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  1. Hello everyone, hope you’re keeping well. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the thread as I have had several scribing failures on the leading edge of the wings between the fuselage and nacelles, owing to a bit of “loss of mojo” and nothing really to report as I repaired with CA and tried (and tried) again. I’ve done all I can now until I hit it with the undercoat to show the results... I have however managed to have success on the warped wing. I gingerly applied a heat gun used for stripping paint etc and the wing corrected itself on its own! Luck I guess but it took
  2. HNY Everyone! Hope you're all well. Aircro, it's true those engines don't look like AR's, but as accuracy isn't the strong suite on this kit (just look at my cobbled interior) I'll leave them as is. Useful to know though, thank you. They're also glued in now so... Well, success with the stretched sprue as expected, always does the trick with enough fettling and copious amounts of TamiyaET: I've also added a panel line to over the sprue to match the rest of the wing root. I've also got the horizontal stabilisers on which were fine, fitted nicely an
  3. Happy New Year to everyone. Here's an update from the next phase of the SM.79 build... oh she has been a swine! I've finally glued the wings in place but it's not been pretty. I think that most of the problems are from my own doing with trying to cover the gaps and then sand back before attaching the wings to the fuselage. This has resulted in a poor profile around the wing roots however I managed to achieve a good solid bond... I hope! Port on, a nice bond but... Oh dear. Will have to either sand back the fuselage or add putty. Thoughts peop
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone. Despite the festivities I have made progress on the bird. I completed all of the detailing inside the wheel wells to show the inner make-up of the wing and added some bits here and there to make it interesting (no accuracy here I’m afraid) but I like the result. I painted XF20, highlighted and washed before gluing all together. I’ve also cleaned and painted the engines with AKEM aluminium and washed with black to highlight the detail, although once in the covers, you won’t see much. Next up, prepping those wings for attachment!
  5. That’s a beauty! You can see the detail and effort that’s gone into the camo even after 50 years!! I can also see the same features I’m working with on the 2020 plastic, proving the mould is original. Thanks so much for sharing; he just needs to get the Mediterranean sand storm deposits off the bird and complete the maintenance on that prop
  6. And the continuation of the SM.79... she demands some serious attention! Glazing now on but the fit is terrible. There are significant gaps around most edges which I have filled with stretched sprue, superglue and sanded back. I’ll need to use plastic putty but will deliver the primer before I do that as it’s getting difficult to see the imperfections now. I’ve also got gaps around the top of the fuselage where the gunner port is. I’ve applied the same stretch sprue and CA method here too. I’ve carried on scribing the wings and flaps and also started det
  7. Thanks, it should look ok once I’ve corrected the mistakes and unified with a layer of primer! I mainly use a Tamiya panel line scriber, touch ups and hard to reach areas are done with a pin vice or new scalpel blade. Before I use them, I mark up with pencil and always use a straight edge, an old tape measure cut into pieces (you can see that in the first picture) in my case. Occasionally use dymo tape or stencils. Hope that helps...
  8. Hello to you all. A bit more progress on the old SM.79 for you... I have spent most of my time since the last update gluing the fuselage together which has gone relatively well. The moulds are showing their age as they really do not align well, with flashing over the edges forming a ridge and very prominent once clamped together. However nothing a good sanding and CA can’t fix. As you can imagine, no exciting pictures to show you there so whilst that glued, I moved onto the wings and panel lining!! I sanded one half (underside) of the raised panel lines on port wing bac
  9. Thank you Marklo, not up to the Martian standard (damn that framing is good). Found the answer on page 30 something. Good shout! Loved the banter as I was going through. Got some great tips from your build as well, so thank you! Very impressive build! Very kind Massimo, welcome aboard!
  10. Hi, does anyone know if the cabin and radio operator compartments were varnished natural wood or painted grey with the rest of the cabin, before I close it up? thanks, JB
  11. Hi everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. Here’s a bit of an update on the SM.79. As my plastic butchery is confined to the man-cave (garage) and we seem to have hit an artic spell in the UK, I haven’t spent much time out there! However I have managed to get the interior painted and detailed, tonight I have flat coted and started cementing the interior, coming together now! Progress below. Hope you enjoy. Take care. Blanket spray of XF-19 spraying down to retain shadows: Next, base colours on for the seats, yokes and instrument panels: After a varn
  12. Hello everyone, some progress made during the week on some further detail in the aft fuselage. I noticed that with the port door open, the gondola can be seen quite well so felt I had to detail that. I also added the strange slide looking thing with control leavers at the bottom of it, can’t find out what it is but haven’t invested a huge amount of time trying to, to be honest! Anyway, it resembles of sorts several photos I’ve seen of a static display example. I’ve finally got the base black on tonight to unify, I’ll then begin colouring grey and start the detailed painting. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Tuesday night, model night... after the obligatory Zoom calls with the extended family Tonight I built the ventral gun mount but decided to use the original mount part after all, but added to it with the framing I’ve seen on some pictures. This can be disconnected in part to separate the halves, ready for painting. I also added a tiny bit to the cockpit and continued mock fitting to ensure all is together. Had to do some minor adjustments but getting closer to the interior painting stage... thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks, Opus... I’ll ruin it with paint soon no doubt!! Really appreciated. I’ve never had anyone call my work a masterclass!! Happy to have you onboard. Cheers mate, keeps me out of trouble.
