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  1. I love a good Spad & that's what yours is, a VERY good Spad! Well done!
  2. Holy Moly, that is unreal! Fantastic job Bobek!
  3. That is VERY very nice. It also shows that you have much more patience than me. Mine wouldv'e been in the bin! Excellent job & well done.
  4. That's a great looking Buccaneer & excellent report too!
  5. Nothing wrong with that & your weathering is top notch! Well done.
  6. Well it took me about 5years to build my last A10 & yours is a helluva lot better than mine turned out. Cracking job!
  7. That's pretty bliddy good if you ask me!
  8. I can only reiterate what others have said. Great job!
  9. Wow that is a splendid Spad! The weathering's top notch, well done!
  10. That's an excellent build Werner. I've got that one in my stash but don't hold your breath waiting for mine to look as good as yours!
  11. That's mad but awesome at the same time! Excellent work!
  12. I'm not usually a big fan of WW2 bombers but that is rather tasty. Nice job.
  13. I've never seen one of those before now but I quite like it. Nice wee job!
  14. Smashing job Stephen, I've got that one to do but I can guarantee It won't be as nice as yours!
  15. I like that a lot, I agree with SAT69 on the weathering too. Lovely job!
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