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  1. Hello, Adam I think this ship has long since sailed. Cheers Jure
  2. Thanks, Mike, I forgot about their 1/72 kit completely. Just like you, I would gladly settle for a mainstream P-47 kit with a quality AM conversion set one can graft on without too much fuss, although I would prefer 1/72 scale. Cheers Jure
  3. Hello, Mike For what it is worth ... I think MPM used to produce XP-47 J in 1/48 along with some other exotic kits. However, this was during their vacuform period some thirty or so years ago, and despite additional injection parts and fair quality, this was no mainstream production. Cheers Jure
  4. Just to confirm, I have Tamiya NF XIII kit in 1/48 and there is no FB nose included. Cheers Jure
  5. Hello Yes, that is the one, thank you Hornet133. All yellow swords on Spitfires IX can be quite conspicuous, althoug they are smaller than both earlier swords on Hurricanes and late April 1945 and post-war Spitfire swords. Cheers Jure
  6. Hello Actually, there had been many variations of 73 Squadron fuselage sword, including all those you guys mentioned. There were Spitfires IX with yellow swords and narrow stripes of original camouflage, dark blue with narrow yellow or original camouflage stripes, two tone blue with both before mentioned variations of stripes, all blue and all yellow swords without the stripes ... Also, there had been aircraft with swords painted over and those without them applied to start with. All these variations on theme can be seen on original colour IWM video clip from (I believe) January 1945 and
  7. Hello, Antb For drawings of Tomahawk Mk.IIa or any other version of P-40 for that matter, check this web page. Cheers Jure
  8. I am glad it helped. I was looking for in-service photos of MiG-17 tail, but none I found on the web was clear enough. By the way, despite its age, I very much like Smer kit. Cheers Jure
  9. Hello, Wez This photo ... ... and other ones here in Weichao Chen's walkaround may help. Cheers Jure
  10. Hello As Black Knight said. However, from mid 1966 on lower surfaces had been repainted with Light Aircraft Grey. Cheers Jure
  11. Hello John Erich Sommavilla was Hartmann's wingman on his sole mission with I./JG 53 as G. R. Morrison wrote in a post above and he also provided the photo (and another one, published in Prien's book, showing Hartmann climbing out of aircraft's cockpit) Vlad posted. Both photos had been taken immediately after landing of the said mission. Sounds like a credible, although not a conclusive evidence. As you wrote in OP, it hardly matters. The photo shows more or less everything one needs to build accurate model. Granted, one cannot check whether there are fixed trim tabs on rudder or not, bu
  12. Hello John The caption of the photo of that plane in Jochem Prien's book Jagdgeschwader 53 (volume 3), page 851, says: "His machine - according to a log book entry by Erich Sommavilla Hartmann was still flying a Bf 109 G-6 - wears a white winter finish which largely obscures the original gray camouflage scheme. Noteworthy marking ...". Cheers Jure
  13. Hello Adrian Back at my sources again: apparently, red devil was a 1./KG 76 emblem. In Manfred Griehl's book Dornier Do 17E-Z Do 215 (AirDoc) there is a photo of Do 17 Z F1+HH and another one of F1+FH. Both planes are decorated with the red devil nose art. While the colour of the bomb on the former seems to be darker than a colour of the revolver the devil is holding (my guess would be red), on the latter the bomb seems to be either white or silver. I could not find photos on the web, but PM me if you want them sent over to you. Cheers Jure
  14. Hello Adrian Take a look at this photo: True, parts of the nose art cannot be seen. However, if the bomb was silver, at least parts of its fins would probably stand out on the photo. By the way, I always thought that this particular nose art had been painted on F1+HH only. However, the photo above shows thi aircraft involved in not so minor accident. So, either the aircraft had been repared, or another Do 17 crashed on Victoria station. Cheers Jure
  15. I have Matchbox kit buried somwhere deep down in my stash. IIRC rear fuselage is too narrow so exhaust is not circular, but oval. While this flaw can be corrected, obviously I would prefer new decent kit. Cheers Jure
  16. Red national insignia centers and red-white tail stripes were still present during the battle of Coral sea, but were definitely gone by the battle of Midway. Cheers Jure
  17. Hello, TISO In Steven McLean's book Squadrons of the SAAF and their aircraft 1920-2005 the following serial-code letter matches are listed: NE409 (K), NV151 (H) and RD200 (W). Given the serials, both K and W are probably replacements for missing aircraft and in my opinion more likely to be in use in February 1945. Cheers Jure
  18. Jure Miljevic


    Hello Ash Not quite. HAD Models decals are for Bf 110 D-3, which had extended rear fuselage to house life boat, and Hobby Boss Bf 110 E-1 kit has regular fuselage only. On the other hand, it is your kit and your choice of decals. Cheers Jure
  19. Hello Dragan Well, here is one photo, found on this Pinterest page. This photo can also be found in Carl Molesworth's book Very long range P-51 mustang units of the Pacific war (Osprey). There is also another photo of Stinger VII in new paint scheme or more accurately, her aft fuselage and tail. On that photo of four aircraft, Stinger VII is one of two Mustangs in the new scheme, with other two planes carrying the old markings. Cheers Jure P.S.: In the same book there is a photo of Major Imig, standing in front of his 44-63733 Dede Lou. The photo shows only port side of the airc
  20. Nice photos, magman2. Judging by the VKS acronym on the vertical tails Space force had been also added to VVS. When did this happen? Cheers Jure
  21. Hello MAX is back in service: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/boeing-737-max/2020/12/29/7d211cbc-49f2-11eb-839a-cf4ba7b7c48c_story.html Perhaps now a further development of 737 is being (re)considered? Cheers Jure
  22. Hello, Dragan If you are building North American P-51 D, 44-63984, Margaret IV, there is a photo of this aircraft, taken in May 1945. It shows her pilot, Major Jim Tapp, checking fuses on plane's HVAR rockets. Her starboard main wheel is in clear view, and its tyre has diamond pattern. Cheers Jure
  23. Hello Mario As exdraken said. Also, it is worth checking Old Viper Tester's F-16 XL threads in Aviation Photography section, like this one: There are several more threads like this one, and all of them packed with F-16 XL images. Cheers Jure
  24. Hello will2017 Found it! Obramba magazine, 1993-7 and 1993-10, a photo reportage by Nino Mihelak, photos taken from VC-10 K Mk.2, probably in May or June 1993. Exact date had not been given, but it had been mentioned, that at that same day 'unknown perpetrators' fired at one of the Deny flight fighter patrols, so that may narrow it down a bit. On photos Tornados from XI and 25 Sqn. can be seen, one of the latter being ZE981, FD, which poses for a brief photo session while waiting for her wingman to complete the refueling procedure. I could not find photos on the web, so PM me if you
  25. Hello will2017 I remember reading articles, published at the time, about Deny flight operation, but they are buried deep down in piles of magazines in my flat. Will try to dig them up. Until then, here are a few photos of some of the Tornado F.3 aircraft, that took part in that operation. Cheers Jure
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