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  1. armored76

    Any advice or thoughts on AS176 mini-compressor ?

    Hey, The 0.3L tank is practically non-existent. All it could do is help getting rid of pulsation specific to "tankless" compressors and shut off the compressor when you are not spraying but it will barely hold any air. The specified noise level of 49 dB is also in-line with other models of the same manufacturer. I use a compressor with a 3L tank which will give me aprox. 30 seconds of spraying off the tank before the compressor will start again. It will minimize noise a bit but more importantly it will give the compressor some time to cool down during longer sessions. I have been spraying for as long as 3-4 hours without the thermal protection kicking-in. From what I read, overheating might be a problem with oilless compressors without a tank (or a small one like your selected model). To be honest, I would go for their AF186 model instead... I hope this helps! Cristian
  2. armored76

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    - Son, what do you want to be when you grow up? - Ummm... Pizza delivery boy... no, no, wait... a pool boy... no, no... a postman! - Son, have you messed with those videos tapes I told you not to touch!?
  3. armored76

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Remember the times before Facebook and Twitter? You wanted the world to know about something, you just had to tell your mother-in law about it...
  4. armored76

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Hah! To be honest, that Tu-160 as a passenger plane looks SHARP!!! That is quite an idea for a what-if build.
  5. armored76

    Taking well lit photos for my models

    This is my setup plus a tripod for the camera the photo cube in the middle costs around 10 Euro on Ebay the lamps are from Ikea about 10-15 Euro each (maybe a get a third one for top illumination), bulbs are LED with equivalent of 75W, 5 Euro each the model is placed on an A0 sheet of paper (white or light blue are usual colours) at the cost of 0.99 Euro the tripod at around 30-40 Euro off Ebay No matter how much light you use or how fine your camera is adjusted, there will always be a need for post-processing. Use Gimp, a free piece of software for that. Here is what I get using this setup: ...and one on the light blue background: I hope this helps! Cristian
  6. armored76

    New GWH's project

    In case somebody listens and cares: another vote for the SU-25. ...but wait... there was THIS thread a while ago...
  7. armored76

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Jack moves in to his newly bought house and one evening he decides to visit his neighbour to present himself so, he grabs his dog and off they go. The neighbour turns out to be a really nice guy and they chat hours long. Seeing Jack's dog he says "You know I love animals myself. I have a pageant winning Angora rabbit myself" and proudly presents his white fluff ball sitting in its luxury cage. A beautiful specimen, indeed! A couple of days later, Jack walks out the door noticing his dog playing with something. Getting closer he notices the neighbour's rabbit's dead body, all muddied up and chew on by the dog. In his desperation, he decides to clean the remainings as good as he can and sneaks into the neighbours domains next night to place the rabbit back in its cage. Said and done. All seems to turn out fine so he decides to pay the neighbour a visit next day. He finds him petrified, staring at the rabbit's cage... - Is everything fine? - My pageant winning rabbit is DEAD! - Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear that! - But this is not what scares me... It died two days ago and I buried it in the garden... but now it's back in the cage
  8. armored76

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Communist times, sometimes back in the "wild 50s" where almost anything could get you a deportation, all-inclusive. Two blokes on the crowded bus, one telling a political joke... a good one but nobody dares to laugh. All of a sudden, a guy in a long leather jacket starts laughing out loud: - That was a good one! I have to write that down... Your name and address please....
  9. armored76

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    Indeed, many thanks to Jadlam for making this offer, no matter what the outcome will be!
  10. Niiiice! Looking forward to this one!
  11. Hey, I'm really getting fed up with my H&S Evolution so I need to vent while picking your minds for a possible solutiin I'm using acrylic paints from Revell, Vallejo and Mig and no matter which brand, what paint-to-thinner ratio, pressure (10-15 psi) or thinner (tap water, IPA, IPA+water, original Revell Aqua thinner) I'm using the tip always ends up clogged as soon as I stop spraying for more than 2-3 seconds. I have to wipe off the tip of the needle to be able to spray again. Today, for instance I used a 30-70, paint-thinner mix for some post-shading. The paint wasn't even flowing constantly at 15 psi! When it did, it spidered, of course. Have you experienced such a problem? Can someone please help with any advice? I'm on the verge of selling it... Many-many thanks in advance! Cristian
  12. armored76

    H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    Thanks, Marco! That comes to confirm that lacquer-based paints behave better. Have you tried large nozzles, too or only the 0.15 mm?
  13. armored76

    H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    Thanks, Steve! That all makes sense... I initially thought that a small bottle of thinner and ONE bottle of paint plus the shipping costs would add up to about 50% of the needle/nozzle/cap set price. But then again, once thinner and shipping are paid for, I can add TEN more bottles of paint for the same price. It's just that I'd hate to invest in yet another line of paints and not be able to use it properly... I guess, I'll look at the next builds I'm planning and order a sample set of paints accordingly. Thanks for all your suggestions! I'll sure keep you updated on the progress!
  14. armored76

    Airfix B737-200

    Those Chinese characters look really cool! Fantastic job, so far!
  15. armored76

    H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    The saga continues! I was using a variety of MR. Paint "lacquers" lately which were flowing excellently. No clogging, no spitting, no worries except the smell. While I was almost sold on getting a larger batch of these paint, I've heard good things about the new AK Real Colors line which are supposedly odourless and I have reports of them working with my exact setup. Now, I'm torn between getting a new line of paints or cashing out for a 0.4 or even 0.6 mm needle/nozzle/cap setup. Thoughts? Thanks! Cristian
  16. armored76

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    May I suggest some of the new Zvezda and Revell 1/144 airliners? About the same price range as the mentioned kits. To be honest I find the list of options a bit limited. I realize WWII models are very popular but all 8 of them from the same niche?
  17. armored76

    HO3S-1 1/48 AMP

    Superb model!
  18. armored76

    Question for the Abrams experts

    Thanks GMK!
  19. armored76

    Question for the Abrams experts

    Hey, I was looking at the new Tamiya M1A2 Abrams kits that were released last year in different scales and these all use the same paint scheme: flat sand. Have these vehicles ever been painted in the three-tone NATO camouflage, for instance? Or any other scheme, for that matter? Many thanks in advance! Cristian
  20. Wishful thinking, @Tim T But let's hope for the best!
  21. armored76

    AK Real Colors

    Thanks Steve! I haven't used Tamiya but I hear it is much less intense in smell than lacquer paints, in general. Also, reassuring to hear you face no difficulties with the Evolution.
  22. armored76

    AK Real Colors

    Thanks Steve @fatfingers! May I also ask about the smell of the paints/thinner? I absolutely love the MR Paint range but the smell is just awful which is why I ponder giving this range a try. What airbrush have you been using for the tests? My H&S Evolution seems to be more sensitive to acrylics (Revell, Mig, etc) while it works perfectly wit MR Paint so I was wondering how the AK line performs here. Thanks again! Cristian
  23. armored76

    1/72 Airbus A400M (Revell)

    Very nicely done!
  24. That would be my number one, long-awaited release if it would come. I wonder why it was skipped so far... The old kits are not bad but nowhere close to modern standards, I hear. Pretty please make this happen!
  25. armored76

    Zvezda Boeing 737-800 Monarch Airlines

    Looks really nice, so far! The fit seems to be spot on, too.