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  1. Very good. I agree the desert scheme looks awesome. It's an especially impressive finish for brush painting in 1/144. It's nice to see this kit built up as I just got hold of on of these E-day kits. I'll be building the Avia CS-92
  2. Thank you. Indeed, good fun kits! The P63 King Cobra is on my list, doing the clipped wing air race version especially.
  3. Well done. This is now my favourite build I have seen this year, I just love it.
  4. Thank you for the kind comments. They are incredibly small, The vacuum formed canopies I made, for example, are too small to insert a match head! The R2 has full cockpit interior, but you basically can't see it...
  5. Certainly, I believe their introduction had a very big impact on aviation design in the 30's generally. I love the chubby and awkward designs of the 30's, perhaps they remind me of myself.
  6. Finished my latest build. 1/144 Dora Wings kit. Fantastic little kits, I modified and added details.
  7. SUB-SAM

    1/144 kits

    Northstar models do a fantastic Pflaz E.IV if you can find it, very good resin and PE. Regarding Valom kits, some are good, some are not and require extensive modification to make any sort of decent model.
  8. This is finished, which can be seen here:
  9. As discussed in my A5M4 thread I thought I might do another Japanese fighter. As I had a detail set for a Zero, that's what I'll do. I have several sweet Zero, including a floater but the individual packs annoyingly don't have hinomaru, so the only option was the boxed A6M3 in the grey/green scheme. As is sensible tradition I start with the office.. The Griffon photo etch set works wonders and speeds up/looks better than what I normally spend days scratching.
  10. Thank you Michael, that will be very useful. I know Japanese aircraft research can be a bit tricky, but it seems a clearer picture is appearing now. Thank you for sharing.
  11. Always 1/144 for me I have a good amount of interest in Japanese aircraft and I have some other great 1/144 kits, so expect to see more soon. I might do the early George as the Platz kit looks phenomenal.
  12. If anyone was wondering what happened. I had to move house... Now I'm moved I immediately started modelling again. Almost done now.
  13. Yay I managed to un balls it up. First attempt was sanding using 7500 grit paper, trying on an out of the way area underneath. Problem was the coat was so thin it was impossible to do without exposing primer on edges etc so I stopped before ruining it. Second attempt, I sprayed relatively thick gloss coat, this smoothed the surface but you could still see the grains underneath (kinda like a clear resin counter with textured bits underneath) Then as a last attempt I decided I would blow an extremely diluted white semi gloss, with very light dusting over the top of the clear gloss. This has made it look a lot smoother and also made it look a lot more like Alu dope. Also got the red tail on. Can't wait to see it shaded soon.
  14. I had the pressure too low on the airbrush. God damn it, I've ruined it!
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