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  1. J-W, you beat me to it, but still ... I believe in the NB-36H a working nuclear reactor had only been carried about and not used as a source of thrust. However, in Soviet Union a nuclear reactor had been used experimentally for that purpose. It had been installed in Tu-20 bomber's fuselage and supplied thrust for inner aircraft's engines. I do not know on what principle device worked, but both USA and USSR experimented with nuclear ram-jet engines. in the 70'. I think this principle is behind practically limitless range and endurance cruise missiles Putin announced in a speech few years a
  2. Hello Air intakes for cooling radio and electrical equipment had been installed on fuselage sides just behind the wing trailing edge of D-models. I think these had been added while the type was already in service, though. Cheers Jure
  3. Hello, Graham No, the first one was IIc BP563/D, flown by Sqn. L. Donald Scott, who contributed a passage to above mentioned book: "After my initial flight to 37.000 we modified quite a few more before two of our pilots caught a Ju 86 P and chased it south to Cairo where they shot it down.". He keeps referring to the aircraft as IIc. He also mentions, that things were fine as long as Keith Park was in command (his is quoted to say "Highly irregular, but bloody good show"), but with the new AOC ME in place command to revert back to four guns configuration came almost immediately. Neverthe
  4. Hello, Scott In Don Minterne's book The history of 73 Squadron, part 3, it is mentioned, that during summer of 1942 on specially modified high altitude Hurricanes of 94 Sqn.: "... We doped fabric patches over all the openings not required between flights, and the whole machine was gone over with locally-made floor polish. ...", apart from removing outer guns, armour plate, tropical filter etc. Incidentally, modified Hurricanes could reach 37.000 ft and a pair of these machines caught one of the Junkers over Nile delta. However, I do not think they bothered with patching up chutes of empty
  5. Yes, and in one of the museums around here radiation danger signs has been put on some exhibition pieces to warn visitors about radium in military vehicle instrument. That was not their idea, it has been done on orders of enviromental inspector. Another story says that if MiG-25 pilot forgot to switch off radar before landing, afterwards ground personel may have found dead rabbits near runway. The most questionable element in this tale are apparently deaf rabbits, sitting peacefully near the runway and watching 30 or so ton jets thundering by. Cheers Jure
  6. Hello Mike Here is a cockpit photo of MiG-15 bis, built in Zavod 1 (State factory no 1) ... ... this is how it looked in early MiG-17 ... ... and this is Eduard Zoom set: It looks like Eduard instrument layout differs more from the one actual MiG-17 than MiG-15 dashboard differs from the one on MiG-17. However, cutouts are in correct positions for both types so hardly anyone will notice it. Cheers
  7. Hello Mik MiG-17 first prototype designation was MiG-15 bis 45, as at first she had been considered as just another refined version of MiG-15. Although I have no access to my books at the moment, and most of the cockpit photos on the web are of restored war birds, I think cockpit of late MiG-15 bis is at least close enough to early MiG-17 one, if not identical. Also, you are fine with the armament and the rest of the equipment in the nose, like radios in front of the windshield. Cheers Jure
  8. Hello gingerbob I thought that is NA-68, although perhaps modified. Cheers Jure
  9. Hello Not the drawings, unfortunately, but these photos from Prime portal walk around page may help. Just ignore the colour scheme. Cheers Jure http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/domeric_barbot/na-68/
  10. Hello Mike is correct, 486th BG was one of several 8 AF bomb groups, that painted over white in national insignia with light gray and also used the same colour for code letters. I still have no access to my books, but I found some colour photos of Zodiac aircraft on the Bestweb website. Here is the photo of Gemini, found here ... ... and Leo during her service with 493 BG (note the remains of the light gray code letter on bomb bay doors), found here. Both photos had been published in (I think) Mighty eight in colour book. Also, several of Zodiac aircraft later served
  11. Hello magman2 Exactly what I needed, thank you. Cheers Jure
  12. Hello I read it and I heard about the incident earlier anyway, but the connection with Baltic does not sound strong enough to me. By the same token it could be said that everyone was looking at Greece as the flight departed from Athens. Also, Russian and not Belarus bombers had been deployed to Syria. We are two posts away from turning this topic into a political question. How about concentrating on modelling aspect of the deployment? Has anybody else spotted blurred Tu-22M3 serials in that video? Not very suitable if you want to build a model of one. Cheers Jure
  13. Hello, Parrahs Thank you for the link. But this happened in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, which does not have Baltic shore. Cheers Jure
  14. Hello Elger Again, I would like to point out that in 2019 remains of Spitfire Mk.IX MJ116 had been dug out here. Basically everything in front of dashboard had been found. The find is now exhibited in Park vojaske zgodovine Pivka museum. I am away from my sources at the moment, but take a look at this link: https://si24.news/2020/02/26/predstavitev-rezultatov-arheoloske-raziskave-britanskega-lovskega-letala-supermarine-spitfire-mj116/ Many more photos, along with history of MJ116 use in various squadrons and combat career of the pilot on her last flight, are included in recently
  15. Thanks, magman2, I did not know that. Cheers Jure
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