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  1. I agree and disagree on this. I used to buy certain mags religiously regardless of articles. Then the internet and ‘bookmarks’ took over. Until the photo bucket scandal left most of that online reference dead/useless. So I will buy the odd mag again now and then If relevant to a build or scheme I have planned in the future. Tony.
  2. Thought this was going to be some reference to Christmas advent calendars with chocolate models or something
  3. Damn. Another one missed. Going kenya in two weeks time. Will be away till around Christmas. Probably see you at sword and lance next year then!
  4. If I ever get back up north on a club night I can help you out mate. Tony
  5. So you’re one of the worlds first businesses that isn’t trying to maximise profits? Also playing devils advocate (disclaimer - i’ve not checked your prices) What if you offset the cost of a ‘custom 3d printed base’ against better bottle procurement? (In this example with a low CoG for spillage prevention, negating base) Surely then 3 better bottles would cost less than 3 ‘standard’ ones plus a base? For a presumably small increase this would add another marketing feature to your product that it is ‘un-spill-able’ or what ever legal term you need to use incase of bizarre circumstances. [‘Act of god’ (pick any of 2,500) as some insurance policies state] edit - If I have rattled your cage or believe I am talking nonsense please feel free to call me an idiot, I won’t take offence.
  6. Yikes gents this is getting out of hand fast! Countdown to thread closure. 5 4 3 2...
  7. How kind of them! Or they could have been more helpful from the start and just used a short & wide bottle with a lower centre of gravity for their liquids. Lets get as much money out of modellers that we can!
  8. Don’t worry mate i’m alot thicker skinned than that. The ‘shots fired’ meant that I assumed your comment was a reply ‘aimed’ to what myself and/or others had said. I didn’t see it in the sense of a personal attack and now want to start a war. Assuming that’s what you thought I meant judging by your reply? Problem on the internet is that context & individual senses of humour aswell as language barriers can lead to all sorts of issues with interpretation. Artistic license is fine I get that too if you don’t have an exact pic of what you are replicating. However it may be worth stating that so people know the angle you’re approaching something if they’re not knowledgeable in the subject. Also I don’t get your relevance of the accuracy example of thickness? That has nothing to do with this discussion. As modellers of course we should try and be as accurate as we can where we can be. Paint/weathering/markings/features are all under our control and this is what differentiates build/version x from y etc. Thickness of the skin is really only relevant if you’re doing a maintenance scene/open panels etc and as mentioned not relevant in this example nor what I critiqued you on. However due to your admission I will close with this food for thought comment - ‘once a rivet counter, always a rivet counter...’
  9. Hi, don’t really know much about these... Story goes like this - a lad who knows I am a plastic geek and all things related asked me to have a go at airbrushing this thing for his brother who photographs them doing combat around kitchen worktops etc on instagram and that. Some parts had a full repaint but it’s mostly just shading the colours to give the figure a bit more depth. Apparently doing this can seriously increase the value of these for collectors, quite a big market for this. I used various tamiya acrylics then sealed with flat varnish. Was a few hours work for £50. The guy is really happy and I now have another 4 to do... Apologies the pics didn’t upload in order and this is what they look beforehand - all solid colour plastic apart from face. Thanks for looking!
  10. Shots fired... Its not about either. Accuracy should be our number 1 goal as modellers. A CAG jet is unlikely to be that weathered. Helped by the fact all your pics of extreme weathering show a majority of line birds, not NF100 in that state. I’m sure if you had a picture of it that you worked from you would have shared it for comparison. In summary I’m not saying it’s incorrect weathering for a tomcat, just probably too much for that particular jet.
  11. Double post! Sorry guys. How did that happen?!?
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