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  1. It's coming on quite nicely now.
  2. Nichrome wire. I think I used 0.05mm or there about.
  3. Wow, Welcome and thank you for the compliment. Being somewhere between Hinkley Point and Bristol airport, I regularly see these helicopters overhead. So it was a natural choice for a scheme when I decided to do an EC-135. This one is based on G-WPDD in 2016, if my reference photos are correct. I did it from this period because it didn't appear to have the green WPD logos, which would have been difficult to produce as decals at home. There will be a lot more details to fit in the coming weeks, with my eyes now recovering. Various antennae, li
  4. It's from an F-toys model, instead of any kit unfortunately. (1/144 seriously lacks helicopter kits, probably due to glazing requirements) I had to strip and modify the parts but thankfully the general shape and panel lines are very accurate for the scale.
  5. I'm having to take a break from modelling due to eye strain. (Yep, from modelling, yep that's what you get for doing 1/144 scale) I thought I would show what I've been working on for a while.
  6. Lovely builds. You've done a good kit justice.
  7. Thank you. It makes me happy because my goal is to make 1/144 scale models that people can appreciate in the same way they would a larger scale. 1/144 suffers a bit from a toy-like image. I still wish to improve their appearance more in the future. Heavy panel lines stand out to my eyes, even if the ones here are considered fine as the hobby goes. I'm working out technique to apply shrinking filler to achieve this.
  8. The Vallejo PRU pink, then a very diluted red filter was used over the top for a bit of colour variation/fade.
  9. Basically complete, perhaps some rigging and mirror to finish.
  10. This is my first armour build, let me know what you think.
  11. Love it. Where on earth will you find the space to display that beast?
  12. I look forward to seeing it. The Nieuport 11 is one of the better Valom kits. I thinned the tail pieces, adjusted the cowl length, but other than that the basic shape is really good, checked against scale drawings.
  13. Very good. I agree the desert scheme looks awesome. It's an especially impressive finish for brush painting in 1/144. It's nice to see this kit built up as I just got hold of on of these E-day kits. I'll be building the Avia CS-92
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