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  1. this looks fun...... im going to follow along if thats ok with you
  2. i will be following this as the f2f is one of my favorite ww2 naval planes cant wait to see the next update Josh,
  3. sorry about the lack of updates i cant seem to find my phone charger
  4. Here is what i've got so far:
  5. thanks for the comments guys hope to do you prowd
  6. next up we've got the fuselage halves done middle of wings glued together and engines on:
  7. Wings(whats left of them):
  8. OK so here is A model I just pulled out of the stash...An Airfix Catalina from 1963.........with a ton of missing parts,a couple of missing sprues and an entire wing lost to the stars But anyway I'm having a go at it and might make a scrapyard dio for it.. sprues:
  9. 1 32!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg this is huge
  10. have you any idea what scale she is
  11. also i've seen sally b close up ( I live near duxford )
  12. cool im doing a 1 72 one and im doing the half and half of little miss mischeif
  13. this is looking great so far, just wondering what color scheme are you going to do it?
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