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  1. Hi Andy, Phantastic work; especially the painting as always! I repeat myself but I love your professionel pictures also a lot! Mark
  2. I love it, great work and the painting is phantastic!
  3. Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful Christmas. May you be blessed with lots of love from the ones that matter most. Mark
  4. Hi Andy, your paintwork looks phantastic! It brings out all the details perfectly and makes that the model appears much bigger. Best, Mark
  5. Many thanks Nick! This is very friendly of you. It was a bit easier with this second Snowspeeder. I would not say that it is perfect. But I have tried my best in relation to a „normal“ work time. Everething more would be too time consuming for me. Best, Mark
  6. Hi guys, Still not ready but quite advanced... The cabin (cockpit) must be adjusted, cockpit itself is not finalized, red markings are missing, flaps are not finalized and much more weathering is needed. Fortunately I found some time and leisure to reach this stage of my Snowspeeder now. Best, Mark
  7. Thanks a lot! I am still busy with the orange version and don‘t find time to finalize it.
  8. Thank you for your proposal! I will think about it. Best, Mark
  9. I have really thought about it but I think it would be to big. The model itself is already huge and a good looking diorama would be to much with respect to the size. Best, Mark
  10. Hi Andy, This is such a clean model you have built there and the painting is phantastic, perfect! You would expect a much bigger model when you only see the model without your hand holding it. Best, Mark
  11. Yes, I always like to use it when I think it is just the right thing, especially at places where you won‘t see it directly at the final model.
  12. Hi, I have started the cockpit interior. Still not sure if and how I shall build in some lightning. Best, Mark
  13. This looks great Andy! Your paint work is phantastic as always! Best, Mark
  14. That would be a great diorama; I really hope to see it finalized some day! Best, Mark
  15. Thank you! Haha, that would be a nice and oversized idea! Best, Mark
  16. That would be nice. I will try to make one myself someday...
  17. Thanks a lot, this is very friendly of you and much appreciated! Best, Mark
  18. Very welcome Andy! A 1/10 Tie would be great. I really have thought about that but hesitate because I have no idea how to replicate and build all these parts. Especially the round cockpit and the wings plated with cool shade or fridge material seems very complicated to me. The Snowspeeder was much easier I think. Best, Mark
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