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  1. I've bought a few transkits from www.ks-workshop.com
  2. That's a lot of carbon decaling there. Impressive work!
  3. That's a fantastic build. I love the paint scheme. Time to buy myself another A-wing methinks.
  4. I've been asked how I've cramed all the lighting bits in there so rather than explaining with just words I've pulled it apart and taken a few shots. Bandai have done such a great job with this kit that it's an easy exercise to disassemble and reassemble at will. Here's the battery access in case I need to replace the batteries. This is the general wire layout. Just a simple parallel circuit. Battery holder is just a few bits of styrene glued into a box. Led fits inside a hole drilled on part B8. I hope you can see the areas I needed to cut away so the wires can thread through. Switch is hidden next to right gun mounting point. I use tweezers to turn it on and off. Put it back together and everything stills works.
  5. Thanks. This is a stock photo I found. It's a tiny 3 pin slide switch. I bought a bunch a few years ago off ebay.
  6. I cut away a lot of plastic without damaging the attachment points but it's still a tight fit.
  7. Cheers all. This was the first time I've tried a base of this kind.
  8. This was a fun build. The base was built up with putty and Mig wet mud liberally applied. I sprinkled on scatter grass I found in the railroad section of the model store. The plants are laser cut card sprayed yellowy green. Mud on the boots were done with a Tamiya mud effects pen. The fabric roll on the back of the bike was a strip of fabric soaked with white glue and painted light brown.
  9. This was probably my most favourite Bandai kit to date. No glue anywhere and all the seams are small or hidden. I lit this with a couple of Leds and button batteries so it's all contained. The switch is hidden behind the right gun and the batteries are accessible via the underside panel.
  10. Just finished the Bandai Y-Wing. Easy to put together and finished with a bit of sponge chipping and airbrush shading.
  11. Nice work. The carbon and clear looks great.
  12. Thanks An acquired taste I guess. The carbon decals weren't as bad as I thought as there are mostly flat surfaces.
  13. Last one for the year is Bandai's Death Trooper from Rogue One. Another great, easy to build, fun kit.
  14. Last one for 2016. Aoshima's fiddly but super detailed kit. I used their detail up set and some PE wipers for the Gallardo. Covered in Ka-models cf decals.
  15. Aoshima 50th Anniversario Aventador in celeste blue. I combined the roadster and 50th anniversario kits together for this. A bit fiddly in places but overall wasn't a difficult conversion.
  16. This went together really easily and captures the look of the character. I drybrushed dark gray to make it more interesting and also bring out the fabulously moulded fabric texture.
  17. Here's my Bandai Resistance X-wing. Had great fun weathering this thing. It went together pretty well but I had to cut a few sections of the fuselage so it separates in upper and lower halves. There's a big seam because of that but I'll have to live with it because I can still take it apart. The base is covered with Vajello water effects.
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