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  1. BadKarma75

    What are you reading?

    Bomber command by Max Hastings always worth a re-read
  2. Some outstanding work going on here Gorby, I’m far too lazy to even attempt scratching anything kudos to you fella
  3. BadKarma75


    Nope the missus is useless with cars
  4. BadKarma75


    I may have found a new and hitherto unknown level of grumpy im actually grumpy about not being able to moan about changing a headlight bulb on the car! It looked like a right pig to do but wasn’t too bad at all
  5. BadKarma75

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II

    You wouldn’t know I’m in the process of an Airfix Vulcan would you?
  6. BadKarma75

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II

    Ahh to remove the flash from an Airfix kit?
  7. BadKarma75

    Anyone seen anything like this

    I’ll second the bad batch vote, I use vallejo model air including alot of white grey on swimbo’s dolls house and never had a problem like that, think you got unlucky Matt
  8. BadKarma75

    That Airfix kit again

    Just a quick update on the glacial progress, all the bits have arrived along with a useful reference book And a pic of first attempt at scribing which apart from a couple of slight slips has started well I feel.
  9. BadKarma75

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II

    Got the book to assist with the bodging of the tin triangle arrive today
  10. BadKarma75

    Milton Keynes MODELKRAFT 2019 NEW VENUE

    I’ll be wandering along to this, looking forward to it even if the bank balance won’t be Matt
  11. Lovely looking toom
  12. BadKarma75

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II

    Just won on evilbay a Revell FGR.2 phantom for a couple of quid less than retail including postage so a bit of a result there, need to press on with the tin triangle now and build some more of these kits I keep buying
  13. BadKarma75

    1/200 HMS Hood

    Thanks although it does depend on the acurracy of the modeller as well thats a stunning model of the old girl will have to see if my sausage fingers can get it even halfway as good
  14. BadKarma75

    1/200 HMS Hood

    Will be tagging along for the ride as I have the smaller trumpeter in the stash
  15. BadKarma75

    Things to do in Cornwall

    Morning all a family holiday in perranporth cornwall is looming and I will at some point be needing to disappear off somewhere on my own (only so much family time can be managed in one go) so any suggestions about museums, shops and general places of interest to the average modeller within reasonable driving distance for a day trip would be very much appreciated Matt