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  1. SUB-SAM

    Pyro 1/48 Bristol Boxkite

    This is fantastic. Great work on the old kit.
  2. SUB-SAM

    I need help

    The way I see it, even if you bugger something up on a kit, finish it anyway and see it as a 'practice run' for techniques. Fix a problem area best you can and continue with the build. It's not possible to master modelling instantly, or even ever and there is always room for improvement. Putting pressure on yourself to create perfection will stop you enjoying the modelling process.
  3. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    Working on the undercarriage frame tonight. I did the spatter of crap from the engine on the cowling underside. The wings are also attached, I have not shaded the underside wings/fuselage to keep it lighter in colour and no one will look underneath at this scale when it's based up.
  4. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    I used a peice of polyethylene backed aluminium foil from a scalpel blade packet. I first painted the foil side black polyurethane primer and left to dry well. I used the tip of a fresh 11p scalpel to push elongated slots in a cooling jacket pattern. I then scraped off the polyethylene layer with a fresh blade so that the holes remain without closing over too much. Then I cut the piece of foil to length and diamater x pi (3.14) and rolled around one of the tiny drill bits I have. I glued a small piece of 0.3mm kanthal wire into the end for the barrel. I didn't attempt to have a hollow bore because that really would get me locked up. The belt was made from a tiny piece of brass that I used gentle pressure on the snips to make 'bullets' In rolling it lost some definition of the ports but certainly much better than the kit part. I will attempt to a front sight, cocking lever and feed mechanism on other side.
  5. I'll be watching this with interest. Great start on the prop.
  6. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    Just found his model, hats off that's good. I may have to join that forum as I definitely have the bug for WW1 aircraft. Thank you.
  7. SUB-SAM


    Very very nice. You have great attention to detail which is inspiring and encouraging.
  8. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    I re-built the wheels anyway lol. I've done the canvas texturing, frame shading and also built a tiny Spandau LMG 08 with ported barrel shroud which was a hell of a task. Still lots of little details to go on the gun now it's in position. Starting to look alright.
  9. I've used slate powder and CA for ultra smooth gap filling. Because the slate powder is very fine rounded particles it has good rheological properties when mixed with CA. Flour cakes and granulates as you have found out. You can pack slate powder into gaps, press and level off and drip ultra thin CA into it so that little sanding is needed. It does go off quickly, as do any high surface area powders mixed with CA.
  10. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    Money spider Inspecting the wheels. Zoomed in I think they look a bit crappy now, opinions?
  11. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    I'm saving the money spiders to perform the rigging for me, it's quite delicate on the E.iii especially the underside.
  12. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    A closer view.
  13. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    Thanks for the ideas, they have proven to be very helpful. I initially tried the clear hub idea but it looked very obvious, for this scale I used acetate sheet but it looked more like a window than it did spokes, It's certainly one way of doing it. I liked the idea of winding onto a circular frame. Perhaps what I was trying to do with hollowing out the kit wheels and glueing individual spokes was the hardest way of doing it. So tonight I collated all these ideas and made a separate hub from some 0.65x0.08mm Nichrome ribbon and superglue lengths of 0.05mm nichrome across the hubs, 4 lengths each side of the hub. Once each side was dry I trimmed the excess with a knife whilst face down. I then inserted the hub into the painted, hollowed out kit wheel. After 2 hours of playing about I have made one wheel: It certainly doesn't have the spoke density of the real thing but I'm thinking this will do? I think maybe the effort to get greater spoke density might be almost invisible to the eye...it looks spoked at a glance.
  14. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    I'm really really trying to do spoked wheels but struggling, has anyone ever managed this feat before? Are there any cheats? because I think I've reached the limit of what I can do without employing the skills of a very well trained flea.
  15. SUB-SAM

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    Did some work around the cockpit, improving on the kit to represent the leather impact protectors. Also putting the decals on tonight. Mildly disappointed that the wing crosses supplied on the kit decal sheet aren't 100% true to original but close enough for me to not pull them off. If you are thinking it looks quite plain, my plan is to achieve all shading through oil washes as I find pre/post shading with airbrush in 1/144 more trouble than it's worth.