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  1. That’s looking great mate! Not too familiar with this jet but do the ecm/rwr bumps (glove vanes, tailplanes, beavertail and one on chinpod need a dab of radome tan/dirty light brown on them? To represent the coating they had on them. Or did they get a fresh coat of gull for this special scheme? Can link/post some pics if you’re not sure which bits I’m on about.
  2. Also if you want to do a jet like the picture you linked - Wolfpak decals do AB105 from that cruise in 1999. I have it in the stash and its a nice sheet. RIP Mark Bilas. 1/72 though.
  3. True to all the above as it’s generic to most sqn and a standard air to air loadout. I have also seen vf102 in the late 90’s with a unique AG combination on the belly pallets - Phoenix on the left and 500lb dumb bomb on the right. Lantirn/Aim9 on right glove pylon. Usual drop tanks. Rest not visible but assume aim7 & 9 on right glove pylon. Not seen any other sqn carry like this and had it in mind for a build one day. Have a pic but can’t post it due to copyright.
  4. The story of my life for the past couple of years... What you can sometimes do is look at navy cruise books. There is a website dedicated to them with scanned and uploaded photos. Along with all the ships crew they also list the airwing with pilots and their mugshots. Note not all books are listed and it’s a case of matching the squadrons to the ships. Also some of the aircrew have may rotated through mid cruise. Normally you can tie down a squadrons paintjob/scheme to a certain narrow timeframe and workout which cruise books to check. I have been able to discern some ca
  5. Yeah normally a hole in the rear, but if detail will be lost then I will drill a hole in the area of the body that mounts against the pylons etc. Obviously this won’t be as deep as one up it’s back end so you can’t rely on friction to hold it on. So normally tack them to the toothpicks with a tiny tiny dot of CA and just extra care when handling them. This pic shows both styles of mounting missiles depending on detail in respective areas.
  6. That’s an amazing idea! How does it look over decals? Hopefully not too ‘frosty’ if you know what I mean?
  7. It’s probably the fire panel or ‘beware of blast’? I wouldn’t sweat that mate.
  8. Looking great so far mate. Definitely worth all the effort.
  9. I have dora volume 2, was going to put on ebay this weekend along with some other military books... would you be interested?
  10. Nice work. Are the canopies meant to be at the same angle?
  11. Well good news, the 109 made it safe from the UK to Germany via royal mail, ebay sorting hub and then a courier. positive feedback received
  12. no it’s not there. they give 4 sidewinders. Two early and two later ones. Also in box there are 4 rails in two types for the winders. But two early/std (lau-7) and two later with chaff (lau-138/BOL) If you got another set of matching rails and missiles from a second kit (to do the 4 winder set up) you would still need the small wedge adapter to attach to underside of glove pylon. I will be releasing one of those as a resin AM part one day.
  13. Nice build, it’s a very novel idea and not a bad execution but too gimmicky for me. All I can see is a pair of wonky frozen carrots propping up a model. I reckon if they were a smoother taper and perfectly parallel it would be better? From some angles they look spot on but then others not so much. Perhaps make a nice smooth tapered master shape turned on a lathe, make a mould of it then cast an identical pair in resin? They can then be drilled for lights and painted etc. Tony
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