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  1. Dammit now you mention it - I should've bought the lot!
  2. Whew. Thanks for the replies - and I can agree that the bargain price was refreshing in such an expensive hobby. Apologies for not posting yesterday, I was waiting for a new pot of aluminium and some decalfix. Righty so this isn't the most exciting update, I added the wings and stabilator which went on fine. The wheel wells were painted aluminium and dry brushed with black for depth. They were too small for me to put any details such as hydraulic lines or wires so I left them out. Next to add were the three airbrakes, two are either side of the fuselage under the cockpit and are affixed with their corresponding hydraulic housings and, with the starboard airbrake, the 23mm cannon. The third airbrake is located on the belly of the aircraft behind where the drop tank would be - making it pointless in a lot of situations. The instructions recommend the airbrakes are painted aluminium with a steel-coloured depression where they sit flush with the fuselage. I, however, took inspiration to paint them bronze because this was what they were in all of the photos I've seen online - plus it looks more eye-catching! I might add scratch built hydraulic actuators later as the kit isn't detailed enough to have them . I added a few lumps and bumps to the rear fuselage, I don't actually know what they are but I assume they're some kind of radar or ir jamming mounds. The final step was me using humbrol's filler to fill in a large gap at the top of the fuselage where I had sanded down a bit too much. Also there were some gaps in the cockpit but were easy to cover up. So hopefully I'll post in the next day or two with more updates. The undercarriage is all painted on the sprue but not assembled. Apologies if my pictures are not good quality, I model in the evening and my lamp isn't bright enough to get good images. Also apologies if the build seems to be going too fast, after all it is a 1:72 model and I'm not aiming to put excessive detail in. Cheers, Adam
  3. The only problem with Humbrol is they're quite expensive... went into Hobbycraft today and a 125mL bottle of gloss clear is £5.00! Do you have any clue as to what varnish I should use to preserve the shine of metallic paints btw?
  4. Thanks for the replies, I guess I'll look into getting some sort of floor varnish then... any suggestions on a matt brush-applied varnish though for use after the decals are on? Also, I have a B-17 nearly finished which is in natural aluminium (metallic finish). Should I use a gloss varnish to apply the decals then put another layer of gloss varnish to seal them and retain the metallic shine?
  5. Would floor polish not be a bit... heavy duty seeing as it was made for floors and not tiny plastic models?
  6. So are you saying if I were to go with Humbrol the only viable varnish would be their "Clear" which is a water-based gloss varnish? And I'll look into Vallejo - I probably sound like a bit of a noob asking all these questions but I've never felt the need to use varnish until now Cheers, Adam
  7. So I did the interior before creating this thread. Most pictures online seem to show the interior as being USSR's Interior Blue/Green, however the instructions said to paint it as Light Grey and Stone Grey. Here's one of the few images I could find of a grey cockpit - this being a Romanian MiG-21: Because I don't have any bright green or light blue paint to mix to make the interior blue/green, I stuck with the grey. The instructions also say to paint the instrument panel black - which I ignored and painted grey as well apart from the top bit which is the HUD housing I think... (could someone confirm that? ). There was a decal for the panel - but I decided to paint my panel because I had no decal fix. It has very nice raised details though. All of these parts and the control stick sat in a small bucket shaped container which glued very nicely to the fuselage half. No filing was needed for anything . Moving onto the fuselage halves, they had a satisfactory amount of wiring/circuit breaker detail on them. One of the halves of the tail fin was slightly warped, however, I clamped it down when glueing so hopefully it would be alright. All three undercarriage wells were painted in aluminium before being dry brushed with black - they were then glued into the fuselage, again no filing needed. The exhaust was a simple two part construction, a tiny bit of filing was needed to squeeze it in but nothing demanding - both parts were painted in steel, then the inside was painted with anthracite grey. Once this was all done, I glued the fuselage halves together with a frenzy of clamps because the nose and tail halves didn't stay together. If you are wondering where the seat was... It is oddly set to be glued in in the last step of building with an option to not have it there at all. I don't know why you wouldn't have a seat... presumably if you want to model it ejected? Anyways, the seat consisted of three parts, which I painted before glueing. Adam
  8. Hi, First Work-In-Progress build here so bear with me if the quality is poor Got this Revell 1:72 MiG-21 F-13 "Fishbed C" for just £2.00 at the Air Tattoo 2017 because apparently, they weren't selling well for the £8.00 asking price . Either way, it was a bargain so I bought it - and seeing as I have all the paints needed I can start work straight away. Box The three sprues (plus a clear sprue) were very nice (sadly I have no images of them before I got at them with my blades) in Revell's metallic-silver plastic. There was no flash apart from a large chunk on the exhaust that I easily removed with a cutting knife. The clear parts seem high quality - with the canopy being in two halves so hopefully I can model this with the canopy open. Sadly there is no pilot - as with all other Revell kits - so I'll need to try and do a decent job with the cockpit. There is a very small decal sheet lacking in detail from what I usually expect from Revell - however it's a 1:72 model so I guess it's understandable. There are options to depict one from the "Air-Defence-Garde-Regiment", USSR 1961, or one from East Germany (GDR), 1963. I will be modelling the USSR one I will hopefully model with the gear down also. So I hope you enjoy this build I guess... again apologies as this is my first time documenting a build - any suggestions for improvements would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Adam
