery of incorrect kits then getting hit again when they post out the replacement parts...
  11. Yeah reckon thats your best bet if vallejo is the main brand you can get your hands on. Can always add a few drops of white to mix to lighten it a touch
  12. Palette updated guys. 4 new shades added! Vallejo 840 as asked for by @stevehnz MMP-096 - kindly donated by @Duncan B Then Revell 365 patina green as recommended in their 1/48 icm rebox of the mig 25. Last one is good old xtracolour enamel. Next two I need to get is the colourcoats enamel shade and Mission models mmp-100 emerald. I dont think there are any others out there? Will be out of space on the card anyways... Again thanks for looking and hope this is usefull
  13. Tony Oliver

    The Real Color Debacle

    Without pointing out the obvious that’s an unhelpful comment as what else would you expect to spray a lacquer based paint with anyway? It’s what I thought as soon as they said their new paint was a lacquer based acrylic along the lines of Gunze Mr Color. ie it will need a ‘hot’ solvent. So the ‘thin with water’ claim seems to be an error of their own PR department either from a lack of knowledge or it got lost in translation. Which it was they seem not willing to admit to and are acting like it was never recommended according to the dude that started this thread... Tony
  14. Tony Oliver

    Thefts from Shows

    That narrows it a down a bit for your typical attendee... Other sterotypes may swap the ‘skinny’ for ‘overweight’. Also you can add at least two of the following: ‘wearing bottle bottom glasses’, ‘gillet/bodywarmer with loads of pin badges’ or the ‘bathes once a month’ odour.
  15. Tony Oliver

    Thefts from Shows

    +1 exactly what I had in mind after reading the opening lines of Duncans post.