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  1. Bobski

    F16-C colours

    Hi Andy, F-16Cs began in a three-tone camouflage, with FS 36375 on the lower surfaces, FS36270 on the lighter grey upper surfaces and FS36118 for the dark grey. That's 'factory' paint, which over time has become FS36118 and FS36270. Radomes vary in shade depending on weathering, a bit like on a Typhoon. Your best bet is to check photos and then try to match them. If you're mixing then FS36270 as a basis with maybe some darker grey and a touch of brown will probably work. Pylons and fuel tanks would be the same colour as the jet - so FS36270 - however they al
  2. A Falklands GR3 would be semi gloss or matt, so I'd go for a satin or a matt finish. The T4N would probably be matt, and the GR9 would definitely be matt (albeit with a glossy tail as the disbandment schemes were applied shortly before the aircraft was withdrawn from service).
  3. I'm not sure to be honest. You could go with the Spanish grey, but photos of it appear lighter (almost RAF camouflage grey). Unfortunately there's no way to check the aircraft and determine what is correct because it crashed...
  4. As has already been said, the aircraft are all FS36118 Gunship Grey. It will appear lighter in some photos because of a combination of lighting and older paint fading, particularly if it has been deployed into the desert sun for a while.
  5. Bobski


    I'm not aware of any need to do this, but other opinions may differ.
  6. Related question from me - does anyone make a B43 or B57 bucket of instant sunshine in either 1/72 or 1/48? I fancy building a QRA bird...
  7. If you want a good F-35A then go for the Meng kit, which is superb. If you want the F-35B or F-35C then you need to go with Kitty Hawk as they are the only game in town for those variants.
  8. The outboard pylon on the folded section is a launch rail for a SRAAM, which would be AIM-9X on an F-35C (as only the USN and USMC have ordered it). I haven't seen any pictures of it loaded and folded, but given that this is done as a matter of routine on F/A-18s I would not be surprised to see it done with F-35C.
  9. BS 381c-626 is RAF Camouflage Grey. Mr Hobby do RAF Camouflage Grey as a standard colour within their range that is very good and I have used it on several models to date. They refer to it as Barley Grey, which is an unofficial name for RAF Camouflage Grey. It is H334.
  10. Yes, but not by much. The specified colour was "ash grey" (if I remember my Horikoshi book correctly) which was a sort of grey/green that sometimes also had a slight brown tint to it. It is a fascinating subject but a nightmare if you are looking for 100% accuracy because it just isn't possible.
  11. Can of worms being opened over the colour of early war Zeroes - you could write a book about the subject. The Grey Green paint is, arguably, still not correct but it is a lot more accurate than white. Nick Millman is the man for this kind of thing.
  12. Contact Hobbylink Japan (www.hlj.com) as they may be able to help.
  13. TIALD was still in use up to the mid- to late-2000s, when it was replaced with LITENING III. It was still in frontline service during Op. Telic. As far as colours go, from looking at photographs I would hazard a guess at either Medium Sea Grey or Dark Sea Grey.
  14. To clarify the colour question, Spain, Austria and Oman are all FS36231. Italy is FS36280. I’ll correct the error in the original post.
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