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  1. This will be a really easy answer for those in the know but is the rudder on the Gnat connected to the front wheel when it's being steered on the ground like on some WW2 tail draggers? I'm building Airfix's 1/48 Gnat (great kit by the way) and have modelled the rudder offset so now I'm wondering if I have to turn the nose wheel too. I haven't been able to find any photos online of a Gnat taxiing or information about how the steering mechanism works so I'm a bit stumped. Thanks.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for these replies. I decided to try and make an approximation of this turret by 'frankensteining' together the two different sets of glazing that come with the kit, after I pretty much destroyed the backup turret trying to remove parts of the glazing I gave up on that idea and just used the turret that the kit recommends. I haven't found any photos of the turret used on the particular aircraft modelled so who's to say it didn't have the standard fit? After all, the Lancaster's in the squadron had different bomb bay doors fitted to various aircraft so we know they were
  3. I don't know if it helps but for that build I used Humbrol 189 Insignia Blue for the dark blue colour, 157 Azure Blue for the light blue and 47 Sea Blue for the rudder. I think the camouflage colours came out well and the finished model looks close enough to the old colour photos for me, I'm very much a 'that's close enough' modeller though! I'd use a different colour for the rudder if I made this kit again, the match to the serial number isn't very good. It's a nice little kit though and I'm sure you'll enjoy putting it together, mine isn't my finest modelling effort but it takes pr
  4. Hi all, I've been working on the Airfix 1/72 Lancaster and have decided to do it in the 35 Sqn Tiger Force colour scheme and have discovered some discrepancies that have really confused me, which isn't difficult to be fair! I know that there are issues around this kit being listed as a Mk.1 (F.E) due to the missing cabin heater, larger radiators etc but that doesn't really bother me too much, I tend to just make the kits as supplied and don't bother too much about historical accuracy. Having said that though, I have discovered that the rear turret of this kit is giving me some r
  5. Here's my finished Special Hobby 1/72 Boulton Paul Sea Balliol T.21. It was finished using Hataka acrylics for the fuselage colours and Vallejo and Humbrol acrylics for the interior and detail painting. The build thread can be found here; Thanks to everyone who dropped by my thread and I just wanted to say how inspired and impressed I have been by the builds on here, I've picked up plenty of tips and will be revisiting many of them again when I break out various kits from the stash. Well done all.
  6. I'm at the stage now where I'm finally ready to call this one done and put it on the shelf. All the remaining parts have been added and a bit of final paint touch ups have done, particularly on the wingtip lights. Speaking of the lights, the wingtip ones were a perfect fit and went on easily enough, the mid wing spotlights were a different matter though and required a fair bit of fettling to get anywhere close to an acceptable fit. There were a couple of last pieces of P.E. that needed applying, the first of which is a pair of windscreen wipers that are no bigger than an eyelash, pre
  7. The decals are now on and settled in place, although, as has been typical of this build so far it wasn't without it's difficulties. The decals are EXTREMELY thin, I can't see any carrier film on them at all. I used MicroSet at first when placing them but using this made them instantly soften up and settle in place really quickly. I got rid of the MicroSet and just used water and that made them slightly more manageable. Unfortunately, as they were so thein it meant they're not very opaque and the roundels were particularly useless in this regard with the orange on the wings showing
  8. I've just realised that I should probably give an update as to where I'm up to with this kit. It feels like it's been a fight every step of the way and that progress has been incredibly slow, however, I am now at the decal stage so things are moving forwards at least. I closed the fuselage up easily enough by gluing the two halves in small sections doing my best to make sure there were no steps. There were obviously some seams that needed sanding but overall it went ok, the bottom of the fuselage was worse than the top and needed a bit more work to remove the seam, which is a shame as the
  9. Wow! This is coming along brilliantly, incredible work. I have a few versions of this kit in the stash so I'm thankful for your tips.
  10. Apologies all for the delay in any updates on this thread. I'll jump right in and won't mention anything going on in the outside world other than to say that I hope you and your families are all as well as can be. Anyway, I've made a decent start on this one and am finding it challenging and satisfying in equal measure. So far I've put the main parts of the cockpit together, here's a few photos with the styrene, P.E.and resin built up; It looks pretty good I think and I managed to only lose one of the tiny levers from the control console which is prett
  11. Thanks! It's good to be back and post some updates on here. It's not an aircraft I knew anything about until I started on this kit but I believe you're right on all accounts (thanks to my limited online research trying to find some decent interior photos). It's not an aircraft I'm too familiar with but I'm glad it's brought back memoris for you. I more than likely will but, well, yellow! Such a horrific shade to get decent coverage with. I'd never heard of it either and just grabbed the kit second hand, the box art was tempting me and I must admit it's quite a
  12. Welcome aboard everyone, this will be my choice for the GB, Special Hobby's 1/72 Boulton Paul Sea Balliol T21. Obligatory box shot; I picked this kit up second hand on a whim from the LHS but it's been sat in the stash for quite a while now. It's a mixed media kit with the styrene enhanced by photo etch and resin parts and I'm quite new to photo etch (used it once) ands I've never used resin before so I figured this GB would give me the push I needed to give it a go. Here's some sprue shots to whet the appetite; Nice and clear canopy;
  13. Can I put myself down for this build? I'm pretty certain I've got a Sea Balliol in the the loft that I've been too scared to make a start on. If I can't find that one I've got a few other options that would fit this GB.
  14. Thanks @stevehnz I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out, it was a fun build too which is probably even more important. Thanks for the photo tips too, I'll definitely take that on board.
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