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  1. Gunze super metallic super fine silver is very nice. That and Tamiya sparkling silver are my choice for frames.
  2. 2021 Suzuki GSX-RR. It's almost guaranteed as it just requires a new decal sheet.
  3. Wow I'm not even mad. You sir have the eyes of a hawk. That is entirely correct.
  4. Temueras been eating too many pies and Ming Na Wen is no Michelle Yeoh.
  5. Very nice. Just pre-ordered it. I have the ED-209 kit in my stash to build.
  6. I have the set but have not used them yet. It's not unusual for MotoGP teams to use the same suppliers. The wheels are made by Marchesini. To fit them on the Honda you would simply have to modify the centre hub. I bought these in 2009 so several years before the Tamiya kit.
  7. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by just buying Top Studio wheels.
  8. That would be great. If not for this example then a future build. I also have the Pacchetto Tempesta version to build.
  9. Nice build. I built one before long ago but I'd like to build another one to match my R1M.
  10. Thanks for the comments. Now with added shifting.
  11. Just sneak this into the end of 2021. Decals from Blue Stuff and detail set from Top Studio. A bit of build progress here. Typical Tamiya quality, super easy kit.
  12. I think I cracked the box open back in September.
  13. On the odd humid day I've had spots of water spitting out and ruining a day's work. Since adding this attachment I haven't had any problems. Check your moisture trap regularly. Queensland would be have more sunny days than not, so great for painting year round. I suspect your issues with the clear is paint based. From my experience acrylics feel soft and rubbery and don't polish well.
  14. I sprayed everything with a 50/50 mix of gloss and matt. It is a bit on the glossy side. Maybe 60/40 matt to gloss would look better.
  15. Thanks for the comments. I did a lot of google research on the interiors because the kit is so detailed and everything opens up. All the detail work done can be seen afterwards unlike most other kits. Most of the car is carbon so weave direction is also really important and visible. Finished door cards and attached 3D printed shock assemblies. Looking at it I wish I did something about the brake discs.
  16. Watching with interest as I have the Advan version in the stash.
  17. Thanks mate. Yeah SPC and Automotive Forums are a shadow of what they once were.
  18. I'm about half way through this kit which to say is a lot more work to go. I've heard horror stories when it comes to the body work so all that is before me. I've used the Aoshima detail set plus Ka Models carbon decals. Shifter assembly, steering wheel hub, dials and handbrake were replaced with 3D printed parts.
  19. Try switching to lacquers. All the brands I've tried are about the same and spray great when using Mr Hobby levelling thinners. Hot weather is great for fast drying and you can lay down multiple thin coats quickly. I have two moisture traps on my setup to deal with humidity.
  20. From what I can gather they are a fairly new company and this is their first major offering. Also it's the only 888 upgrade kit I know of. Comprehensive looks like an understatement for this set.
  21. I used 3 button batteries to power 5 leds. You can see in the above pics that I hid two under the seat and one in the airbox. I've circled where I put the switches.
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