  9. Hi I was looking to buy 1:48 A-10 but considering the expense of the model, I really want to make it perfect. One problem I have had in the past is decal silvering, even with Humbrol Decal Fix, so now I want to buy a varnish to help me apply them better (I have never used a varnish before). I have searched the internet and most people seem to use Alclad or Humbrol - given the fact that I have never used any Alclad products, I will look to buy Humbrol. I need a gloss varnish to apply the decals onto, however, Humbrol offer different ones: https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/coatings-thinners/humbrol-gloss-clear-125ml-bottle.html https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/coatings-thinners/modelcote-gloss-cote-28ml-bottle.html https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/shop/spray-paints/varnish-sprays/35-enamel-varnish-gloss-150ml-spray-varnish.html (this can also be bought in tins however I feel like spraying the varnish would be better???) EDIT: http://www.alclad2-online.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=1&SUB=4&THISPAGE=2&RADIOSORT=5&PICFILE=163&STKNR=163&STRH=4165&ORDN=5029&RNZ=586536 (After some research Alclad II Aqua Gloss sounds very promising, however, I do not have an airbrush which I think is what it is designed for - any opinions on brush use of it?) Any info one what the differences are would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I'll be brush applying if they do come in bottles because I don't have an airbrush. Cheers, Adam
  10. Sorry if you misinterpreted it. I meant an Infantry TOW launcher, the one which stands on a tripod.
  11. Hey! Anyone know of a detailing set for Revell's 1:48 AH-64D Longbow Apache? I mean, something that gives you detail for maintenance bays such as the electronics or engine compartment. Thanks (won't be able to answer until tomorrow!)
  12. Hey! Didn't really know where to post this topic :/ I'm currently making an AH-64D Apache Longbow (Revell's kit) in 1:48 scale. I'm gonna be bored over the summer, so I was probably gonna have a crack at making an Middle Eastern diorama focused around the Apache. It will be just before a mission, so there will be people loading ordnance, maybe a quick bit of maintenance and nothing much else really. I was looking at Hussein El Kaissy's 1/32 one on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJjPWS18rTQ . It looks really nice. So, my question is; Where can I get these diorama accessories in 1/48? - A collection of modern weapons, such as a TOW Launcher (looks so cool ) etc. Much like Italeri's collection, but in 1/48! http://www.italeri.com/scheda.asp?idProdotto=2530&idCategoria=5&idSottocategoria=55 - A maintenance kit, for example a tool case, military mechanic figure, tools and a laptop thing/walkie talkie. - An rearmament set, with a winch, missile trolly etc. - A belt feeding kit for rearming the chain gun. - 90's/00's U.S.A.F figures, including a pilot and gunner. Please note that these need to be in 1/48, and apologies for any dumb mistakes, e.g. naming or describing something wrong because I am more of a WWII modeler. Thanks )
  13. Thanks for all of your replies, so I guess I can't get anything for my budget (going to have to badger a lot of people near Christmas methinks). The Neo Iwata Kit looks like a decent buy, I'll maybe think about getting that then. Thanks
  14. Hey, I have been modelling for about 7 years now, but have never looked into getting an airbrush. I have quite a few large, American WWII bombers (B-29, B-17 and B-25) which all have a bare metal finish, so I need something to get a smooth paint finish which can cover a wide area in a relatively short amount of time. I am also planning on buying an A-10, AC-130, B-36 and a B-52 (you see the theme running ) I looked online this morning and saw that the best airbrush for beginners would be a Single-Action, Gravity-Fed, Internally-Mixed one. Now, all I need help on is deciding what nozzle size and needle is best for a large area (I don't really need a high precision one I don't think). I also need to know what air compressor and cleaning kit would be best. My budget is £50 (I know its low, but I'm broke and I don't even know if I'll be good with an airbrush xD), and it would be nice if the airbrush came in a set with a compressor and cleaning kit. I also saw both the Revell and Humbrol airbrush sets (Humbrol also do a canned air 'power-pack'), with Revell having an airbrush and a spray gun (what is the difference?). These look quite cheap, so I was wondering about any of you guys' views on them. Thanks ) P.S. I use both enamel and acrylic paints. I guess I need to thin them for airbrushing, so what should I use as a thinner. I'm guessing water for acrylic, then would it be just white spirit or turp for enamel?
  15. Thanks for all of your replies, much appreciated. Sorry for not replying to any posts because I have been away for the past few days. I'll probably end up buying the hobbyboss kit with the Aires detail sets and Avionics cockpit. Cheers )
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