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  1. Fizgig

    Academy 1/350 HMS Warspite

    Superb workmanship and love the weathering! Have this in my stash, started but lost my mojo, but now am feeling the love again! Great stuff
  2. Fizgig

    German Battleship Tirpitz

    Good luck with your exams, annoying when reality gets in the way of model making! Have really enjoyed your build thus far (have old revell Bismarck in stash) and you are very skilled so yes please to starting a new thread! Wishing you and your family a peaceful New Year!
  3. Fizgig

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

    Looking forward to this, haven't wet my feet yet but must try a sea dio in 1/700 so as to finally use a job lot of ww2 Japanese stuff thats gathering the dust of ages!
  4. Fizgig

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

  5. Been a long while since I last emerged from drydock, I'll health has kept me beached but after an extensive overhaul have been refloated!  Am currently working on Hobbyboss Voltaire and have been massively impressed and motivated by Michael M's build of the Danton.  Have been logging my slow progress with piccies so may start a build thread, but after Michaels build think mine would be rather redundant!  Anyhoo, a happy and peaceful New Year to everyone!



  6. Fizgig

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Outstanding workmanship, or should I say artistry! Has inspired me to build the Voltaire which is still on going.....
  7. Picture on page "Hello all! This is my first post on here s 20 April 2016 09:52 Hello all! This is my first post on here so it is with a certain amount of trepidation I continue so here we go..... As you can see I have reached the stage where the hull is fully assembled, painted and weathered. It was the weathering that became a bugbear in that should I or shouldn't I? Bear in mind this is my first ship build since I was a kiddywinkle I did a lot of research and ended up with a headache! So I thought I would do some experimentation as most of my experience was with 1/35 afv's and aircraft. So, after painting (colors too dark, oops!) sprayed humbrol matt and gave a general black oil wash and pin washes. Then the fun began! Used artist coloured pencils for small detailed rust/muck streaks under portholes, edge of deck etc. As these are water soluble I wetted my finger to blend the streaks in (ewwww!). Now, the hull, I eventually settled on using artist pastels of various hues and colours scrubbed on wit various sized bristle brushes. Then using softer brushes I went over every thing to gently blend the powders in. Finally I used a "mop" (big fluffy sable brush" dipped in a light grey powder mix to finally take the edge off the colour variations and tie everything together. Once I was happy I sprayed everything with a humbrol rattle can matt finish. I was somewhat nervous after reading other peoples experiences but it worked just fine, guess all those years at art college weren't a waste of time afterall! Finally, I hope I haven't bored any one with my musings and I very much hope you will offer constructive criticism and any advice is most welcome, especially with rigging which I am dreading! (Please be gentle!). One final thought, just took a picie of the tsesarevich compared to the hull of Revells New Jersey premium edition which I have just started. Phew, wot a whopper! All the best folks Andy Picture on page "Hello all! This is my first post on here so" Pa ste d f rom <ht tp :// wwRight, none of my pictures down loaded and don't knpw what to do.....HELP!!!! w.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=new_post&f=354> o"