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  1. Thanks for kind words. The summer has come to Sweden for outdoors shots.
  2. This is a another great plane to build. Trumpeter has done a great work with this. For me it's a barrel with wings. I tried out an old can, number 124 from Humbrol and it turned out nice like intermediate blue. Rubber tires still holding out. The plane is handpainted with Humbrol colors only. Hope you like it.
  3. I do think that I read it for many years ago. The best part to be old is that you forget what you read so you can read it again!
  4. Thank you. Let's hope for a new one. Thanks for nice comments. It's an old Eduard kit and they are a little bit tricky.
  5. Here is some nice shots from my Trumpeter sdk.fz 7. I dont know if it's better or worse than Dragons. But I know it's a big leap over Tamiyas old one. Wonderful tracks to work with, easy assembling. Painted with Humbrol colors, my own mix.
  6. We need a new one. Eduard is the only game in town, what I know. Painted with Humbrol colors. Pierre Clostermann made the plane famous. It must have been a brutal plane to fly.
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