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  1. Hi Dave


    I don't seem to be able to get hold of Paul regarding the 1/32 Puma decals, so

    was wondering if I could take you up on your offer (Jan 25th) of making some decals for me?


    Puma SA330, 33,SQN, RAF Odiham.


    Thank you



  2. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    There were two on e-bay, but the one I bought, the box actually wasn't in as bad condition as it appeared. More importantly the kit is complete (apart from the decals of course) and in good condition!!
  3. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    Thanks Dave for the offer of the decals, very kind. Paul has offered to make a set for me. Thanks for taking the time to respond. cheers, Alan.
  4. Hi Paul That is great, thank you very much. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get any! I'm really grateful. Regards, Alan
  5. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    Not a problem, Thanks for the suggestion anyway, appreciate it. Regards, Alan
  6. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    Thats fantastic! I just hope he still has some. Thank you for that. Cheers, Alan
  7. Hi Looking at the dates I'm lagging a bit!! However need to ask. I'm looking for 1/32 markings for 33 Sqadron if you can help? Thank you. Regards, Alan
  8. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    Thank you. Tried but failed to access the website. In the PDF list I didn't see any decals for a 1/32 puma? Will try again later. Appreciate your suggestion Alan
  9. ALW

    Puma SA330 decals

    Hello I have recently purchased a Matchbox Puma SA330 and will be paining it in RAF livery. Unfortunately the decal sheet was missing and I know this will be difficult to track down. Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere that may have this decal sheet-a long shot I know but got to try! Thank all in advance Alan
  10. Thanks magman2 How can it be interfaced with the Tigers electronics in order to coordinate acceleration with exhaust smoke emision? This is the bit I can't get my head around! Thanks again Alan
  11. Hello all Has anyone fitted the Heng Long smoke generator to the Tamiya Tiger 1 1/16th scale? I would like to add this to mine but not sure how to. Any suggestions/advice welcome. Thank you Alan
  12. Ah! Now I know that feeling! Have fun, thanks for the lead, hopefully they will have something Cheers Alan
  13. Thanks Dave That was a superquick response! Cheers. Alan
  14. Hello all I hope this post is in the right place! I have just treated myself to the Tamiya Tiger 1, 1/16th full option tank and I'm interested in a smoke generator for this model. I believe there are some out there but I can't find where! Any advice/suggestions welcome-thank you. Alan
  15. ALW

    HK Lancaster

    Hi Thanks for the updates. Better sit tight and wait I guess-set my heart on this!
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