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  1. AndrewW

    Feeling the Water

    I' love another , improved, Beagle 206 but I'd also like a civil version although with more people preferring military subjects I can quite understand the basset route. Again a civil pup would be nice . Regards Andy
  2. AndrewW

    Looking for Miles Monitor and Blackburn Botha details

    https://bn1301files.storage.live.com/y4pxp3p1FeRMZRm5BbTg3dYdqQqMbP-G1KAploK2K99u8wxgSYzIKsWZpcNKV_yzw30njao6id54f5HAK4I0iiYwBBRJBRakE-csHS5JNO8zggk5CJznYMO-Y7crQhl07uyPCI2FIvawCoJhWJsPbNWnyOqpI5pWa2KuvnsDFTOciTfBolh6sdVViN2_z_Peqon/mock up cockpit.jpg?psid=1&width=319&height=457 Hope this works should e a cockpit mock up of the monitor. Andy
  3. AndrewW


    Congratulations on a well made model of what should have been a ground breaking aircraft. Another book I can recommend is Air Britains "Miles Aircraft - The Post War Years. A little expensive perhaps but then as well as the M52 it details other Mils projects. Cheers Andy
  4. Nice seaplane, well presented and the diorama sets it off well --inspiring! Cheers Andy
  5. AndrewW

    *COMPLETE* 1/72 Wessex 60

    Great build Aaron, you've one justice to the civil Wessex.
  6. This is looking good indeed I'm going to have to shake the dust off mine sometime. Good luck and more importantly have fun! Andy
  7. Nice work so far looking forward to your work on the Britannia. I've got one lurking ,sorry Radleigh, but intend building it just trying to source props. good luck with your builds.
  8. AndrewW

    Ferguson petit gris

    Just noticed this thread , looks great so far love the weathering . I drove one , or it drove me, nearly 50 yrs ago the last time I remember was with a scraper on the back pushing pig slurry into a pit -- diorama? ours if memory was dusty grey , rusty red with greenish stains! will follow what is left with interest and hopefully look into this as well. best wishes Andy
  9. AndrewW

    1/72 scale light aircraft

    Gremlin did some nice resin Cessna and Piper twins, hard to find though, and aero Subaru a Fuji 200. If your up to older biplanes don't forget all the moths ex Frog , novo etc moths Airfix's new Tiger Moth and the Fox Moth by Aeropoxy in resin. Cheers Andy P.S. Aeropoxy do a nice Piper Pawnee and in the older bracket Spartan Cruiser
  10. Great build and an inspiration - I like the look of a Kiwi SAFE Air though!
  11. AndrewW

    Sikorsky S-61N G-BEWL

    A breath of fresh air, I'll certainly be following your progress. I flew as an "oilie" in 61's many a day with Bristows, BCALH,BAH and Irish helicopters and perhaps a dutch one too but memory escapes me . Ive got a kit or two lying about too and the Whirlybird seat kit looks good. I'll have to dig them out and give them a try I've a AIM version as aforementioned as well as the Whirlybird. Keep up the good work and informative posts.
  12. A great model , well thought out and excecuted. cheers Andy
  13. AndrewW

    Handley Page Herald

    Great modelling I've one of these in my stash and had fully intended to make it as the BEA mark as if would fit in with a highland and island theme. Great work enjoyed the WIP. Andy
  14. AndrewW

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    I'm a wee bit of a novice on here but add me to the list too please I've got a Classic / Airfix 107. Cheers Andy