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  1. Thanks for the ideas, one or two are looking good due to what the weather looks like next week Matt
  2. Thanks Andy Its the way of things that model shops all over are shutting down, I remember some really good ones when I were a lad that disappeared some years ago, the air museum sounds like a nice escape for a few hours Matt
  3. Sorry to hear that John, no sign of replacement for you? Matt
  4. Bloody unreliable knees and getting a proper diagnosis grrrr left knee has decided to become as reliable as a Chinese knock off airbrush and a visit to the quack came back with strained ligaments! Now I know it’s not that cause I had exactly the same problem with the other knee which required arthroscopic surgery to fix so I’ve got to hobble about till they decide it needs fixing, last time took a year from initial proper diagnosis
  5. Good review Bought this one a few weeks back, looks really nice just have to finish the too many started kits before I can make a pigs ear of it.
  6. There’s a wip of the HK in the aircraft section somewhere, if that’s any help Matt
  7. Well took delivery today of a new out of the ordinary toy, which I blame swimbo for as she put the idea in my head. a 3D printer, a little test print turned out pretty good, now to get my rusty grey matter around CAD so full use can be had, as well as playing with settings to see how good it can really be
  8. Bomber command by Max Hastings always worth a re-read
  9. Some outstanding work going on here Gorby, I’m far too lazy to even attempt scratching anything kudos to you fella
  10. Nope the missus is useless with cars
  11. I may have found a new and hitherto unknown level of grumpy im actually grumpy about not being able to moan about changing a headlight bulb on the car! It looked like a right pig to do but wasn’t too bad at all
  12. You wouldn’t know I’m in the process of an Airfix Vulcan would you?
  13. Ahh to remove the flash from an Airfix kit?
  14. I’ll second the bad batch vote, I use vallejo model air including alot of white grey on swimbo’s dolls house and never had a problem like that, think you got unlucky Matt
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