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  1. I hate to be pedantic but according to this photo of the aircraft depicted in the model, the B/Y stripes look pretty much spot on to me. gal48-6
  2. I asked a similar question at the weekend. Check out my post for your possible answers.
  3. Thanks for your help everyone. It would appear the final decision is mine then... I think I'll leave them clear and it'll be easy to overspray if conclusive evidence turns up...
  4. I want to build my HK Lanc as Mickey The Moocher but can only find photos of the nose area. Does anyone know if she had clear side windows or were they painted over? There are plenty of drawings and side views about but not sure how reliable they are? Is there a rule for when these were clear or painted or not fitted all together. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all your comments everyone, but just to make it clear re my comments about the fit of the aftermarket parts. The seat and instrument panel weren't intended for this kit, it was just I thought they might have at least been close? Not as far as I know.
  6. My latest project is this new 1/48th Sabre from Airfix. Typical softish plastic along with some quite fine panel lines too. Detail is quite good but the cockpit and seat is fairly basic along with the gun bays and airbrakes. Built pretty much straight from the box except for a modified Quickboost seat (it was too big to fit the Airfix cockpit so I sanded the sides down) I was also going to use a modified Yahu instrument panel but that was too big as well and a totally different shape to the Airfix one. I assume there'll be a cockpit set and seat to follow from someone and scaled to fit the A
  7. Always been interested in drones like this (the Jindivik being my personal favourite) so couldn't help having a go at this cute little thing. I built a pair of the Plus Model ones last year but they're really tiny in 72nd scale. Very nicely moulded and goes it together fairly quickly. I'm sure there should be something in the gaping hole where the jet pipe comes out underneath but I guess we'll never know. I did add 4 more little bracing wires around the fuselage tho' as per photos as it wouldn't be physically possible to stay in the launch trolley as ICM show it. Anyway, I look forward
  8. Ah, right, thank you. That would probably explain why they're not mentioned at the end of the 93 squadron section in the book then.? Oh, one more thing (promise) What happens to the little section of wing that is removed to open the gun bay panels? Have I seen photos of them hanging on little chains or wires? Thanks again. EDIT!! Sorry, if in doubt look closer at the instructions. I see its part of the gun bay panel.
  9. Thank you very much for your time Sabrejet! Just to be awkward, did any 93 squadron aircraft have the 6-3 wing as they're not listed in the book? Any serial/code will do. Again, much appreciated.
  10. Thank you very much. I haven't completly decided yet but it'll be either; XB931 (4 Sqd), XB829 (93 Sqd) or XB855 (66 Sqd) which Xtradecal say is actually an F6? Thank you for your time.
  11. Ah, thank you both very much. You learn something everyday. Is there any way of knowing which aircraft had which wing serial number wise or can you only tell by looking at photos? Best be on my guard then to make sure I do my choice with the correct wing? So wonder why Aifrix say grey for the cockpit?
  12. OK, I'm confused (I know it doesn't take much!) Did RAF Sabres have different wings? Reason I ask is that I was expecting the Airfix kit to have slats and no wing fences. I have Duncan Curtis's Sabre book and its full of photos of RAF Sabres, some with slats and some without and some with wing fences and some without. Is the kit narrow cord? I'm just curious because they say to remove the forward corner of the wing if opening the gun bay panels? I think whats confused me are the Sabre Wings demystified drawings. Are these this correct as it says slats and no wing fence for Mk's 1-4?
  13. Thanks for that! Thats a very useful link. Not quite as bad as I thought but it could be a bit deeper and more detailed considering how large the actual openings are I think? Maybe somene will produce a resin set? If they do I'd certainly be happy to build another one.
  14. Something a little different is this new model from Dora Wings. As soon as I saw it advertised I knew exactly which one I wanted to do. Growing up around Booker in the 70's this was always flying around the house on finals so I couldn't resist building it as operated by Personal Plane Services and usually flown by Tony Bianchi. I was very often over there looking around the hangers and it was always one of my favourites. The model is very nice but also a little 'strange', if that's the right word. For the most part its very finely moulded in a dark grey plastic except for the wings and st
  15. Nice jobs there Tony.!! Made all the better by showing yet more colour schemes this model can be built in. Roll on a Mk.VII/VIII conversion and we can see some more.
  16. Thank you. The canopy frames aren’t washed as such, maybe it’s just the light..? The washes in the panel lines is just very thin black/dark grey enamel paint flowed in by capillary action then let try for a few minutes and wiped away. Very simple really but it does require the panel lines to be consistent and not too deep or it looks odd. Hope that helps?
  17. Thank you. Ah, thats interesting to know. I've used their stuff before and always been pleased. Will go and have a look.
  18. This is my second Beaufort so I thought I'd build it slightly differently with the weapons bay doors closed and another colour scheme. In fact, I think I prefer it in these colors to the green/brown/sky variant. Built the same as my other one by using just some of the Eduard cockpit set, their wheels and of course the wonderfully useful canopy masks. Hopefully the next one will be a Mk.VII using one of Uncle Les's conversion sets from Australia as featured on Hyperscale during the past couple of days. Decals for this one came from the Kits World sheet. Thanks for looking ag
  19. Really looking forward to this and will no doubt do at least 2 of them. One thing I was curious about tho' (and please don't take this as a criticism of your model) but I was under the impression that the way camouflage was applied consisted of a base coat of Zinc Chromate primer followed by olive green sprayed on top in irregular patterns and then sealed with matt varnish mixed with 5% olive green again?? The way yours is finished it gives the effect of being the other way around? Anyway, as I said just curious. Wish I could get hold of the MMP book too. I've got the other one.
  20. Yes please!!! PM enroute...so long as you don't expect me to turn mine out like that one!! That is superb!
  21. Well spotted on that. It looks way out doesn't it? The leading edge is pretty much like a wedge shaped rather than round..
  22. If the quality and surface detail is the same as their recent Pucara it should be a real winner.
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