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  1. Jure Miljevic

    22 to 46 a simple conversion? Penultimate Spitfire to Seafire...

    Hello Gazontipede Another addition to your FR.47 modification list would be new cockpit hood. Its windshield was rounded with internal bulletproof glass plate on that type. I believe there are AM replacements (probably Falcon, but possibly also others) available. Cheers Jure
  2. Jure Miljevic

    Avia S-92 Questions

    Hello Raymond The photo depicts Avia S.92-1, the first prototype and had been taken either on 22nd or 27th August 1945, depending on source. Either way, the aircraft was destroyed in forced landing on 9th September 1945 so there had probably not been enough time to mark her with codes. That red hinge must have had something to do with prototype as I cannot recall seeing another photo of Turbina with that part in red. About red jet starter covers: museum examples and ground instructional airframes tend to have them painted red, although this does not seem to be the case with serviceable aircraft. Not much, but I hope it helps. Cheers Jure
  3. Jure Miljevic

    Tan Tu-2 - any references?

    Hello Take a look at this page of our member Massimo Tessitori. There are several photos of Tu-2S White 6 which may have inspired the model on the link you provided. I have no idea about the camouflage colours, though. Cheers Jure
  4. Jure Miljevic

    1/72 NMF B-29 with turrets?

    Tom R, only the first aircraft, assigned to Silverplate program, B-29-5-BW 42-6259 had single bomb bay. Both Enola Gay and Bockscar had two bomb bays with AN/APQ-13 radar between them, its antenna covered with later type non-retractable cover. Here is the photo of Enola Gay upon her return from Hiroshima mission, ... ... and photos of Bockscar can be found on this link (scroll down to the fifth photo) and here. Mike, similar debate had been going on about two years ago. Perhaps you may find it interesting: Also, Jerzy-Wojtek built Academy kit as the Nagasaki bomber Bockscar: : The model looks somewhat dull, but this is how Bockscar looked during Nagasaki mission. Nose art and mission markings had been added post-war. Cheers Jure
  5. Jure Miljevic

    1/72 NMF B-29 with turrets?

    They did, Mike. Although, as far as B-29 radar is concerned, I prefer more exotic Eagle version. Cheers Jure
  6. Jure Miljevic

    P-36 cannibalisation

    It is going to be 3rd Sqn. SAAF for me like the fourth profile from the top here, probably with DIY decals. For a period of time these planes had had unit badges painted just aft of engine cowling, fortunately on white disc backgrounds, so it is not going to be very difficult to cut circular backgrounds from white decal film. Alas, the same could not be said for that GC II/5 Indian head badge background. Cheers Jure
  7. Jure Miljevic

    P-36 cannibalisation

    One of SAAF Mohawk IV for East Africa is second on my list. Still, I would prefer much more colourful French H75 A-4. Cheers Jure
  8. Jure Miljevic

    P-36 cannibalisation

    Hello Blitz23 I presume you are working on 1/48 kit? If so none of three Berna sets provide decals for A-4. Photos, let alone decals, of French H75 A-4 are difficult to find. I remember seeing a photo of overall silver H75 A-4 just off production line without any markings apart from French tricolore and another one showing nose of one of Vichy planes. There are some colour profiles, though. One is published in Osprey's book P-36 Aces of the WWII. Apparently MustHave! offers decals for this plane with its 1/48 kit and one French chap built it into impressive model here. Scraping together decals for this kit would be difficult, although not impossible. Azur also offers markings for Vichy H75 A-4 No 4 in his 1/72 kit here. These should not be too hard to put together or print them at home as the only difference from standard early Vichy markings is in type declaration on rudder which reads H751-C1 instead of H75-C1 for P&W versions. AJ press published profile of No 327 in its first book about P-36, although I have some doubts about it as its rudder type declaration reads H75-C1 which clearly does not match declaration on Curtiss factory photo here (scroll down). Also, serial number is too high. There are also FFSMC Production decals. FFSMC apparently produces (produced?) at least two sets for Wright powered H75s. There is 1/32 set available (and 1/48 sets were also for sale) on certain auction web page here but for unknown reason (out of stock?) they do not show on FFSMC home page here. It does not sounds too promising. Still, good luck with your build whichever colour scheme you may choose. Cheers Jure
  9. Jure Miljevic

    Best Israeli Kfir?

    Hello I do not know about Italeri kit, but my short critique of ESCI Mirage III kits here also applies for their 1/48 Kfir, plus funny looking nose, inaccurate intake at the vertical tail base and similar. Cheers Jure
  10. Jure Miljevic

    Airways Vacform Britannia - need help

    Hello TW According to drawings, published in Charles Woodley's book Bristol Britannia, wing dihedral is 3°. Unfortunately I do not have Airways kit so I cannot help you with instructions. Cheers Jure
  11. Jure Miljevic

    Propellers for Hasegawa 1/72 Raidin 'Jack'

    Hello Garry c, I am glad it helped. And I am attributing dark propeller colour to fresh varnish, excessive photo contrast or both. Anyone advancing into Raiden propeller colours territory does so at his or her own peril . Good kit though and it would make interesting weekend project. Cheers Jure
  12. Jure Miljevic

    Propellers for Hasegawa 1/72 Raidin 'Jack'

    Hello Mike, I watched the video and, yes, most of Raidens do look like having wider blade propellers. Denford and Garry c, a browse through reference material resulted in this photo of Tainan air wing aircraft (the third option Hasegawa provided decals for), published in the old Burin-do book ... ... and reproduced here. Unfortunately I am not certain which type of propeller is on the picture, although I am leaning towards the narrow one. Cheers Jure
  13. Jure Miljevic

    Propellers for Hasegawa 1/72 Raidin 'Jack'

    Denford, that photo could be take after Japan surrendered but I doubt it. Armistice conditions specified all aircraft to be parked outdoors with their propellers removed, simple but effective expedient to render them immobilized and allow regular inspections by PR aircraft at the same time. Could you tell us which versions of decals came with your kit? Cheers Jure
  14. Jure Miljevic

    Propellers for Hasegawa 1/72 Raidin 'Jack'

    Hello Mike, I followed that link you provided and I found a photo of 352 Kokutai aircraft option from my box. Her propeller blades do seem to be of a wider type so at least this option is confirmed. By the way, in the same Mushroom book I mentioned in my previous post there is a colour profile of production J2M2, not prototype, with three bladed propeller. Go figure ... Another question: were there not only various editions of the same kit but also different kits of Raiden in 1/72 released by Hasegawa? In mine numbers of propeller parts are 8 and 12 while Denford in his OP mentioned 7 and 12. Any ideas? Cheers Jure
  15. Jure Miljevic

    Propellers for Hasegawa 1/72 Raidin 'Jack'

    Hello In his book Mitsubishi J2M Raiden from Mushroom series Robert Peczkowski states that wider blade propellers had been introduced during production of J2M2 Model 11 to help eliminate engine vibrations. I also have this kit but probably another edition as only two marking options are included. Nevertheless both box top and instructions state this is a kit of J2M3 Model 21 aircraft so wider bladed prop should probably be used. Cheers Jure P.S.: When I actually opened building instructions and not just glanced over camouflage schemes I discovered that part 12 (wider blades) should be used for 352nd Naval Kokutai (3/52-20 with lightnings on fuselage) Raiden and part 8 (regular blades) for 302 Naval Kokutai (3D-155) aircraft.