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  1. Nice job, but like @BKirwan was getting at, that photo also seems to show it has the later PFM two piece side opening canopy, as opposed to the earlier one piece front opening PF version.
  2. Well funds are tight at the minute and need to clear some space in the cabinet so a couple of these cats (vf-14 & vf-102) along with some of my other builds are up on that well known auction site... Nothing else really to add sadly. Really busy with work currently so not much time for playing with plastic. I need to stop promising people stuff
  3. Interesting/clever parts breakdown and the version specific frames/sprues suggests more releases in the future. Some parts look better executed than on the finemolds kit too.
  4. Nice idea and good effort however sadly the mantlet is on upside down. Note the little rain guard lip which should be over the monocular gunsight on the right, not under it on the left. (As we are looking at it) The other hole is for the co-ax MG. Tony
  5. If only he had one of these to use back so could detect the clouds of rain and avoid them.
  6. Kits - Italeri Film - topgun! 1/72 tomcat and skyhawk combo boxing.
  7. Hope its more than just a re release of their A kit with a different decal sheet. Will require some new parts that aren’t in their 1/48 tomcat boxes...
  8. Done! Will get some proper pics in a couple weeks. Need to do these, the eggcat and some of the updates to my earlier builds.
  9. With the way resin works I imagine it will replace the kit part. Too difficult to cast hollow. Plus would never be thin enough to stay in scale and cover over kit part. The question I have to ask is why would you want it to? Unless you plan on building a derelict abandoned jet with the fod cover half hanging off or something. Not that it is likely because of the taper & gravity.
  10. @phat trev have a look through this and take your pick mate. Loads of brands available.
  11. Update. Various washes were applied depending on background colour. Cleaned up and sealed. Ready for final assembly. Just nameplates need doing now.
  12. Tony Oliver


    Deleted - casting parts from existing kits and offering for sale has copyright implications and will not be condoned or hosted on BM.
  13. Engines & carts being painted. Primed with black stynylrez - Dark alu base - Detailed with various tones - carts will be done in yellow then some details picked out and maybe a wash or two. Stay tuned.
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