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  1. Thanks for the comments 👍



    5 hours ago, slippers said:

    Lovely stuff. Very well done on a pristine finish. 👍


    It was a shame that Tamada couldn't make the adaptation to Michelin, as he was a real fly in the ointment on Bridgestone. I was a fan. 


    I have one these beautiful liveries to look forward to. 


    I agree. He was another of Japan's hopes that didn't quite make it. His Pramac bike was also an interesting livery.

  2. Engine and swing arm is mounted. Forks are done. The kit decals are old and disintegrate on contact with water. I put three coats of clear on the ones I needed and replaced all the carbon with Studio 27 decals.









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  3. The

    20 hours ago, Kiertomäntä said:

    Never knew there was a kit made from this bike. Would really like to find and build one. Being old tamiya kit, have you encountered any major flaws yet?


    And for those who don't know the oddity in this bike, this had four piston V8 to circumvent the regulations in bike racing in early 1980s.


    There are actually oval voids in the engine block where the pistons would go. Then the covers go on and its hidden away forever.


    There are 2 big issues with assembly I've found. The exhaust is designed to be glued together at different stages which I ignored. Just cut it up and assemble as one piece.

    The harder to fix issue is with the front fairing. It's moulded as one piece, which means the holes for the intake and lights are clearly visible on completion. Also the sill is half the width its supposed to be making side fairing the wrong shape and the panel separation is in the wrong area.

    I found this out after I applied paint and decals so trying to fix it is going to be tricky.








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  4. I've wanted one of these on the shelf for a while. It's an older Tamiya kit with some strange assembly procedures but the quality is still there. I've printed a new chain, thinned and drilled the brake discs, and made a mould of the heel plates to make detailing easier.





















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  5. On 6/15/2022 at 3:31 AM, Totally Mad Olivier said:

    P.S: gamblor916, I have not taken a decision about the cowls (assembled on the bike or not) but I love the pic you posted above. If you have another one of the same kind, I am very interested...


    Just search for motorcycle fairing stand. You can always design your own too.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Spiny said:

    Lovely build there. One thing which always amazes me when I see so many Red Bull sponsored race vehicles is that so many people must be drinking that sickly sweet stuff.


    Also Monster, Rockstar etc. Probably young folks as an all day replacement for coffee. I don't care for it either.

  7. Thanks for the comments.


    2 hours ago, slippers said:

    Lovely result there. I can certainly appreciate all of the extra work that you've done. Bravo! 👍


    Seeing McCoy smoking the rear of that bike was quite a sight. Who would've thought that a rider could jump from 125s and do that? 


    I would have preferred his number 8 bike but those decals are beyond rare and finding another kit for a reasonable price is almost impossible.

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