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  1. Amazing, especially considering the vintage kit. Japanese aircraft are less often modelled and very interesting, especially the J2M. It would have been a truly lethal interceptor had it not suffered from cooling and supercharger issues. (And obviously the collapse of Japan) I'm one of those 1/144 weirdos and I've been trying to track down the Fujimi kit of this aircraft (for a not insane price) when I do, I'll be sure to refer back to this build.
  2. SUB-SAM

    Tsi Yuen, S-Model, 1:700

    Fantastic work, a nice interesting subject in 1/700. The rigging is very effective. I have the same ship as a kit but slightly bigger in 1/144 scale
  3. SUB-SAM

    Westland Wyvern s.4 early

    Absolutely wonderful build, very thoughtful placement of chipping effects.
  4. The decals have bedded down nicely now. The kit cowl was to short, so I lengthened it according to scale plan, but somehow now it looks too long. What do you guys think? It wouldn't be to hard to cut and trim (a fraction of a mm in this scale)
  5. The Le Rhone 9C is a little better than my last one. I've developed a new technique for canvas shading, instead of using oil washes (which were taking forever to dry properly) I use a mixture of saliva, water and dye, it doesn't sound nice but saliva has the perfect weak surfactant and weak fixotropic properties. You paint it on the surface and rather than flooding, it strays spread out more and sinks more gently into low spots. It looked absolutely fantastic the first time, unfortunately the coating is extremely weak (as you can imagine) until you overcoat it with acrylic. I ended up touching the top wing and then had to somewhat repair it and it doesn't look at good. The decals in the last photo have just been given decal solution, if you're wondering what the bumpy bits are.
  6. I wasn't quite ready to do more to the Taube (I've done well and want to build my skill before rigging) so I decided to start something else. With the wife away for the weekend I wanted to do as much as I could. Due to this I haven't taken as many progress shots to show you, but most of you know what I'm about now.
  7. SUB-SAM

    JB-2 Loon - 1/144 OWL Resin

    God damn that's beautiful, a high quality finish that would be appreciated in a model much bigger.
  8. SUB-SAM

    A Hurricane by a different Matchbox

    Thank you for the detailed response on the canopy. The time and technique applied here means in the photos one could mistake it for even a well built 1/48 scale, very impressive. Part of the joy of 1/144 scale is finding techniques to overcome limitations at this scale.
  9. SUB-SAM

    A Hurricane by a different Matchbox

    Sweet! Looks very good. Making up replacement canopy in 1/144 completely changes the look from standard. With a canopy from a kit you can tell at a glance it's that because of the lens effects. How did you make the canopy, if you don't mind me asking? I was wondering what the Sweet Hurricane was like, now I see and I like.
  10. I also think it is definitely worth testing rigging on it, as if it isn't working out you can just strip it off. I agree the fine nichrome wires are good. I am currently searching for an alternative however, something with a little stretch, high strength and UV resistance. I'm going to find it before I attempt to rig my Taube as I have a feeling nichrome wire will be impossible to get taught with such complicated rigging. I've been looking at nitinol alloy wires and looking at various polyamide or even organic sources. I was looking at uschi line but the guy selling it doesn't even list the sizes properly and from what I've read it's not quite perfect for CA adhesion on small models.
  11. That's a stunner. I'd say you have captured the difference of sheet aluminium and aluminized doped fabric very well.
  12. The seatbelts are in, I'm proud of these.
  13. All struts in place now. Positioning seems fairly close, what do you think?
  14. Tiny little seat belt components