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  1. I'd like to see your prints. Sounds interesting. I have a couple of wheels to print as well for some later builds.
  2. Springs are aftermarket. Just bend some wire for the attachment loops. Forks are from the kit, just paint them up and apply mirror foil for the stanchions. Magnets are one option for fairings but I prefer posts and sockets.
  3. 1/12 Suzuki GSX-RR. You heard it here first.
  4. Splash paints is great but a bit pricey for me. The flake size is nice and small. Gravity Spain is good too. Second the advice to avoid the US site. SMS is also good.
  5. Nice! Reissues of the Scot RS250 and the NSR500. The new tool TZR250 is interesting.
  6. Here's my SV in Tamiya mica blue. Original paint was to be Splash blu nethuns but it ended up patchy and uneven. Rear deck is carbon because I messed up the paint and couldn't match the blue. Twice. Seats salvaged from a Veneno build gone wrong. Wheels from Massa.
  7. +1 on that. The secondary market prices for these are ridiculous.
  8. I have this kit and photo etch set. I was also thinking about how I'd tackle this. I would sand the metal, scratch it up and use Loctite rubber infused super glue for the best chance of it holding together.
  9. Nice work. I was also interested in your process in getting these sculpts realised.
  10. I have this kit too but I've never worked with vinyl before. Interested to see how you tackle this.
  11. Looking forward to the new R32, Supra, Jota, Muira and GSXR750!
  12. Nice work! This should look nice in that 2 tone purple. I have this in progress too in an old school red white scheme.
  13. It's worth it just for the pics. For a rough translation just use a translate app on your phone.
  14. Nice work. A trick for preventing the bending tubes is to thread another smaller tube or wire inside.
  15. Aoshima Countachs are great fitting kits. There are only 2 areas of concern I think. One is fitting the functioning doors and lights gimmick which I fixed by just gluing them shut. Fitting the narrow body over the chassis might be worrying but I fixed that by leaving the cabin loose. Just drill out the locating points a tad for a little wiggle room. The fit is fine with no glue.
  16. Thanks for the comments. I was really happy the blue turned out ok. Didn't really want to strip it though bright red could have been an option. There's satin and gloss bits all over this car plus carbon. Fun times.
  17. I've spliced together the roadster and SV kits to get this going. Initial colour choice of Splash Blu Nethuns then Zero candy electric blue didn't work out as it ended up looking patchy and uneven. Tamiya LP41 mica blue looked nice so that was what it ended up as. Main changes also included cutting the engine bay covers to fit.
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