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  1. Now I'm getting older I'm finding I'm taking more photos but all on my phone or tablet with the obvious limitations. The only camera I've ever owned was a Fuji Finepix S2500HD which was pretty awful especially indoors and my phone and tablet take better pictures than that. I have a very limited budget of £100 but am more than happy to buy second hand with age not being a concern. I'd like to be able to take good pictures of my 72nd and 48th scale aircraft models and be able to take it outside for snapping wildlife. So really an all rounder. I've looked at a few bridge cameras and like the
  2. 72nd and 48th scale aircraft using acrylics. Just wondering if anybody had used both and their opinions.
  3. After much research and going round in circles I've just ordered the recommended Evolution silverline 2 in 1 from you Paul. Cant wait to get it. Cheers.
  4. Chinese compressor with a tank or a recognised branded stand alone compressor? Just wondering if anyone has played with both and their opinions.
  5. I can't help myself, I'm enjoying myself so much after starting the hobby in January I keep buying stuff! Next on the list is an airbrush. I'm modelling aircraft in 72nd and 48th scale and using Gunze acrylics. Currently have an AS-18 compressor which I'll be upgrading to a tanked compressor. Current airbrush is an Iwata Neo with .35 nozzle Looking at spending around £120 for a new one. Will I see a big difference from what I'm currently using? Would be nice to hear from someone who has tried several different brushes. Thanking you all in advance, James.
  6. It'll be in the low range, I haven't had mine above 20 yet, and I'm only doing 48th scale aircraft kits so its not going to be running for extended periods, mostly short bursts. My biggest gripe with my current setup is the noise, I dont feel like I'm able to airbrush too late into the evening, so it would be nice to have something quieter.
  7. I have a chinese AS-18 at the mo with no tank. Just a cheap un to get me started to see if I'd enjoy the hobby. Its very noisey and can get quiet hot when used for prolonged periods so not ideal. I'm fairly convinced its the hobby for me so am considering an upgrade. How much should I prepare myself to pay for a good quiet compressor and what are your suggestions? Thanking you all in advance, James.
  8. I'm thinking of popping some ball bearings into my paint pots, 10ml screw top acrylics, to aid in mixing them and was wondering what size to go for.
  9. Some very good pointers thank you. So much to learn. My airbrush has a .35mm nozzle, I did try flow improver but not much joy with that either. Should be taking delivery of my Gunze paints soon and looking forward to starting a new model.
  10. Wow great responses. Thank you all for your comments. Rick, I did buy myself some flow improver and a retarder and have tried and tried over a couple of afternoons with dozens of different mixes but to no avail unfortunately. I wanted to avoid online purchases as I like to support local businesses, that and it`s always handy to just pop out and pick up a colour on the spur of the moment, but it looks like its unavoidable unfortunately.
  11. I have very little ventilation in the only available room but if I get into the hobby as much as I hope, and can justify installing some sort of extraction, I`d definitely like to try enamels as I only hear and see good things about them.
  12. Thanks for the welcome Ozzy. I have the micro sol and applied many coats to soften the decal on my very first model but to no avail. I put it down to not buffing the paint enough before applying the gloss coat but now on my second model the finish still seems too coarse. On looking at the mixed paint in my mixing cup you can clearly make out the pigment size! That doesn`t seem right to me. On reading many posts in here I`ve gone ahead and ordered Mr Hobby Aqueous paints for my next build.
  13. Sorry in advance for the rant but..... Having recently taken up the hobby I thought I`d use Humbrol acrylics mainly for their availability. Being new to airbrushing I knew I had a lot to learn so have stubbornly stuck with Humbrol with my first two builds and have put down all my airbrushing mistakes to inexperience.I`m using an Iwata Neo airbrush by the way. But on reading through many threads on here I think it obvious the problems lie with my choice of medium. It sprays ok on 12-15 psi but only with an isopropyl based thinner, their own brand thinner just doesn`t seem to work at all, it
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