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  1. Thanks An acquired taste I guess. The carbon decals weren't as bad as I thought as there are mostly flat surfaces.
  2. Last one for the year is Bandai's Death Trooper from Rogue One. Another great, easy to build, fun kit.
  3. Last one for 2016. Aoshima's fiddly but super detailed kit. I used their detail up set and some PE wipers for the Gallardo. Covered in Ka-models cf decals.
  4. Aoshima 50th Anniversario Aventador in celeste blue. I combined the roadster and 50th anniversario kits together for this. A bit fiddly in places but overall wasn't a difficult conversion.
  5. This went together really easily and captures the look of the character. I drybrushed dark gray to make it more interesting and also bring out the fabulously moulded fabric texture.
  6. Here's my Bandai Resistance X-wing. Had great fun weathering this thing. It went together pretty well but I had to cut a few sections of the fuselage so it separates in upper and lower halves. There's a big seam because of that but I'll have to live with it because I can still take it apart. The base is covered with Vajello water effects.
  7. The weathering and variations in paint finish looks very convincing.
  8. I'll take your scruffy work any day of the week!
  9. Looks great. All the weathering looks fantastic and I like the mods to the pilot and BB-8.
  10. Bandai X-wing finished. Perfect fit and excellent detail. Just a great little kit.
  11. Those engines look great plus the mini review of those metallic paints was quite useful.
  12. Here's the Aoshima Aventador 50th Anniversario in Gravity Colors giallo maggio. The paint has really good coverage considering it's such a bright colour. I used Tamiya pearl clear instead of the supplied pearl because it looked a bit off. That said though, the paints are a great replacement for Zero and I've already got a bunch of colours I want to try out.
  13. I like the effort you put into the photography and graphics as much as the actual build itself. A combination of Illustrator and Photoshop?
  14. I made some resin copies of the one from the sandtrooper. I also used it for the TFA trooper.
  15. This looks really promising. I love these take it to the next level builds.
  16. Thanks! There's a little nub on the inside edge of the aft wings that holds it together. I replaced it with a metal rivet though.
  17. Hi all I’ve been lurking for a while but I thought I should join in and start posting. Here’s a bunch of Bandai Star Wars kits I’ve been working on. These are probably the best kits I’ve ever had the pleasure to build.
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