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  1. Hello, Brett G Here is a photo of J-704 after the repaint, found here: There is another photo of this aircraft in Les Messerschmitt Bf 109 Suisses, special edition of Avions magazine. Unfortunately, like the one above, it can only confirm the camouflage pattern. According to the first edition of the above mentioned publications, colours of repainted aircraft are Swiss dark green and light brown. In the second editions this description changes to green and brown. It is not much, but I hope it helps. Cheers Jure
  2. Hello, Zac in NZ Does it have to be wartime Soviet Po-2 in silver or yellow? I doubt there was an official overall yellow or silver training scheme in Soviet Union during WW II, although they may have been some machines painted in those two colours. There had been prewar silver dope civilian machines, and all red post-war Soviet civilian agricultural Po-2. Hungary also used overall yellow agricultural Po-2 machines post-war (I photoed one in Budapest museum in my pre-digital times), and apparently there had also been clear doped linen (but fairly yellowish) and light gray/matt sliver dope DDR civilian machines around. If it helps, there was a yellow fuselage band just in front of vertical tail and yellow rudder tip on otherwise overall black North Korean Po-2 nuisance bombers. Not much of a help, but somebody with a better knowledge on the subject will soon chime in. Cheers Jure
  3. Hello, Fukuryu! I downloaded most of ACIG articles many moons ago when it was still accessible to public and I had no idea pages are still available on Internet Archive. Thank you and cheers Jure
  4. Hello, Ed Fleming Firstly, welcome to Britmodeller! Also, thank you for posting this beautiful and interesting photo. As far as Sky band is concerned, I believe it is the case of painting it over with regular DG, OG and SGM, albeit perhaps a bit too thinly. This was a regular practice by Allies in MTO with a purpose to prevent confusion with white Luftwaffe theatre band. There had been exceptions, of course, and they became more frequent as the war progressed towards its end. But until roughly the Normandy landing Luftwaffe maintained regular, although somewhat limited presence in Italy and it would be sometimes difficult to distinguish between White and Sky band in the heat of air combat. Just my two cents worth. Cheers Jure
  5. Hello! I think the first Meteors arrived post-1951. Apart from types already listed it was mentioned on ACIG forum (which unfortunately I am now unable to find on the web) that four DC-3 airliners had also been impressed into service during Palestine war/War of independence as transport. Also, some FIAT G.59 two-seaters arrived from Italy in late 1940'. Cheers Jure
  6. Hello, Kjetil Åkra The only photo of A-537 I have ever seen had been published in an article of Douglas Rough Falklands revisited in Flypast, November 1987. It shows part of the wrecked Pucara's skin with part of registration (537), found four years after the end of the conflict. FWIW in my opinion A-537 had been one of several machines, sprayed over with thin layer of usual green and brown camouflage paint on top surfaces, registration included. Cheers Jure
  7. Hello exdraken Pro forma perhaps, although even if the competition is rigged, competing bids help to lower the final price of the contract. In similar way Ryanair reduced the price of their new aircraft (about 100 B737 IIRC) some twenty years ago when, apart from Boeing, they also negotiated with Airbus. Cheers Jure
  8. On ancient Iteleri EA-6A kit in 1/72 ECMO's instrumental panel is slightly extruded. Ejection seats are parallel, however cockpit on ECMO position is deeper. Cheers Jure
  9. Thank you, The wooksta V2.0. Cheers Jure
  10. Hello Thank you, Jamie, I did not know this. Had all post-war two-stage Merlin versions had pressurized cockpits? If so, this would help to explain how during STO crisis 1953-54 Yugoslav air force NF.38 Mosquitos, converted into PR machines, managed to take photos of targets deep into Italian territory from our side of the border. Cheers Jure
  11. Off the top of my head I would say that it also involves replacing canopy with the one with slightly bulged side transparencies. Cheers Jure
  12. Thank you very much, silverkite211. Cheers Jure
  13. Hello, silverkite211 Can you please tell us what colour the number 105 on the tail was? Models of Kawato's Zero and Boyington's Corsair would make an interesting combat duo. Cheers Jure
  14. Interesting, although I doubt the second time around is going to be any different. Cynicism mode off while running for cover. Cheers Jure
  15. Hello, Julien I was referring to "invariably marked with black edged yellow bands" part, which is not quite correct. Otherwise, Sabre yellow bands specifications are useful to me too, thanks. Cheers Jure
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