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  1. Palette updated guys. 4 new shades added! Vallejo 840 as asked for by @stevehnz MMP-096 - kindly donated by @Duncan B Then Revell 365 patina green as recommended in their 1/48 icm rebox of the mig 25. Last one is good old xtracolour enamel. Next two I need to get is the colourcoats enamel shade and Mission models mmp-100 emerald. I dont think there are any others out there? Will be out of space on the card anyways... Again thanks for looking and hope this is usefull
  2. Tony Oliver

    The Real Color Debacle

    Without pointing out the obvious that’s an unhelpful comment as what else would you expect to spray a lacquer based paint with anyway? It’s what I thought as soon as they said their new paint was a lacquer based acrylic along the lines of Gunze Mr Color. ie it will need a ‘hot’ solvent. So the ‘thin with water’ claim seems to be an error of their own PR department either from a lack of knowledge or it got lost in translation. Which it was they seem not willing to admit to and are acting like it was never recommended according to the dude that started this thread... Tony
  3. Tony Oliver

    Thefts from Shows

    That narrows it a down a bit for your typical attendee... Other sterotypes may swap the ‘skinny’ for ‘overweight’. Also you can add at least two of the following: ‘wearing bottle bottom glasses’, ‘gillet/bodywarmer with loads of pin badges’ or the ‘bathes once a month’ odour.
  4. Tony Oliver

    Thefts from Shows

    +1 exactly what I had in mind after reading the opening lines of Duncans post.
  5. Nice clean build!
  6. Tony Oliver

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    Hi Rich, the bubbles I am on about aren’t from the mixing. They are from undercut details inside the mold when the resin doesn’t get into all the corners. Slower resin equals longer vacuum time to reduce this from happening Most of my bubbles may be on top now but thats the pour stub anyways. Just the odd one here and there from where that bit of the cast was deep down in the mould around several corners. Sometimes have to be clever when making masters and position parts at angles to give a more direct/vertical path for the air to evacuate... I have been busy doing just that with alot of the parts from these two builds, so alot of this work improving and/or ejection/sink mark filling doesn’t end up being one offs. That way I can use them on other finemolds builds or even other lesser kits, like pylons, u/c doors, seats/pilots, exhaust parts, chin pods etc etc. All this may delay the builds somewhat however. ‘I love deadlines, especially the whooshing sound they make as they go by...’ Some pictures of said faffing about - Sink marks on outside of doors. Building up the base for my combined pilot and seat. Scrap resin and plastic card. First stage triangular wedge between boot heel/calf and front edge of seat already in and primed. Was too complicated a shape to try and cut out that was required to fill the gap and ‘build down’ with one piece. Various bits. U/c doors and naca panel in grey SNR, pylons and chinpod in black SNR. Some bigger bits started to get a light dusting/spot check prime before canopy goes on and the black is built up solid. This is the retro reaper and all its bits. TPS airframe is still in sub assemblies. Couldn't resist starting the white on its fins though... Tony
  7. Tony Oliver

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    Ah ah! Understand you now. Humour does get lost in translation sometimes
  8. Tony Oliver

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    You mean manoeuvre surely? as thats how hasegawa supplies the parts out of the box? The mods Giorgio is doing is to correctly depict the take off/landing position if I have read his posts right... Regards parts, @Giorgio N don’t worry about it. It will be payment from all that I have learnt from your builds and input on mine over the past couple years. Cheers. EDIT: Just tried to PM you but its blocked? Tony
  9. Tony Oliver

    Antares 1/48th Me-262 V1 (Stage I) - new update

    Wow mate you make my efforts messing about with resin look like childsplay! Keep up the good work. Tony
  10. Tony Oliver

    Andy Mullens website?

    Yeah that was/is his user ID on here
  11. Tony Oliver

    Andy Mullens website?

    No I think he is one of us from chesterfield way?
  12. Tony Oliver

    Andy Mullens website?

    Yeah I had noticed that a couple years back when I started getting into tomcats. Messaged and emailed him but nothing heard back unfortunately.
  13. Tony Oliver

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    @Sting67 No worries mate about the confusion. As to the resin - I have used a different one to cast them this time. It has a 7 minute potlife, so plenty of time to de gas in the chamber. Also once it goes off and I demould after an hour it it still slightly flexible & rubbery so comes out easier without breaking. As a result my casts have been alot better. The last resin I used had a shorter potlife and set solid faster so most parts still had a bubble or two & some fragile parts would break when trying to remove them. Tony
  14. Tony Oliver

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    @Sting67 Those are the actual pilots and seats I am using mate. I have cut the A\B seats away from the dudes and then put them on D seats. I have modified one of the heads by reshaping the helmet & adding a plastic card visor. Tony
  15. Tony Oliver

    The tip of the spear: Tomcats in action !

    Hi mate, I have mastered the hobbyboss domes from their kit to enable me to add this detail to any ‘late spec’ hasegawa cats I may build one day. PM me you address and I’ll send you some in the post. Can have them for future builds then. Tony