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  1. Jure Miljevic

    Whacky Plastic Wish List

    Hello Darren Your wish has come true. Check this link from a webpage, linked to by Serge here: Cheers Jure
  2. Jure Miljevic

    We need new, good MiG-17...for conversion in this:

    Hello Serge Well, this is a great list of unpopular, obscure small series aircraft, paper and computer memory projects, Luftwaffe 46 and beyond, what-ifs and some plain crazy kits. Although I find many of them interesting and some of them tempting I do not think I can muster enough courage and determination to actually start working on one, let alone finishing it. Thank you for the link and for translation of the article. Cheers Jure
  3. Jure Miljevic

    P-51D stars and bars

    Because it is, at least the one on lower surface, in a wing's shadow and thus not that conspicuous? Because ground strafers were keen to show their colours to friendly AAA as early as possible and some P-47 units, and if I am not mistaken at least some of P-51 fighters too, had oversized national insignia under both wings? I still believe that at least some toned down insignia were carry-over from days of camouflaged aircraft (or fighters, delivered in NM, and later camouflaged at group or squadron level with OD, MG, RAF DG or whatever paint they managed to get their hands on) but my guess is as good as anybody else's. As thorfinn indicated, expecting one universal answer to this question means attributing a level of rationality to military which it just does not posses. Cheers Jure
  4. Jure Miljevic

    We need new, good MiG-17...for conversion in this:

    Hello, Serge I doubt manufacturers will rush to put this one on the market. However, an ancient and terribly inaccurate MiG-17 PF from KP could be converted into ˝what-if˝ model if one is into masochistic model building. If I understood the article correctly, these MiG-17 were supposed to land on the ocean and had had their fuel replenished by a submarine? An interesting, if somewhat extreme cold war scenario. Cheers Jure
  5. Jure Miljevic

    P-51D stars and bars

    Agreed, André, but by examining the third picture only one could easily mistake dirty insignia white for light gray or neutral gray or even think national insignia consists of blue outline only, as apparently was the case with Lifelike decals. Well, I guess this makes our hobby interesting. Cheers Jure
  6. Jure Miljevic

    P-51D stars and bars

    Hello I just realized there may be more to this than I first thought; A well known colour photo of Ferocious Frankie. Insignia white of the national marking looks a bit stained, perhaps fading towards ivory a bit, but certainly not gray. Upper part of the first white invasion stripe, visible just right of wing's trailing edge, shows the same, or perhaps even worse signs of wear than the national marking. Another photo, taken a minute or so later during the same photo session. BW version of the previous photo. White of the national insignia looks gray, although, judging by the previous two photos, this is not possible. Any thoughts? Cheers Jure
  7. Jure Miljevic

    P-51D stars and bars

    Hello White over painted with light gray? Not that unusual procedure on VIII AF P-51 B and C types to minimize contrast between insignia white and camouflage paint. It does not make sense on NM aircraft although these Mustang could have been originally camouflaged and OD and NG paints removed later. Cheers Jure
  8. Jure Miljevic

    new-tool F3H-2's!

    Hello, Milo and Mike There must be a variation of Murhpy's Law which allows for a new, better kit to appear only after enough modellers have spent small fortunes and immeasurable amounts of working hours on improving an old one. So, your efforts on Emhar's Demon kit (BTW, there is one in my stash, too) had not been in vain but served a higher purpose. At least this is what I say to myself whenever it happens to me. Cheers Jure
  9. Jure Miljevic

    Jimmy Doolittle's plane

    Hello Doolittle flew B-25B 40-2344, which was without nose art. The photo of this aircraft, presumably taken while still back in USA, can be found on this webpage. IIRC there was an article about Doolittle raid, published in one of the early numbers of HPM magazine, where it had been stated that only one of Dollittle raiders wore a nose art. It was an angel carrying a bomb, chalked on the nose of one of the aircraft. Cheers Jure
  10. Jure Miljevic

    Italeri F 104 1:72 Nose weight?

    I built an old Revell 1/64 F-104 (AM accessories, if they would have existed, would be wasted on that one, too) decades ago and certainly needed no ballast. Cheers Jure
  11. Jure Miljevic

    Italeri F 104 1:72 Nose weight?

    I would not think so. F-104 has a long nose and while on a real aircraft its weight is compensated by the weight of an engine, on a kit it is all plastic. Unless you are planing to install resin AM tail or exhaust, there is nothing to worry about. Cheers Jure
  12. Spaddad, I was not trying to be sardonic, so my apologies if I came across as such. The story has been repeated in several books and articles and I thought everybody knew about it. On that day Hauptman Sigel was leading I./StG 76, which performed dive-bombing demonstration through cloud layer for high ranking Luftwaffe officers. Depending on account, either height of the cloud base was reported incorrectly or ground fog suddenly appeared. Either way, instead of 1 km Stuka pilots only had about 100 meters or so to recover. Sigel pulled hard on the control column, blacked-out momentary and leveled well below tree tops. Again, depending on source he was either saved by fire-break clearing in the woods or he landed with leafs and branches, stuffed into wheel spats of his Ju 87. Behind him, the complete leading Staffel flew straight into the ground and several Stukas from the following Staffel were also lost. The whole mess costed the unit 13 planes and 26 airmen. The last Staffel, which was about to start when the carnage took place, had been circling above clouds until the fog disappeared, then performed dive bombing demonstration as planned. One of the pilots said he was eternally grateful to their Staffelkapitän, who made them follow it through, as otherwise his nerves would have gone completely. Cheers Jure P.S.: Could someone, who is perhaps in closer (electronic) relations with good people of Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, please ask them to measure their Ju 87 and publish this information? There is a thread on this question in WWII forum and after even original aircraft manuals failed to provide adequate answer we are about to resort to crystal ball, tee leafs and chicken entrails.
  13. Spaddad, automatic pull-out mechanism could have been overridden by a pilot or not engaged at all. I believe grey-out during eight or nine g pull-out is still preferable to ultimate black-out when smashing into the ground, as I./StG 76's 15th August 1939 incident shows. Cheers Jure
  14. Jure Miljevic

    Gloster Gamecock

    Nice photos, Mike. The second one with Bader, Day and Stephenson is especially interesting. I first saw it in Reach for the sky book decades ago, but it slipped my memory, so thanks for a reminder. Cheers Jure
  15. Jure Miljevic

    Boeing 307, C-75 details

    Hello Mike Not and expert on C-75, and probably not showing you anything new, still ... I found this: https://www.air-and-space.com/Boeing 307 N19903.htm Scrolling almost all the way down will get you to the photos of four ex-C-75, which clearly show side exhausts on inboard, and bottom of nacelle exhausts on outboard engines. The same can be seen on this photo of F-BELY by Jon Proctor from Wikipedia ... ... and even more clearly on the photo on this page, where the aluminum panel, riveted over former turbocharger impeller housing of No.4 engine can be clearly seen. So I agree with you that installation of B-17 turbochargers on ex-C-75 was highly unlikely. Cheers Jure