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  1. Here's my last build for 2019, the Huracan Performante version in Splash Paints Verde Ermes. You really need to plan ahead with this kit. The problem areas are mainly the rear bumper and side glass. Both need some kind of tab or slot added as the gluing area provided is way too small and weak. Also the rear deck needs some kind of edge or tab to keep it flush with the roof. I replaced the seats with those of the Aventador SV.
  2. That forged carbon pattern looks really good. That colour and shine is also sweet. Nice work.
  3. It's odd that that top uses a different weave to the bottom. My personal preference for the top I'd use Ka-models A type carbon. Model Factory Hiro makes a square weave suitable for the bottom. For all carbon decals I tend to use the smaller sizes.
  4. Nice work. Interested to see how you tackle that Top Studio chain.
  5. Does it have the really early beaver tail though? Can't really tell from the pics.
  6. Thanks for all the comments. Just sanding and a wash to get rid of the mould release.
  7. Here's my Ducati 916 from Tamiya. Chain is the Hobby Design Panigale set and I've used the Blue Stuff detail set.
  8. That's a fantastic build. What colour did you use for the blue?
  9. Here's what I've done so far. The chassis and interior is done. I've replaced the seats with Veneno ones pulled out of a failed build. Colour is Verde Ermes from Splash paints.
  10. I have the Model Factory Hiro set as an option but their supplied sprockets are cast white metal full of bubbles. Another option is to go down the 3d print route.
  11. On the bench right now I have Tamiya's Ducati 916 and Desmosedici. I've used parts from the Blue Stuff detail set for the 916 and various Hobby design and Top studio parts for the Desmosedici. I still have to source a chain for it though.
  12. I agree. There's a range of great quality alternatives readily available.
  13. I just received this email from Gravity Paints (US). All I can say is where is the popcorn
  14. That is the best scheme for this classic bike. Nice build!
  15. That carbon finish came out great! I did the same for my sesto elemento build. A lot easier than decals for sure.
  16. That would be a photo etch piece, which I spun on my dremel to get the circular scratches. I used the Hobby Design etch set.
  17. Thanks for the comments. I think it's due for another MotoGP machine from Tamiya, something left field like a Suzuki or KTM.
  18. Just finished this great kit from Tamiya with Museam Collection decals. The decals were pretty bad, thick and oversized. I would recommend spraying the silver and make your own green strip decals. I used Gunze super fine silver which matches the decals.
  19. Nice! If that's verde ermes then that's the colour I've chosen for mine.
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