  15. Evening BM’s, I’ve completed the port side of the aft interior tonight. I’ve also installed the clear parts, some of which do not fit very well. I had to add some stretched-sprue to the sides of them in the radio operators area as there were some gaps but hey ho, it’s an old kit. Next phase is to try and construct the frame which holds the ventral machine gun as I want be using the kit part as it’s pretty thick! Will have to do this on one side and align ready for joining the halves. I want to paint the interior before I do that so will be interesting!! Thanks for looking.
  16. 100%. This one had a nostalgic draw and if I wanted a more up to date kit with an interior (period), panel lines and more than one side machine gun, yep there’s only one moulded, I would have paid £6 more for the Italeri one, which looks great by the way. But I am squeezing every pennies worth of fun out of this kit (and really enjoying it), and if it keeps Airfix alive for another few years by them making money on the old moulds, happy to pay on this occasion. Would I buy an Airfix Vintage Classic Spitfire or 109 for example, nah, built too many of them as a kid and they don’t hold the same u
  17. Good evening all, managed to get a bit of bench time today to continue detailing the cockpit which I’m calling finished, created a navigators table I’d seen in a reference shot and began the work in the aft section. Hopefully get some more time tomorrow to carry on there!
  18. Cheers, yeah there’s something about it, despite some of its oddities. I think the card is Evergreen styrene sheets. I bought them a while back from my LMS. Got two grades if I recall, A4 size sheet at 1mm and 1.5mm thickness. It’s good stuff, cuts with sharp scissors and the if you score it you can snap it apart too.
  19. Carried on with the cockpit today and started filling ejector pin marks. Also made some slightly oversized harnesses for the seats as I’d like them to be obvious through the glazing. I’ve trimmed the instrument panel to fit the decal and also cleaned up the yolks as they were covered in flash. Next up, finishing the cockpit then the aft section!! Thanks for looking.
  20. Thanks, Terry. As I begin to close the fuselage I’ll let you know if I think you should It does seem to be a great little kit considering it’s age and loads of potential for making it your own. Ha! Feel free to nick away!! I read your build and yes that falcon canopy improves the ‘hump’. Impressive brush work on the camo, looks really good. I’m debated about putting two torpedoes on her but you’re right; it’s a vintage kit so let’s keep it that way.
  21. Cheers - really enjoying making it up (somewhat) as I go along. I'm deciding whether to remove the raised panel lines and rescribe... I may keep them on the fuselage as it looks unique. The wings are crying out for it though. Thank you, me too. Although I do remember shying away from the camo. I think I just did the base colour with old Humbrol enamels and left it at that! Not this time though... It's a great little model and one that always stuck in my mind from my youth. Couldn't resist when Airfix re-released it. Great - good to have you on board. The new decals are
  22. Some more detailing tonight and carried on referring to several interior pics but just made it my own, I.e. it’s not historically accurate! I’ve almost completed the radio compartment, finished the bulkheads for the bomb/mine bay and added some ribs to the fuselage. Test fitting is good and I’ll work my way back to the side gunners next time.
  23. Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing your go at the kit. Are you doing a WIP? I had sleepless nights because of that OD... or was it the 5 month old waking me up? Despite years of modelling, I always forget that the gloss cote always darkens but the flat always lightens. Case of holding ones nerve. Tamiya’s OD (XF-62) is a good colour for an out of the factory and larger scale model IMO but definitely needs lightening for any form of weathering or 1/72. I mixed with Khaki (XF-49) and sprayed on top to weather mine. I enjoyed doing the turbo chargers exhausts. A b
  24. That’s a really kind offer but yes, it’s gone. The work to recover it was beyond what I wanted to do (certainly at the time) as it would have required some form of stripping, as the NMF was bubbling in areas that would have been almost impossible to get to... I’d lost the will!! Still, one for another time.
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