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  1. Thanks Francis for your kind words.
  2. Here the making off video. Regards
  3. Hi Matt, Thanks for your kind words. About spaces of diorama my idea was make 4 separated action spaces. 1- Soviets soldiers 2- Tank crew (retreating) 3- German soldiers 4- Fight in building and a little space between there simulating a real situation
  4. Hi to all, I would like to show you my last work, a diorama based on battle of Berlin Here the video presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZfd_dabuGk Regards
  5. thank you very much for your words. Regards
  6. Hi to all, I would like to show you my last work, a vignette based on battle of Cologne (March 1945). Equipped with a 155 mm M2 gun, it was designed to replace the earlier M12 Gun Motor Carriage. Its prototype designation was the T83, but this was changed to the M40 in March 1945. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M40_Gun_Motor_Carriage Here the video presentation Regards
  7. Hi Badder Thanks for your appreciations. I usually use the sun light for the photos to achieve the best quality with my smartphone. Varnish used on figures perhaps is too glossy and sun light doesn't help. The action was on Spring of 1945, perhaps the sun and birds were on air . Thanks for your comment Regards
  8. I glad that you like. Well my intention was reflect the massive movements of troops, cannons, tanks, etc days before Berlin assault on Oder river side.
  9. Hello, Here some pics of diorama: Regards
  10. Hi to all, This is my last 1/35 Diorama based on preparation of Berlin assault. Used kits: * T-34/76 (Tamiya) * Soviet Divisional Artillery Horse Transport (ICM) * BM-13 Katyusha (Zvezda) * Soviet artillery crew on maneuver (Miniart) Some videos about it: Breakthrough on the Oder River - From the Seelow Heights to Berlin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udPVLqxRQX0 Battle of the Seelow Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36XisaKZgkk Regards
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