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  1. Yes that is very nice and very different.. I've always fancied doing a similar thing myself with the Jet Provost horse Jump at RAF Halton. I think it's even more overgrown than this now. JP H1 JP H2
  2. Crikey, that's a long way off yet then considering it looks so far advanced. Oh well, I'll just have to wait.
  3. Any news yet on when this little gem is due to be in the shops?
  4. Another lovely addition to my Irish Air Corp collection. Well done Airfix!
  5. That’s kind of you to say so but I’m sure someone else would have discovered it soon enough..
  6. Thank you for your kind comments. No problem with the droopy wing syndrome. I think I can take credit for curing the problem back in July last year. It's simply a case of removing the lower wing locating pins as the tight tolerances causes the pin to force the wing apart as it doesn't sit in the hole correctly. This also helps in lining up the wingtip nav lights properly.
  7. Thats a great couple of builds. Nice to know theres still a future for the hobby. Given the right encouragement I'm sure young Jack could go on to great things. I'll look out for him at Telford next year...
  8. One of my Christmas projects was this civil Chipmunk using one of the new Xtradecal sheets. As I intended to dispaly the canopy open I also used one of the recent Eduard sets, namely the Look SPACE set which included some seatbelts, instrument panels, sidewall placards, the essential canopy masks and some resin wheels. Hopefully someone will soon do a resin engine and suitably thinned cowlings too? Anyway, thanks for looking and a Happy New Year to you all. 1 2 3 4 5
  9. keithjs

    ICM paints?

    Thank you. Thats very helpful.
  10. keithjs

    ICM paints?

    Has anyone any experience with these please? Just curious as I've just seen the 80 paint set for £63 on Hannants (although I see they've all gone now!) Are they actually manufactured by ICM or someone else? Any opinions welcome. Thank you.
  11. keithjs

    Mike McEvoy

    This is such sad news. Mike was a true friend and I shall miss him immensely. He was a member of our local club almost from day one when he lived in Marlow at the time. Even when he moved to Wing he would always make the effort to get to us when he could. The last time I saw him was at Telford where he was doing what he enjoyed most of all, talking modelling with all of you, his many, many friends. RIP Mike, we're all going to miss you.
  12. Of course they could actually be measuring the steps anyway? Just looking at the angle of the machine. Maybe they’re going to be part of a new dolls house decorating set?
  13. FWIW I was just about to use the set I bought at the weekend but personally I don’t like the background colour. The cockpit should be black and these are a very dark greenish grey so they’ll look completely out of place. I might use the seatbelts as they don’t look too bad. Their Chipmunk ones are the same colour and in my opinion the kit ones are much better (and they’re black) especially in that scale. Although I must admit I have the new Eduard ones and they are ‘the bees knees’…. Anyway, to answer your original question, yes they are water slide but seem very weak adhesive wise, so I would advise letting them dry a few minutes and fix them with some diluted PVA glue to secure them. I tried them on some painted plastic card and that’s how I found out. And like you say you’d have thought there were some kind of application details. Stick with the kit ones or wait for Eduard ( or Yahu).
  14. Thank you. Certainly looks the business. Still don't know how I missed them but that's what happens when you try to fit it all in in one day....
  15. Oh, where were they I missed them somehow. Did Dora Wings have anything on the Forthcoming Vengeance?
  16. Am I correct that the pilots seat in these early Vampires are a composite material and should be painted a redish brown colour? I can only seem to find photos that give just a glimpse. Thanks in advance.
  17. Great stuff! They certainly seem to have nailed the distinctive 'sit' of the aircraft. Far superior to the AZ kit. Christmas has come early.
  18. We won't have far to come as we'll be neighbours.. IPMS Thames Valley...See you there.
  19. Thanks for your help and advice everyone. I'll have to keep an eye open at Telford.
  20. Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.
  21. I'd like to build a model of a bike that's been used on the Isle of Man TT course. The year isn't important but the more recent the better. I'm guessing there must be one in the Tamiya range? Could anyone advise what my options would be. Thanks in advance
  22. I need to build a Hurricane Mk.IIa in 1/48th so I’m assuming my only option is the old Hasegawa IIc and drill 8 holes in the wing leading edges and engrave the appropriate gun panels? Or are the panels the same? Thanks in advance.
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