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  1. Bobski

    Possibly niaive F-35 question

    Yes, the first aircraft in British markings were BK01-BK04. The prototypes were the two X-35s and AA-1.
  2. Bobski

    1/48 Revell Phantom

    I've not built it, but from the image on the box it looks like a Yank Phantom that has just been painted in RAF markings.
  3. Add 5 Squadron and 11 Squadron to that list. I'd also like to see some of the Squadron markings from the mid-1990s. Not necessarily special schemes, just regular line jets. Again, 5 Squadron, 29 Squadron and 11 Squadron would be my main choices.
  4. Bobski

    Italeri Typhoon.....

    Pretty sure it's their own kit. I don't see why they would rebox the Revell kit when they have their own.
  5. Bobski

    Italeri Typhoon.....

    The Italeri kit is based on the prototype Development Aircraft rather than a production aircraft. In terms of shape issues, the wingtip pods, rear fuselage, exhausts and seat are all wrong, and the pylons are a bit ropey as well.
  6. Bobski

    Omani Typhoon Colours..

    The Omani Typhoons are FS 36231 overall, with RAF Camouflage grey for the radomes. They are not the same grey as the Hawk 208s.
  7. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    Unfortunately the Airfix Paveway IVs in their Harrier GR7/GR9 kits aren't Paveway IVs either. They're funny shaped GBU-12s with some odd raised bands around the warhead. The L'Arsenal weapons in 1/48 are excellent. I've got three sets and will probably get more, especially now that Eduard have released their rather splendid Brimstone missiles.
  8. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    Unfortunately the differences between the two weapons are too significant. Different conduits down the side of the weapon, plus Paveway IV has a hardback that isn't present on a GBU-49. To me it would just look wrong.
  9. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    Yes, I went back and checked my Hasegawa kits and it is in there, it just isn't referenced in the instructions until the loadout chart at the end. I have the same set. They look OK built up (at least in 1/72) but the way they've been cast is terrible as they butt up to the casting block in such a way that there is very little space to get a scalpel blade or razor saw to make a straight cut. Same goes for Olimp's Paveway IVs in their Harrier / Tornado sets. I just wish Eduard would so some PWIVs in 1/72...
  10. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    I don't remember. I think the inboard pylons may have been, but not the outboard pylons. No, that's not correct. Both kits can be made into either an F2 or an FGR4.
  11. Bobski

    KI-61 id Tamiya 1/48

    Lovely work. How have you blended the felt pen weathering? Do you use thinners or paint on the brush?
  12. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    The Revell kit of the single-seater needs a lot of care in the assembly as the fit isn't great, but other than that it can be built up into a perfectly good RAF Typhoon out of the box, either an F2 or an FGR4. If you want to be picky then you would need to rescribe the access panel for the avionics bays either side of the fuselage as Revell use the same twin-seat fuselage mould for the single-seat and twin-seat kits. Hard to describe in words, but photo references will show what I mean. The one thing you won't be able to model from the Revell kit is the jet in a 4+4 QRA fit, because it doesn't have the outboard pylons. You can have a 2+4 fit, with 2 ASRAAM and 4 AMRAAM and a pair of wing tanks though, which is perfectly fine. You can't do any of the air-to-surface configs, other than maybe Storm Shadow, because the kit is missing most of the pylons and weapons.
  13. They should be the same colour as the airframe. The only photos I’ve seen showing a metal finish on those panels are of the aircraft on display at Duxford.
  14. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    The only exhausts are the ones from Olimp, but the diameter is miles off and they don't fit. I had two sets and both were far too big. One option is a spare set of 'open' nozzles from the Revell kit, which will fit, or some plastic tube of the right diameter, cut to length, which you then cover with something to represent the red exhaust covers on the real aircraft. The pylons aren't 'handed', as Selwyn says, but it depends on whether that's a game changer for you. If it is then you'll probably have to modify the kit pylons as I'm not aware of any decent aftermarket ones. The only weapon that is missing is Paveway IV, and the only ones I'm aware of in 1/72 are in the Olimp weapons sets for Harriers or Tornados over Afghanistan. They aren't too bad but take a bit of care to build up. Unless you have a seat from the Revell kit, I would go with Pavla.
  15. Bobski

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    Both the 2007 and 2017 tool Revell kits can be build into an RAF machine without modification. The main things that are missing are a full set of wing pylons and a decent assortment of air-to-surface weapons. The fit is a little ropey though, so it takes a bit of work to get right. The Hasegawa kit fits a lot better and has better detail, except the seat, which bears only a passing resemblance to a Typhoon seat, and the exhaust nozzles, which are only provided in an "in-flight" configuration. Hasegawa has a full set of pylons, which is a big plus, and a better (but still not comprehensive) set of weapons. It's also, unfortunately, 3-4 times the price of the Revell kits...