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  1. Cheers Vinnie, Very kind mate. ;-) Cheers buddy ;-)
  2. Awesome! Thanks guys and a bit to go at here. Much obliged. Dean
  3. Thanks Dave Anyone else got info on this please and any markings? Cheers Dean
  4. Can anybody out there help me? I am looking for colour/marking schemes for RAF Tiger Moths based in India circa 1939-45 please. many thanks Dean
  5. Can anybody out there help me? I am looking for colour/marking schemes for RAF Tiger Moths based in India circa 1939-45 please. many thanks Dean
  6. Looking great! Can anybody out there help me? I am looking for colour/marking schemes for RAF Tiger Moths based in India circa 1939-45 please. Many thanks Dean
  7. That's great, thanks Big X. More the merrier ;-)
  8. lol, Cheers Phil. That's life is it not? ;-)
  9. Great comments and advice guys, I really am very grateful that you took the time. I will take all onboard and start searching for some figures. Deano
  10. Thanks mate and it certainly is Pete, your not kidding. Its also a real learning experience. Has anyone any ideas where I can get figures apart from RAF? I will need a few for the pond oh and a Dog too! ;-)
  11. Many thanks Alastair, Yes, you've got it, a dog is a great idea and Im not sure that anyone fishing will be likely to catch anything with all the swimming and splashing going on but just maybe in one of the pools. Great thing about something like this is that anything can happen. Cheers Deano
  12. I then started with flocking around the buildings and tracks. The tree in the foreground was always going to have a Tarzan swing on it as this is where the pond will be at its deepest. So I have made sure that this area is well worn around the base of the tree. I also wanted to make a worn path through the trees as way of a short cut for personnel. I also wanted to have a show of bluebells in the wood as I would hope to see at this time of the year. The plan for my Anderson shelter is to have it half covered with sandbags and to have a few shirtless chaps unloading a cart with the rest of the sandbags as though it has recently been built, hence the clean, rust free steel.
  13. Having marked where I wanted my runway I started to sprinkle my flock after painting the whole area with 50/50 PVA/Water. I have to say that I was quite nervous at this point as I didn't really know what I was doing apart from watching some stuff on uTube. I also felt really pleased with my progress thus far and didn't want to spoil it with my homemade scatter. At this point I very nearly bought some proper stuff but decided to give it a go with my own. I scattered darker shades in random areas and around the edges of rocks etc then scattered various shades all over, finishing with my mixed shade mix to try and blend it all in. I wasn't sure how to create a well used grass runway but thought a mix of browner shades and sand would be the way to go. Afterall, most airfields in Lincolnshire etc were placed on sandy flat surfaces in low lying coastal areas so I wanted the sand to play its part. Notice my Pink Clump Foliage to be used later on my cherry tree :-) Starting to build up some colour on my runway now and laying sand down in lines. Check out the Rat nibbled Apple! lol I also sprinkled a little flock on any rocks that may be under water.
  14. I had decided to make my own scatter flock as I have a local wood merchant fro where I can get sacks of sawdust. I have never used this stuff before either but did some research and made lots of different shades of green and brown so as to vary the scene. I have ended up with dozens of boxes of flock to use and give to friends and found the reason for keeping all those Chinese takeaway containers ;-) Kept sprinkling the sand on areas that I didn't want grass. I had painted carefully with PVA in all these areas then used a vac to remove excess once dry. I don't know how it will turn out but I have tried to form small waterfalls and pools in my stream as it descends of the incline. I also added some features to indentations on other parts of the field that I made with a blow torch.
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