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  1. Reminds me of Panzer Dragoon PS game, beautiful and you have a special technique with your dry brushing.
  2. Amazing,really brings the dino's to life. That's quite a collection you are building there - all very impressive.
  3. Ah, I think I have reached the end of my little buildathon. A Panzer Jaeger IVL/70 from Matchbox - man I enjoyed this kit. However feeling rather disappointed with what I end up with I decided to focus on some figures for the months ahead. I am really really looking forward to posting those - but they haven't even arrived yet ! Here is the little man as he progresses through the various stages. Not done yet, but coming along.
  4. Looks like you've got your technique down - what paint did you use for the dry brushing ? Tamiya acrylic ?
  5. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Have been away for too long and am not happy with my work these days. Have posted some more builds (and just finishing another one off), but will take a little break form the vehicules to work on some figure technique and then hopefully come back to the vehicules charged up and a lot less messy.
  6. And some more (really loved this little tank. Everything fit really well, let down by a lack of figures for me.)
  7. Hey there good people. I am having some bad hayfever and a little more sleep would help. I have not yet learned to take lovely pictures like many of the other posters. I have one other build to post up and then I will be moving into some new (for me anyway) figures for a bit, before coming back to more 1:72. I'll try to put up main shots of the build. I was very happy with the sandbags. Had fun trying to hand paint then use a stencil for the decals but it wasn't good, so I put the decals on, or at least most of them. The hull and turret are in a satin varnish the skirts I left in matt to create a bit of contrast. It was an idea and I guess I still like experimenting.
  8. Now, where were we. Everything went together very nicely. I really like these little kits. And am realising more and more there are many ways to spice them up a little if you are willing to make a small effort Need to get some more pics UP and will probably have 2 more builds on the way soon and then a break. I learned a lot from this kit. Got a little bit of mud done and realised that I needed to understand tracks better. And finally I understood about thinnign the Vallejo paints - once thinned for brushing they are unbelievably versatile. Till next time.
  9. I take the opportunity again to say a big thank you to all the forum contributors, so much encouragement, ideas, talent - fabulous builds and photographs. It certainly makes the modelling a whole lot more fun! I have been trying a bit harder lately and see how many amazing products are out there. Then learning to use them is another story. On with the M24. I've got a split in my bottom. Mr Surfacer 500 and Vallejo putty. Vallejo putty is really cool as you can 'wipe' it with a wet brush as it dries. The hull assembly went together well but needed some help to stay put
  10. Yep sorry for the late reply, you are right, my mistake, I was thinking of the Mr Hobby one's (the Gunze rack and the Mr Hobby rack are right next to each other in my local Hobby store) - they spray really well, even better than Tamiy IMO, but give me a headache, I use IPA with my Tamiya which is a bit toxic too, so I go out of the room, even though I have a filter and ventilator. I am so glad I can use Vallejo for my figures and paint them slowly. Paints aside - your pictures are so crisp and that was one of my favourite kits all those years back, I still have one box of the other version - not the desert wheels with the engine and the mechanic too.
  11. Coming along very nicely. I like the first picture, I wonder which of the two guys drank the most beer?
  12. Laurie - wow and cheers, I will note those books down and check them all out. I think the story I liked the best was when they come under mortar fire in two Willy's and Popski shouts 'smoke' and his mate stops the jeep, gets splashed on the face with mud from an exploding mortar, digs in his pocket and pulls out a packet, and Pop's says, 'No, I meant a smoke bomb' !
  13. I bought this and I made a little paint bottle stand out of milk carton bottoms, long toothpick sticks and camo paper printed out - one day I would like to buy the bona fide Tamiya paint jar stand, but not yet anyhow
  14. Yeah Lorrie thumbs up, I read Popski's book while doing the build, I just thought with the red berret and grey sweater the figure looked a 'bit' like the man himself and it made an interesting title. Actually I am always in admiration of the depth of knowledge of many of the forum's contributors, some are experts on certain armour domains and mines of information for facts and details - keep up the reading. Do you have any recommendations yourself ? I loved the PPA story couldn't put it down!
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