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  1. Hello all!  Well, it's been quite a while since I've reared my head or done any modelling!  Sadly I'll health has put the kibosh on all that but have since been busy, built trumpeter 1/350 The Sullivans just rigging to do and am currently making Zvezdas Varyag.  Poor Voltair is on the back burner for now but will try and take some decent pics of my efforts and drone on about my failures and triumphs!


    Hope to be back soon



  2. Yes, sorry forgot this is a modelling site and not the pub! Am however increasingly impressed with how your build is progressing, please keep the news comming! All the best Andy
  3. Hi Jeff, yes, pre dreadnought is a real.time new field for me, I like nosing about in historical stuff because am noseybut have done allsorts over time!
  4. Welcome! Am new here also, everyone is very nice and hope to see you're builds soon! No pressure! Best wishes, Andy
  5. Am just worried I might eat the thing!
  6. Ooh err matron! Sorry, it's in the title...
  7. Heh, wish I could remember, not only a heavy metal nut but also was at art college learning things not to be mentioned on a family friendly place!
  8. Never very good at talking foreign, but speak Latin like a native...
  9. I assume you've seen my little I'd pic, so 'Ooh err matron!'. Was in a teenage heavy metal band in my distant youth called ' God's white telephone'. I played bass but could never remember how we came up with the name...
  10. Mind the barnacles chaps, I hear they can cause innuendos
  11. Hi Jeff, yes, sorry about pics, used camera mode in Flickr on my tablet and hasn't worked out well so will use camera app next time! Technology, here to make life easier....too much input!
  12. Hello again! Between being ill and my Voltaire have been neglecting my poor little ship, however have been researching stuff and looking at various people's sea dio techniques. I was particularly impressed by the work of Chris Flodberg who is an artist and avid ship modeler. He has provided a master class on his various techniques on model Warships.com (err, am I going to get in trouble for that mention?) He shows the 'oat method' whereby he shapes dry rolled oats on a boxed in base and fixes it with large amounts of superglue. I thought I'd try a variation by mixing oats with pva into a thick 'porridge' which I pressed down with a wetted spoon to form some gentle undulations. Then I spooned watered down pva over the sea of oats. Depending how this gets on (no doubt some shrinkage will occur) will sand and seal with gloss varnish before painting. Finally will try bow waves using cotton wool. That's the plan anyway! Have done the first stage on my test piece and will let it dry for a few days. Will let you know how it goes! Thanks for looking Andy
  13. Hello again, well she's coming together now! Attached various little stairs and rails (which you can barely see) and the superstructure. Working from the inner to outer will be attaching more stairs, rails and rigging. The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter! Thanks for looking
  14. Thanks Kevin, the Sherbourne is a handsome little ship and would be just the ticket. Will need to save up my paper round money! Best wishes Andy
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