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Tony Oliver

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  1. Tony Oliver

    Hello after a 3 month break or so...

    Hi guys, Not new just a returning member. Back in plastic! Managed to stay away from plastic and even the site (rubbish inter-wifi) for about 3 & 1/2 months whilst down in the Falklands. Returned to the UK so now need to get my mojo back... had alot of stuff on the go before I left so a bit overwhelmed with where to begin with. So the house move in the autumn before I went away means I have lost my spray booth in the garage. (Garage is now down the road in a block with no power at the new place - not adjoined like the old one) plus also only being a weekend husband means little time for the hobby when at home anyways. Plus an upcoming (end of March) new position/more responsibility at work during the week means likely less time this year to squeeze the odd session in here and there like I managed to last spring/summer. 1st world problems hey! Anyways alot of threads from you guys to catch up on and need to see which ones of mine need to be resurrected or culled off. Cheers, Tony.
  2. Start your own company then and produce decals only you would buy so you can sell them to yourself... Or make stuff that is popular and will sell to the masses. Frustrating I know but it’s the way of business these days. You would be shocked at how much it costs to make decals. Had a look into it myself for a possible dabble next year. Will be making ones to sell to myself no doubt
  3. Tony Oliver


    Any news on other variants Gary? Tony
  4. Tony Oliver

    1/72 AMK Kfir C2

    Lovely crisp build mate
  5. Tony Oliver

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    A load of work on the car. Wish it was gifted lol.
  6. Tony Oliver

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Looking good Richard. Along the theme of extra patches of light ghost grey - the front portions of the glove pylons on some of these had 36375 there too.
  7. Tony Oliver

    British Army green

    And here is something in green I drove to the ranges the other day... Rather faded I think you’ll all agree! Check out the ‘tan line’ from the bonnet (opened for first parade) Hope this is of use to someone. Also note on offside where some green has scratched through to black from when it would have been two tone and then down to bare metal aswell.
  8. Yeah. Do people want a static scale model or a toy? No real way I reckon can you get posable wings that can be ‘dirty’ too. Any mechanism that allows movable flaps to then sweep the wings will be over scale or simplifed to give strength. Scale model for me please. Perhaps if I was twelve and wanted to hang it from my ceiling I might’ve felt different. Whats next - polycaps so the wheels can roll?
  9. Tony Oliver

    Put a Face to your Name Mk.II

    Myself on the windsor half marathon yesterday - 30/09/18
  10. That is top notch paintwork pal
  11. Tony Oliver

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Hiya, yeah defo has a lighter grey on the fin leading edges. Not very tidy at the base though. 36375? I was going to suggest that the leading edges along with the white modex shadow and yellow fincaps were a way of distinguishing the plane from the line birds as the executive officers mount, 202. As in the third most important plane in the sqn after the cag and co (presumably who were still gull with colour insignia at this time) but that idea doesn’t seem relevant after seeing 207 with its white drop shadow and yellow caps too. Perhaps on this jet they were left in coroguard when it was painted from gull to tps, then the corroguard painted over a while later? As in maybe 202 existed for a brief timeframe in tps with coroguard on tailfins, then they later painted the leading edges which different/fresh paint. In the late 70’s Vf142 had a period of not quite all over gull (a low white demarcation) with corroguard still present on all leading edges of flying surfaces (think hooded skull superimposed over AE code on outer fin markings), when just about everyone else had gone to full overall gull with just wing leading edge having corroguard. Just a wild stab in the dark which doesn’t make sense when in some these other pics you can see full gull ghostriders with solid grey tails. (No corroguard) Also, The modex of 114 (gull with the tps nosecone) would suggest its a vf143 bird. Tony
  12. Tony Oliver

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Lovely stuff so far Richard! I know what you mean about the 36495 bellies of these initial tps schemes and the vf143 jets (sister sqn) also wearing them. I have the 1/72 version of that microscale sheet. No crew names provided though. Are there any on the 48th one? That pic you linked is one I have bookmarked to aswell a while back when looking into building this jet. A couple other things I noticed when making notes are possibly some spares/replacement parts in white - The main u/c bay door and drop tank pylon. Keep up the good work! Tony
  13. Tony Oliver

    Too many 1/72 Hobbyboss F-14 Tomcats

    Thanks mate! The only thing that may be adorned with the jolly rogers logo’s is the hasegawa egg plane tomcat I got hold of recently - keeping that for a quick/fun build in the new year perhaps. Anyways all moved in now and gave the cabinet an upgrade so will get some pics. Plus still need to do the RFI for the vf2 and show the work here of the first three I completed plus update their respective RFI’s... Tony