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  1. I've got this monster on the bench at the moment. I'm using the Hobby Design detail set which is worth it for the chain alone.
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Here are the pics of the posts I was talking about. I just realised I used styrene rod in this build, I used brass rod and poly caps in a previous build. I glued strips of styrene to make a channel for the tabs to slot into. The panigale had enough room to fit a small polycap so I could use brass rod in the fairing. I still used a Tamiya screw for the lower joint as I needed a bit of strength there. The 916 has enough room for bigger diameter rod so I opted for styrene.
  3. I'll take it apart and post some pictures of the tabs soon. And yes the 916 is a reference to the Ducati which I am working on right now. Cheers Le
  4. Thanks all. The jig is from Marcomotodesign. He's since updated it but it works all the same. I got mine off him from ebay. It's handy for builds that's for sure. The cowls are removable, everything fits together with tabs and I placed brass rod in the fairing screw holes. It just slots nicely into place.
  5. Finished my Tamiya YZR500 from 2001 using the Hobby Design detail set.
  6. The release of the serving tray version is just great news. I just finished modeling and printing the tray but got stumped figuring out how to do the glasses and pipework. I see a red and white serving droid in my future.
  7. Very nice! Is that photo etch under the rear deck clear plastic?
  8. Here's Aoshima's Diablo in Gravity Giallo Midas. Build was relatively straight forward. The only issue was fitting the front bar and cleaning up the seam. I used their detail set which came with some nice turned aluminium pipes.
  9. Since it's a large 1/8th scale I'd grab a couple of sheets of Hasegawa mirror gold finish and treat each panel like a wrap. It has a bit of give and stretch so you can do curves if you're careful and patient.
  10. Nice work on the carbon. I've found a coat of smoke hides a lot of sins.
  11. Doing an all carbon body is tedious but very satisfying. What is the fit of the templates like?
  12. Tamiya call outs are sometimes hit and miss. Best to check references and pick something else or mix your own. I mixed mine from Mr Color metallics.
  13. Here's my Aventador SV in Gravity Rosso Fuoco. It's actually a Ferrari colour but it's close to Lambo's Rosso Bia.
  14. As seen on the interwebs here's my version of the so called Ghost Trooper.
  15. I really like that matt finish. It looks like polished stone.
  16. Beautiful build. That's a great colour choice. Were there any issues with this kit? I have this on the 'to build' list so any info is welcome.
  17. That looks fantastic! I love the extra weapon pods.
  18. White and gold actually looks good. I'm sure the blue will look great as well.
  19. Can't go wrong with Aoshima lambo kits. They're fantastic straight out of the box or paired with their detail sets.
  20. That looks fantastic! The base really sets it off too.
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